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Male suicide: The sisters fighting for their dad

Tue, 01/09/2018 - 00:27
Emma and Toni on the five letters that could save another man like their dad.
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Kickstart your fitness

Tue, 01/09/2018 - 00:25
Many of us make New Year's resolutions to lose weight and get fit, so can tech help us stick to them?
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Travellers being encouraged to fake illness, says ABTA

Tue, 01/09/2018 - 00:05
ABTA says millions of holidaymakers are being asked to pretend they were sick while away.
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'Raw water': A dangerous new health craze?

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 19:19
Start-ups in the US are charging up to £4 per litre of untreated spring water.
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Daughter's death from sepsis 'will stay with me forever'

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 18:44
A mother describes the harrowing moment her 17-year-old daughter died suddenly of sepsis.
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Student with allergy died after eating chicken burger

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 18:10
Shahida Shahid suffered severe brain damage after the restaurant meal and died three days later.
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Apple investors urge action on 'smartphone addiction'

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 14:33
Two major shareholders are urging Apple to address the growing issue of smartphone addiction among youngsters.
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Baby's heart surgery cancelled five times by Leeds hospital

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 13:01
One-year-old Evelyn Johnston-Smith needed surgery to repair a hole in her heart.
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The teenager whose skin blisters at the slightest touch

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 12:59
Moin Younis goes through an excruciating skin care routine each day, that can last up to six hours.
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What is 'Aussie' flu and should we be worried?

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 11:04
The NHS is braced for a bad flu season as the 'Australian' virus strain H3N2 dominates.
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Middle-aged can reverse heart risk with exercise, study suggests

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 10:51
But there is a catch - it takes two years of aerobic exercise, four to five days a week, a study says.
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Gaza conjoined twins survive separation surgery

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 10:46
Baby girls Farah and Haneen, joined at the abdomen, are separated after surgery in Saudi Arabia.
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Fighting ovarian cancer as a student

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 10:01
A student who was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in her first year of university has created videos and animations to help other young people through illness.
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'I love my scars'

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 00:19
Women bare their scars and stories behind them.
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Boots pharmacists raise staffing concerns

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 00:01
Some Boots pharmacy staff say they are under too much pressure and fear mistakes will be made.
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Heart attack care dangerously unequal for women, study finds

Mon, 01/08/2018 - 00:01
Fewer women heart attack victims would die if they were given the same treatments as men, says a study.
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CES 2018: Black Box VR wants to make gamers fit

Sun, 01/07/2018 - 21:40
A start-up at the CES tech show believes virtual reality could revolutionise how we use gyms.
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Teenagers turn to wrestling to help with mental health

Sun, 01/07/2018 - 13:53
Gym staff say wrestling has helped teenagers with a range of conditions to better manage their symptoms.
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Drinking and darts: Does alcohol improve performance?

Sun, 01/07/2018 - 01:10
Some former darts champions drank heavily but did it improve their performance on the oche?
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Proton beam therapy cancer treatment centre opening in UK

Sat, 01/06/2018 - 10:52
The first high-energy proton beam therapy centre run by the NHS is soon to open in Manchester.
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