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BBC Business News Feed: Major record labels could face competition inquiry

4 hours 27 min ago
The competition watchdog has been asked whether major record labels are distorting the market.
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BBC Business News Feed: Pret to hire 3,000 staff after cutting same number in 2020

5 hours 13 min ago
The coffee and sandwich chain says it hopes to open 200 shops and double in size within five years.
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BBC Business News Feed: 'No clear end to HS2 cost and delays' say MPs

5 hours 15 min ago
The Public Accounts Committee is "increasingly alarmed" about key parts of the rail project.
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BBC Business News Feed: Catalogue of errors led to £1bn of state pension underpayments

5 hours 23 min ago
The National Audit Office says 134,000 pensioners, mostly women, were affected by a preventable scandal.
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BBC Business News Feed: Trade talks on the agenda as Johnson meets Biden

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 23:59
The talks between the UK prime minister and US president come as a possible trade pact is considered.
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BBC Business News Feed: Pandemic has changed travel forever, says AirBnB boss

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 23:30
Boss Brian Chesky says people are increasingly combining business and leisure travel thanks to remote working.
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BBC Business News Feed: Covid travel test change date needed to avoid losses

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 21:02
Airlines and airports say they need a date for when PCR tests are removed so they don't lose out on bookings.
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Pubs for Sale: Jeanie Deans For Lease

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 20:17
Drysdale and Company have been instructed to market Jeanie Deans. situated on St Leonard’s Hill in the South Side of Edinburgh. The traditional wet-led public house benefits from a large student populatio
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Entrepreneur: What is landlord insurance and why buy it?

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 19:20
You never know what could happen or the losses you could have when renting a property.
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Entrepreneur: 3 Ways Companies Can Leverage Disruption for Business Growth

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 19:15
Now is a good time for business leaders to remind themselves that a simple shift in mentality can mean the difference between slipping further into difficulty or rising to new heights.
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BBC Business News Feed: Record backlog of cargo ships at California ports

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 18:46
Some 65 container ships are stuck outside the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, amid trade bottlenecks.
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Entrepreneur: Getting Excited About Work After COVID

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 18:41
After adjusting to working remotely for the past year, it’s about time to head back to work. In some cases, some people have already returned. I...
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Entrepreneur: Bill Gates got seven large companies to invest about $ 1 billion in clean energy to fight climate change

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 18:35
Giants like American Airlines, Bank of America and General Motors are among the investors Bill Gates brought together through his Breakthrough Energy organization to develop clean energy.
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Entrepreneur: Knowing Your Dog's DNA Can Help You Be a Better Owner

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 18:30
If you're bringing your dog to work, you need to know your dog.
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Entrepreneur: How This Entrepreneur Uses AI to Automate Lease-Accounting Workflows

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 18:30
The co-founder and CEO of Trullion explains what lease accounting is and how the software-as-a-service platform is helping auditors, CFOs and accountants.
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Entrepreneur: This is how the Canasta Rosa marketplace continues to support Mexican entrepreneurs

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 18:25
Entrepreneurs will be able to participate in the Canasta Rosa Pitch Contest by GBM, which will offer the winners various prizes.
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Entrepreneur: 4 Skills That Business Leaders Can Learn From Master Gardeners

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 18:00
Creating a positive company culture that involves research, replication, re-working and re-imagining will lead to success.
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BBC Business News Feed: CF Industries: Deal to restart CO2 production after food fears

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 16:40
It comes after one industry group warned shoppers could start noticing gaps on shelves within days.
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BBC Business News Feed: Mask-wearing on public transport sees big drop

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 16:05
Only 20% still wear masks at train stations now it is no longer compulsory, according to Network Rail.
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BBC Business News Feed: Where does the UK get its gas and is it facing a shortage this winter?

Tue, 09/21/2021 - 15:35
A surge in gas prices has prompted fears of hard times ahead - but how bad could it get?
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