Nuveen appoints head of European housing

Property Week News Feed - Tue, 05/11/2021 - 11:55
Nuveen Real Estate has appointed William Bateman as its head of European housing as it expands its European portfolio.
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LG pre-lets 50,000 sq ft at Leighton Buzzard warehouse

Property Week News Feed - Tue, 05/11/2021 - 11:51
LG Electronics has pre-let unit one, a 50,000 sq ft logistics hub at Kennedy Wilson and Tungsten Properties’ 8.5-acre scheme at Union Park in Leighton Buzzard, Bedfordshire.
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LaSalle to offload Halifax’s Woolshops shopping centre

Property Week News Feed - Tue, 05/11/2021 - 10:56
LaSalle Investment Management is selling Woolshops Shopping Centre in Halifax with a price tag of £15.55m, reflecting a net initial yield of 11.0%
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Axa forward funds Bristol development

Property Week News Feed - Tue, 05/11/2021 - 08:54
Axa IM Alts has agreed a £20.6m forward funding agreement, on behalf of clients, to develop a pre-let, high tech manufacturing facility at Central Approach, Bristol.
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Cain International raises €324m for first European real estate fund

Property Week News Feed - Tue, 05/11/2021 - 08:06
Jonathan Goldstein’s investment firm Cain International has raised €324m (£279m) following the close of its European Real Estate Opportunity Fund I.
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U+I appoints former Round Hill Capital CFO

Property Week News Feed - Tue, 05/11/2021 - 07:45
Christmas will join the group’s board on 17 May as an executive director and assume the role of CFO on 19 June, after Marcus Shepherd leaves the company.
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Classic German Messerschmitt Microcar Recreated With Modern Power

Motortrend News Feed - Mon, 05/10/2021 - 23:30

We’ll soon be able to travel again, so in case you’re planning your first excursion, we have a suggestion: Go to Europe and buy a new Messerschmitt Kabinenroller! A German outfit called Messerschmitt-Werke has a new, slightly-modernized version of everyone’s favorite mid-century motorcycle-adjacent deathtrap, now with modern gasoline and electric power.

The new Messerschmitt is available in two versions, both featuring a fiberglass body over a steel-aluminum honeycomb chassis. The KR-202, shown in the photos, gets a 125-cc single-cylinder fuel-injected engine that produces just over 7 hp. With the help of its CVT automatic transmission, the KR-202 will get the two intrepid adults and one child squeezed into its cabin to a top speed of 56 mph. Such performance is a bit off the original KR-200—191cc, 9.9 hp, 67 mph.

Want to go greener? No problem! Messerschmitt-Werke also offers the E-KR5000, a battery powered version with a 6.7-hp electric motor, good for the same 56 mph. Range is about 50 miles on a charge, and you can double that with an optional second battery.

The neu Messerschmitt has all modern conveniences, including hydraulic brakes for all three wheels, adjustable dampers, and lights that meet modern (European) standards. How does it handle? Check out this video of a KR-202 puttering around the track—and don’t miss the bit at 1:03 when the driver lifts the inside wheel…

Ready to buy? Pricing starts at €10,950,00 for the KR-202 and €12,950,00 for the KR E-5000 (around $13,300 and $15,720 respectively) plus options and taxes. You’ll have to go pick it up at the factory, of course; the good news is that they’re being built in Malaga, Spain, and we can think of few lovelier places to try out your new microcar. Driving one of these on American roads would probably be suicidal, but what a way to go!

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Want to Buy the Tooling for the Lotus Elise? Bring a Factory

Motortrend News Feed - Mon, 05/10/2021 - 21:25

Things are changing at Lotus. The brand’s only U.S. offering, the long-running Evora, is set to expire as the Emira gears up to roughly fill the shoes of all extant internal-combustion Lotuses. We lost the Elise and Exige sports cars a while ago, and a direct successor never appeared. Abroad, the Elise/Exige continued on, but a quarter century of production spanning two generations (or three Series, if you will) will all end at the close of the 2021 model year. Lotus, always hustling a bit to keep the lights on, has a bright idea: Why not sell the tooling for the Elise rather than let it simply wink out of existence altogether?

At least that’s what Lotus Managing Director Matt Windle hinted to Automotive News Europe recently. Couched in appropriately coy terms, Windle essentially said that if the price is right, and the buyer is right, the tooling to build the lightweight, mid-engined vehicles could be sold. Don’t read this as a confirmation that any buyers are indeed sniffing around Lotus hoping to make a deal, but consider it a subtle hint that interested parties perhaps should.

While our minds jumped right to the latest Lotus partnership announcement for a half second—the supply of “technology” by Lotus to the upstart Radford Motors—which will build a car that is inspired by the classic Type 62 racer. But Radford, historically, was a coachbuilder, upgrading other automaker’s offerings, and Radford hopes to produce a limited run of bespoke vehicles. That makes Radford a highly unlikely buyer for a factory’s worth of tooling.

Caterham also springs to mind as the company keeping the legend of Lotus’ most famous vehicle, the Seven, alive. This, too, occurred to ANE, given Windle’s previous position at Caterham. Windle didn’t say no, but didn’t offer much in response. It remains an open question whether Caterham is, or would be, interested in taking over Elise production.

Exotic looking and sweet to drive, the little Elise and Exige were (and are)  enthusiast favorites. Their innovative chassis featured a notable (and visible) use of bonded aluminum extrusions, helping even the supercharged later versions come in under a ton. While it isn’t quick by today’s standards, it sure was and is a handler. Perhaps its chassis could be a suitable basis for a little EV sportscar, too. After all, it’s happened before (ahem, Tesla!), so it could happen again.

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The Delage D12 Looks Like a Hallucination From Mushroom Mountain

Motortrend News Feed - Mon, 05/10/2021 - 18:45

French automaker Delage returns nearly seven decades after shuttering its doors. The company’s latest machine bears the name D12, and it’s a far different animal from the first single-cylinder runabouts the company originally built and sold in the first decade of the 20th century (or the Grand Prix racers with advanced—and tiny—V-12 engines that came later).

Like the since disbanded hip-hop group of the same name, the D12 belts out a distinct sound from its pipes. Except instead of vocal cords, the Delage’s song comes courtesy of a mid-mounted 7.6-liter V-12 engine that pumps out 990 horsepower at a screaming 8,200 rpm. Accompanying the D12’s dirty dozen cylinders is a 110-hp electric motor on the road-oriented GT. Opt for the almost 200-pound lighter, track-focused D12 Club and Delage fits the car with a less weighty, and less powerful, 20-hp motor.

Delage is mum on battery pack specifics, but given the D12 offers an electric-only City driving mode, the company likely fits the D12 GT with a large enough pack to afford a few miles of emissions-free driving. Switch to the D12’s Road or Track modes and the low-slung hypercar goes the hybrid route and relies on both power sources for motivation (with maximum power achieved in Track). D12 drivers can also create their own drive mode by way of the My Mix option, which offers 432 possible configuration settings, according to Delage. 

Predictably, the D12 is properly quick, with Delage estimating the 3,064-pound D12 GT makes its way from 0-to-62 mph in 2.6 seconds and on to a top speed of approximately 224 mph. The less powerful but lighter D12 Club, meanwhile, needs 2.9 seconds to hit 62 mph, per Delage, although it matches the GT’s top speed. 

The D12 Club makes up for its relative lack of straight-line acceleration on the track. With less weight to lug around, the D12 Club manages an estimated time around the Nürburgring of less than 6 minutes and 40 seconds—5 seconds quicker than the D12 GT’s estimated ’Ring time.

Accompanying the D12’s pontoon-like front fenders, pointed nose, and wide rear fenders is a jet fighter-like canopy, which opens up to allow the driver and a passenger to enter and exit the D12’s center-mounted tandem seats. Once inside, the driver sits on a seat molded to their body specifications and grips an aero-like yoke-style steering wheel. Delage fits basic controls typically reserved for steering column-mounted stalks to the tiller itself, too. Additionally, two screens located to the left and right of the wheel complement a center-mounted digital gauge cluster.

Delage plans to produce a total of 30 D12s. While the company intends to auction off the first D12 it makes, Delage asks parties interested in the remaining 29 D12s to fork over approximately $2,500,000 to call this road-going race car their own. It’s certainly not cheap, but the Delage D12 at least offers speed, style, and rarity to accompany its high price.

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The Collective appoints new CEO as founder steps into chair role

Property Week News Feed - Mon, 05/10/2021 - 17:38
The Collective has appointed Simon Koster as chief executive, replacing founder Reza Merchant, who will step into a chair role.
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2021 Ford Bronco Is Even More Powerful Than Originally Reported

Motortrend News Feed - Mon, 05/10/2021 - 17:35

Last summer, we got our first look at the revived Ford Bronco. At launch, the upcoming “big” Bronco will get both a 2.3-liter “EcoBoost” turbocharged I-4 and a twin-turbocharged “EcoBoost” V-6. As Ford is wont to do, the initial power and torque figures were estimates pending final calibration. Now that things have been calibrated, though, there’s a happy surprise: more power.

Let’s start with the 2.3-liter engine, which Ford pegged at 270 hp and 310 lb-ft of torque in the initial estimates. The new official Ford specs, first spotted by an eagle-eyed fan at, see the I-4 pumping out 300 hp and 325 lb-ft—30 more hp and 15 more lb-ft than before.

The catch is that the highest output levels are only achieved with premium fuel. The silver lining is that even on regular gas, the figures are better than originally estimated: 275 hp and 315 lb-ft.

The V-6 was originally estimated at 310 hp and 400 lb-ft, so how’d it fare with the revised specs? Another healthy bump: it’s now set to make 330 hp and 415 lb-ft—a 20 hp and 15 lb-ft bump—on premium fuel. On regular fuel, the six-cylinder makes 315 hp and 410 lb-ft. The differences are a little less dramatic, although the delta between the V-6 and the I-4 is still roughly the same.

Could Ford have low-balled us initially so as to have a nice story to share later when the final specs were revealed? It’s possible. It also doesn’t really matter, as more power is always a happy surprise, and the already powerful Bronco just got a little more so. We’ll see if our happiness is tempered any by the Bronco’s forthcoming EPA fuel economy ratings, which ought to arrive any day now.

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The Ford F-150 Lightning Returns as an Electric Pickup Truck

Motortrend News Feed - Mon, 05/10/2021 - 17:00

The forthcoming electric Ford F-150 pickup truck officially has a name: Lightning. Ford’s announcement confirms recent rumors and tantalizing patent filings suggesting the Blue Oval planned to resurrect the dormant F-150 sport-truck trim for its battery-electric full-size pickup.

Historically, Ford applied the Lightning badge to the most on-road-oriented F-150 trim. The original F-150 Lightning debuted for the 1993 model year. With a 240-hp 5.8-liter V-8 under its hood, the 1993 F-150 Lightning required just 7.2 seconds to hit the mile-a-minute mark in our testing. Later F-150 Lightnings packed up to 380 hp courtesy of a supercharged V-8.

While prior F-150 Lightnings were masters of on-road performance, the new electric F-150 Lightning will likely trade some of its predecessors’ pavement pulverizing nature to emerge as a jack of all trades—just like any regular F-150. As such, we expect the forthcoming Ford EV to perform equally as well both on- and off-tarmac.

That said, the new truck’s straight-line speed is sure to impress, with Jim Farley, Ford’s chief executive officer, stating in a press release that the new Lighting “is even quicker than the original.” Admittedly, a 7.2-second trot to 60 mph isn’t exactly a high bar to clear, even if it is plenty quick for typical day-to-day driving.

Look for more information on the upcoming 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning to arrive closer to the start of the electric truck’s production in spring 2022.

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NHTSA investigates more than 1.1 million Honda Accords for sudden loss of steering

The Car Connection News Feed - Mon, 05/10/2021 - 16:45
The NHTSA expanded a safety probe into more than 1.1 million Honda Accord mid-size sedans for a sudden loss of steering, according to a Reuters report published on Monday. A safety probe, or open investigation, often precedes a recall as the safety agency gathers evidence and assesses complaints from vehicle owners and legal petitions. The first...
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Helical announced as Landaid 10K 2021 headline sponsor

Property Week News Feed - Mon, 05/10/2021 - 16:43
LandAid has announced that Helical will be its LandAid 10K Headline Sponsor for 2021.
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Honda Accord steering investigated, 2021 Lexus IS driven, Silverado EV targets fleets: What's New @ The Car Connection

The Car Connection News Feed - Mon, 05/10/2021 - 16:26
NHTSA expands sudden loss of steering investigation to more than 1.1 million Honda Accords In what could lead to an official recall, the NHTSA will study the 2013-2015 Honda Accord for power steering problems. Ford recalls more than 650,000 Explorers for faulty roof rail covers Ford is recalling 661,162 2016-2019 Explorer SUVs in the U.S. and...
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Landlords lose New Look CVA legal challenge

Property Week News Feed - Mon, 05/10/2021 - 16:03
Landlords have lost their legal challenge against fashion retailer New Look’s use of a company voluntary arrangement (CVA).
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Radford’s Upcoming Sports Car Will Be Based on a Lotus

Motortrend News Feed - Mon, 05/10/2021 - 15:54

Radford Motors is certainly an interesting idea—reviving a colorful British coachbuilder for a line of customized, Lotus-based sportscars. It’s got some big names attached, a nice departure from the usual obscure founders and opaque financial backers. For one, Ant Anstead is involved, the Wheelers Dealers mechanic through the most recent season, and also host of Master Mechanic, both available on the MotorTrend App. And Jenson Button’s on board to assist with the driving bit. He’s, uh, well-qualified. And the fact that Lotus has agreed to lend the outfit a vehicle to build its creation on makes this seem like more than your average flash-in-the-pan startup.

Radford’s first vehicle will be “based on Lotus technology” and then modified by Radford into a new “bespoke limited-edition” vehicle. Here’s where Radford’s history may prove illustrative, as it’s not a new name. Radford was a coachbuilder in the U.K., famous for specials based on Bentleys and Aston Martins, as well as decking out Minis will all manner of luxury features. They were quite expensive, too. Radford was clearly a customizer and coachbuilder, not a sports car manufacturer.

That said, the new Radford outfit is also quite proud that its predecessor organization did up some components for the original U.K.-built Ford GT40—although according to Peter Brock, the firm badly bungled a chance to build Shelby’s Type 65, a revised Daytona Coupe. We think this points to a restyled vehicle (which, we don’t know) given some special touches and user-selected materials to make it a very exclusive version of the vehicle it’s based on. If you wanted to bet money that it might be a final hurrah for the Lotus Evora’s chassis, we wouldn’t wager against you.

We also know it’ll take inspiration from the Lotus Type 62 (pictured above), developed from the earlier competition version of the Lotus Europa called the Type 47. From what we gather, the Type 62 was not a very successful design, with a short racing career. It did, however, help with the development program for the eventual Type 907 DOHC engine that saw duty in the Jensen-Healey and early Lotus Esprits. The Type 62 is a bit swoopier than the somewhat dowdy Europa, but the high rear deck makes its lineage clear—and there are echoes of said high deck in the Radford’s silhouette.

Interestingly, it’s not Anstead’s only automotive project at the moment, either. The host of Master Mechanic documented the build of an homage to the Alfa Romeo 158 race car, which inspired a Mazda Miata-based kit version called the Tipo 184.

We’ll know more later this year. But until then, Radford’s worth keeping an eye on.

Lotus Type 62 image used with permission: Copyright William Taylor/Coterie Press

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Henley exits $225m of US multifamily assets

Property Week News Feed - Mon, 05/10/2021 - 15:49
Henley investments, a private equity real estate firm based in the UK and the US, has sold a total of five US multifamily assets in the first half of 2021 totalling $225m (£159.3m).
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BMO Commercial Property Trust completes a trio of F&B lettings at St Christopher’s Place

Property Week News Feed - Mon, 05/10/2021 - 15:17
BMO Commercial Property Trust has completed a trio of new lettings at its St Christopher’s Place central London estate.
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MPs press for business rates reform

Property Week News Feed - Mon, 05/10/2021 - 14:50
MPs and city representatives have urged the government to introduce fiscal incentives to support the recovery of the high street, including reforming business rates and VAT incentives.
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