Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Have Some Seriously Relatable Favorite Disney Movies (Video)

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<p>Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be world-famous royals, but as it turns out, they’re just like the rest of us. At least when it comes to loving Disney movies.</p><p>The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the WellChild Awards, an event celebrating the lives of seriously ill children living in the U.K., this week. For Harry, it was an especially meaningful day as he’s been a patron of WellChild for more than a decade.</p><p>While at the event, 10-year-old award winner Chloe Henderson asked the couple one very important question: <em>What’s your favorite Disney film?</em></p><p>Without skipping a beat, the two royals rattled off their most beloved Disney movies, which proved to be some rather respectable choices. “Harry revealed at WellChild that he loves ‘The Lion King,’ while Meghan has ‘always loved The Little Mermaid,’” Daily Mail royal reporter Rebecca English shared on Twitter. “Both said they liked “Zootopia” and “Moana” — Harry said his favorite moment was ‘when the chicken [Heihei] comes up and he finds himself out at sea in a boat.’”</p><p>Harry further proved his deep love for “The Lion King,” <em><a href="" target="_blank">People</a> </em>reported, by sharing a fun-fact with Henderson about the film.</p><p>“You know who does the voice of Zazu?” he asked the 10-year-old. “Rowan Atkinson, who plays Mr Bean.”</p><p>According to English, Meghan also noted that<i> Leap!</i> tops their binge-watching list. “Harry likes it because she [the main character] has got red hair,” she said.</p><p>At least one of these films has been shown inside Kensington before. In 2017, Prince William revealed that his eldest son, Prince George “quite likes “The Lion King’.”</p><p>The group may all get the chance to watch the movie yet again. At the event, Harry told Henderson, “We want to come round your house for movie night.” She replied, “You’d be very welcome.”</p>
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Paris Could Ban All Airbnbs From the City Center (Video)

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<p>Paris’s city council member in charge of housing wants to ban Airbnb and other homesharing sites from the French capital.</p><p>“Do we want Paris to be a city which the middle classes can afford, or do we want it to be a playground for Saudi or American billionaires?” Ian Brossat <a href="" target="_blank">told Agence France Presse</a>.</p><p>For the past four years, Brossat has been in charge of housing in the French capital. In a new book, published in France on Thursday, Brossat is pushing a plan of action: banning vacation rentals from the city center and also the purchase of second homes throughout Paris. He said that Paris has lost 20,000 homes over the past five years due to Airbnb and other homesharing sites. “If we don’t regulate Airbnb, we will no longer have citizens in our city centers,” <a href="" target="_blank">Brossat told <em>Le Parisien</em></a>.</p><p>In Paris, it’s already illegal to list a home as a vacation rental for more than 120 days out of the year. Earlier this year, <a href="" target="_blank">the city of Paris filed a lawsuit against Airbnb</a> for failing to remove undocumented listings from their site.</p><p>The neighborhoods surrounding the Louvre and the Opera Garnier (the 1st and 2nd arrondissements) are particularly susceptible to becoming vacation rental hotbeds. About one-quarter of the lodgings in four of Paris’s centermost neighborhoods are being used as homeshares.</p><p>Instead, Brossat wants to “reinforce the presence of two or three-star hotels with rates comparable to the tourist apartments.”</p><p>Paris would follow a string of many other European cities if it were to implement stricter regulations on short-term vacation rentals. Earlier this year, <a href="" target="_blank">Madrid banned homesharing platforms</a> from the city center, <a href="" target="_blank">Valencia blocked vacation rentals</a> from overtaking apartments with the best views and Palma, and <a href="" target="_blank">Mallorca required all homeshares to apply for a license</a>. Earlier this week, a tenants’ union in Florence announced that <a href="" target="_blank">homesharing services had displaced almost 500 residents in nine months.</a></p>
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This Perfume Kept Bugs From Eating Me Alive in Costa Rica — Now, I’m Obsessed

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 09/08/2018 - 10:30
<p><a href="" target="_blank">Costa Rica</a> is home to some seriously gorgeous nature. Its jungles are teeming with exotic flora, sun-speckled trails, hidden waterfalls, and mosquitoes — many, many mosquitoes. In Nosara, where I recently spent a week, I’d even venture to say they outnumber the people.</p><p>While prepping for my stay at <a href="" target="_blank">Olas Verdes Hotel</a> to attend Safari Surf School’s <a href="" target="_blank">women’s retreat</a>, a good insect repellent was the first item on my packing list. I ended up bringing two: Fragrance With Benefits' NoMo travel set (<a data-ecommerce="true" href=";subid=0&amp;offerid=585645.1&amp;type=10&amp;tmpid=10319&amp;;u1=TLNomoPerfume" target="_blank"></a>, $65) and my standard Deet <a href="" target="_blank">bug spray</a> — and the latter never even left my toiletry bag.</p><p>The NoMo set included a unisex body crème, shower gel, and perfume that successfully kept me from becoming the itchy, polka-dotted mess of a human I usually morph into after spending too much time out-of-doors. And it all smelled amazing. The perfumer behind <a data-ecommerce="true" href=";subid=0&amp;offerid=585645.1&amp;type=10&amp;tmpid=10319&amp;;u1=TLNomoPerfume" target="_blank">Fragrance With Benefits</a>, Olivia Jan, studied scent-making in Versailles at the prestigious ISIPCA perfume school and spent years perfecting her craft at Chanel and Robertet as a senior perfumer. Now, she and business partner Corinne Gillespie create functional fragrances inspired by their love of seeing the world. </p><p><strong>Related:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">Natural Insect Repellents That Actually Work</a></p><p>The first thing I liked about the NoMo products was how light they all are, not just in scent but in weight, too. Some bug sprays can leave a greasy residue on the skin, but both the spray and the body crème absorb right in and a little will go a long way.</p><p>They all smell bright and soft — nothing like that overpowering I-bathed-in-citronella insect repellent smell. With notes of Florida orange, Sicilian lemon, French lavender, and insect-repelling peppermint, geranium, and cedarwood essential oils, it's a lively and layered scent that the other women at the retreat loved, and mosquitos absolutely hated. I had the great joy of watching one fly up to my arm, hover for a few seconds, and change its mind, zipping away to find a more appetizing snack. This has never, ever happened.</p><p>All said and done, I left Costa Rica with a grand total of five bites from the entire week, and only because I'd gone too long between spritzes. So, I'd recommend reapplying every two hours or so, especially if you’ve been sweating or swimming (and we did plenty of both).</p><h2>NoMo Travel Set</h2><img alt="insect repellent travel set "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href=";subid=0&amp;offerid=585645.1&amp;type=10&amp;tmpid=10319&amp;;u1=TLNomoPerfume" target="_blank"></a>, $65</p><h2>NoMo Eau Fraîche 100ml</h2><img alt="insect repellent perfume "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href=";subid=0&amp;offerid=585645.1&amp;type=10&amp;tmpid=10319&amp;;u1=TLNomoPerfume" target="_blank"></a>, $85</p>
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Turns Out, Boozy Brunch Is a Spanish Tradition — Here's How to Experience It Like a Local

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<p>As you amble down the streets of <a href="" target="_blank">Barcelona</a> in search of a late lunch, tired from a packed morning of being a tourist, you may be hoping to relax with a glass of cava or sangria — two Spanish exports that have made their way onto many a brunch menu stateside. While you’ll surely find enough of both to last you a lifetime, you’ll also see signs in front of bars advertising <em>Vermut, 2€!</em> You should go in.</p><p><em>Vermut</em> is Catalan for vermouth — the same stuff in your Manhattans and martinis. Not one to pass up an excellent deal and a new experience, you will order yourself a pour on the rocks. As you take your first sips, you’ll notice that it’s more spiced and herbaceous than the stuff that you mix into your home cocktails. In fact, it has the complexity of a cocktail all on its own. Plus, it makes a lovely pairing with the potato chips the bartender put out. <em>What a refreshing surprise! Why is everyone blabbing about sangria when there’s vermouth to be had? </em></p><p>This is one quintessentially Spanish culinary experience you won’t find in any old <a href="" target="_blank">tapas bar</a>. Read on for your primer on all things vermut.</p><img alt="Yzaguirre Vermouth - Spain "src=""><h2>Uh, what exactly <em>is</em> vermouth?</h2><p>Vermouth is a type of aromatized and fortified wine, which will be anywhere from 13-20% alcohol by volume. While the exact recipe may change depending on where it’s made, it usually contains wormwood (the word vermouth is thought to come from the German word, <em>wermut</em>), along with a unique combination of herbs, roots, spices, barks, seeds, or flowers.</p><p>All vermouth starts its life as white wine, but there are two main varieties: dark, or "red," and light, or "white." White vermouth tends to be lighter and more herbaceous — dry white vermouth is what you’ll find in a martini. Red vermouth (which is what's called for in a Manhattan or a Negroni) tends to be sweeter, thanks to the addition of dark caramel sugar, with more spicing and bitterness to balance it out.</p><p>While not all white vermouth is dry, all dry vermouth is white. You will see both red and white vermouth in Spain, and sometimes even rosé versions, which are somewhere in the middle. Though Spanish vermut tends to taste sweeter than Italian vermouths, it’s a trick of the spice blend — the Spanish versions actually contain 25-30% less sugar, on average.</p><p>Vermut culture can be found throughout Spain, but Barcelona is where it all began. The famed four Rossi brothers — whose iconic Martini &amp; Rossi vermouth began production in <a href="" target="_blank">Turin, Italy</a>, in 1863 — opened their first Spanish distribution center in Barcelona in 1893.</p><p>The drink was already incredibly popular; an <a href="" target="_blank">archived issue</a> of the Spanish newspaper <em>La Vanguardia</em> from January 3, 1892, tells the tale of two busted counterfeiters with perfect replicas of the “Vermouth of Torino.” So, in 1902, the Spain-focused brand representative for Martini &amp; Rossi opened the swanky Café Torino in Barcelona — designed, in part, by <a href="" target="_blank">Antoni Gaudí</a> — to quench the locals’ thirst. Though it was only open for nine years, it was the first bar in Spain dedicated to vermouth, and started a cherished tradition that lives on to this day.</p><h2>Why are barcelonianos so obsessed with it?</h2><p>In the U.S, “<a href="" target="_blank">Let’s get brunch!</a>” has layers of meaning: sure, you’re inviting someone to consume breakfast-y foods and beverages, but you’re also asking them into a relaxing space, conducive to connection and good conversation. When you invite a friend to <em>fer el vermut</em>, it’s much the same — you’ll drink vermut and munch on salty snacks together, but it’s also a meaningful interpersonal ritual.</p><p>And, like brunch, this ritual happens on weekend mornings and early afternoons (historically, between church and Sunday dinner, but now in a much more open-ended window). But if you order vermut with dinner — akin to ordering a <a href="" target="_blank">3pm cappuccino in Rome</a>, or a 9pm mimosa at your neighborhood dive bar — the bartenders may privately roll their eyes at the <em>guiri</em> (“dummy foreigner”) who wandered in. You’ll still get what you want, though — as long as you don’t mind, who cares?</p><p>Depending on where you’re drinking it, vermut usually comes on the rocks with an olive or an orange slice, sometimes with a splash of soda water. It’s traditionally (and wonderfully) paired with snacks like potato chips, olives, cured meats, or <em>conservas</em> (high-quality Spanish tinned fish — even better with a dash of Spanish smoked paprika).</p><img alt="Bodega 1900 Vermouth in Barcelona "src=""><h2>Where should I drink it?</h2><p>Another parallel to brunch: you don’t have to go out to enjoy a lazy Sunday morning vermut. If you want to host friends at home, look for bottles by traditional producers such as <a href="" target="_blank">Yzaguirre</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Miro</a>, <a href="" target="_blank">Perucchi</a>, and <a href="" target="_blank">Casa Mariol</a>. Many of the spots that serve a house-made vermut also have bottles for sale.</p><p>To experience <em>la hora del vermut </em>like a local, though, it’s best to head to a <em>vermuteria </em>in Barcelona, where Spain’s vermut obsession was born — pop in around noon on a weekend (if you can grab a table!) and you’ll be met with a cross section of the city partaking together. Here are some you shouldn’t miss:</p><p><strong><a href="" target="_blank">La Pineda Xarcuteria</a> (Gothic Quarter)</strong></p><p>If you’re hoping for a fancy dining experience, La Pineda is not the place. If you’re hoping for a local haunt that feels like a place Hemingway would hang out between bullfights, you simply must stop by. As you enter, you’ll see all manner of Spanish wine and snacks lining the walls, and legions of cured meats hanging from the ceiling. Their house-made vermut is stunning (buy a bottle or three to take home), and you can’t go wrong with their <em>pan con tomate</em>.</p><p><strong><a href="" target="_blank">Bodega 1900</a> (L'Eixample)</strong></p><p>If you have trouble getting reservations to <a href="" target="_blank">Tickets</a>, the culinary smash hit from <a href="" target="_blank">the family behind El Bulli,</a> their equally delicious Bodega 1900 is a two minute walk away. Here, Chef Albert Adrià goes less for Willy Wonka-style whimsy and more for traditional vermuteria fare — but he serves damn good tapas and a lovely house-made vermouth. It’s easy for a drink and a snack, but also offers a wonderful chef’s tasting menu at around 70€ each. It’s worth it for the liquid olives!</p><p><strong><a href="" target="_blank">Morro Fi</a> (Several locations) </strong></p><p>What started out as a beloved hole-in-the-wall spot with two tables in the Eixample neighborhood has grown into a family of excellent vermuterias. Meaning “fancy eaters,” Morro Fi is a more contemporary take on vermut. The whole menu is designed to pair with the restaurant’s famed house vermut, but don’t miss the spicy paprika-vinegar-drizzled potato chips or vinegar-soaked anchovies — many an anchovy hater has been converted here.</p><p>And, if you don’t have a Barcelona trip planned, you can now find solid vermut options at Spanish restaurants in the U.S. Some — including <a href="" target="_blank">Huertas</a> in NYC and <a href="" target="_blank">Vaca</a> in Costa Mesa, California — even have house-made versions on tap. ¡Salud!</p><p><strong><em>Our series <a href="" target="_blank">Reasons to Travel Now</a> highlights the news, events, and openings that have us scoping out plane tickets each day.</em></strong></p>
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This 146-day World Cruise Has Safaris, Cave Exploring, UNESCO Sites, and the Some of the World's Best Beaches

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 09/08/2018 - 07:51
<p>Luxury cruise line Seabourn has announced their <a href="" target="_blank">first world cruise in six years</a> with a 146-day journey across five continents.</p><p>The world cruise, called “Extraordinary Destinations,” will set sail in January 2020. Starting in Miami, Florida, guests will visit 62 ports before reaching their final stop in San Francisco, California, in May.</p><p>The cruise makes stops in 26 countries, in major cities including Cape Town, Durban, Madras, Ho Chi Minh, and Sydney, alongside lesser-known destinations like Cape Verde’s Mindelo and the coastal town of Luderitz in Namibia.</p><p>There are also stops at natural paradises like Australia’s Hamilton Island, where cruise-goers can enjoy pristine beaches and colorful coral reefs, and the island of Praslin in the Seychelles, known for its diving and unbelievably gorgeous beaches.</p><img alt="Stops onboard Seabourne's new world cruise include islands like Praslin in the Seychelles. "src=""><p>In addition to the “basic” itinerary, guests can also opt for excursions and extensions to go on a safari in Mombasa and Durban, snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, or shop regional markets with one of the cruise line’s chefs in Phuket, Cairns, or Barbados.</p><p>Seabourn is partnering with UNESCO tour operators to take passengers to locations including the island of Mozambique, to see its fortified city with traditional dwellings, and to the <a href="" target="_blank">Puerto Princesa</a> Subterranean River National Park, which has “<a href="" target="_blank">one of the world’s most impressive cave systems</a>.”</p><p>The voyage will take place onboard the <a href="" target="_blank">Seabourn <em>Sojourn</em></a>, with a max of 450 guests. To take this world cruise, rates start at $66,999 per person for ocean view suites. </p>
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Passengers on 2 American Airlines Flights Screened for Flu-like Symptoms

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 09/08/2018 - 06:38
<p>Passengers arriving on two American Airlines flights, one arriving from Paris and one from Munich, were screened by officials at the Philadelphia airport after having reported feeling ill.</p><p>Just a day before, an <a href="" target="_blank">Emirates flight from arriving from Dubai</a> was quarantined at New York’s John F. Kennedy airport after several crew members and passengers reported symptoms.</p><p>While officials are treating the situations with caution, a likely explanation is that it's the beginning of flu season.</p><p>On Wednesday, while on the tarmac at JFK, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey <a href="" target="_blank">screened every single one of the hundreds of passengers onboard</a> before they were allowed to disembark. Officials are now reporting it was a <a href="" target="_blank">case of the flu</a>. Out of “an abundance of caution,” Customs and Border Protection inspected the passengers on the American Airlines flights after several travelers reported feeling ill after arriving from the Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. However, unlike the Emirates flight, neither of these planes were quarantined. The CBP instead simply examined passengers in a station “away from other passengers,” according to <a href="" target="_blank">CNBC</a>.</p><p>Though there’s no way of knowing just how bad the flu season will be this year, the CDC recommends <a href="" target="_blank">anyone over the age of six months</a> get a flu shot. Right now is the perfect time to get the shot as the CDC recommends people get a flu vaccine by the <a href="" target="_blank">end of October</a>.</p><p>There are also more ways to protect yourself from getting sick while traveling. For one, you can pack <a href="" target="_blank">a few key items</a> in your carry-on like nasal spray to keep your nose nice and moist.</p><p>“One of the things we’ve noticed, particularly on airplanes, is that as soon as your mucous membranes, particularly in your nose and your mouth, start to dry out, we lose one of the most valuable defenses for preventing respiratory viruses,” <a href="" target="_blank">Dr. Nicholas Testa told ABC News</a>.</p><p>You can also pack a few disinfectant wipes to clean your armrest, tray table, remote, and television screen. And finally, <a href="" target="_blank">turn on your overhead air vent</a>. This will keep air circulating throughout the cabin, which means germs can quickly move away from your area if your seatmate is sneezing up a storm.</p>
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Delta Engine Failure at 18,000 Feet Sparks Safety Investigation

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 09/08/2018 - 06:23
<p>The pilots on to Orlando, Florida, on Wednesday had to shut down the plane’s turbines and return to Atlanta after an engine failure at 18,000 feet, <a href="" target="_blank">Bloomberg reported</a>.</p><p>Flight 1418 safely returned to Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, and no injuries were reported among the 121 passengers and 6 crew on board the Boeing 757-200.</p><p>The National Transportation Safety Board is conducting an investigation into what caused the Pratt &amp; Whitney engine failure, according to the <a href="" target="_blank">Atlanta Journal-Constitution</a>, and <a href="" target="_blank">the <em>Orlando Sentinel</em> reported</a> that a company spokesperson said Pratt &amp; Whitney was cooperating with the NTSB.</p><p>While planes can fly with one engine, the incident is considered an “uncontained” engine failure, which allows debris to escape and possibly damage the fuselage of a plane. Most engines are designed to contain debris, like fan blades, in the event of a failure.</p><p>A similar incident happened on Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 in April, which lead to <a href="" target="_blank">the death of a passenger</a>. Another flight, <a href="" target="_blank">American Airlines Flight 383 from Chicago</a> back in October 2016, also had an uncontained engine failure that lead to the plane catching on fire.</p><p>Even with these recent incidents, it's important to note that aviation <a href="" target="_blank">has never been safer</a>.</p><p>According to <em>Bloomberg</em>, the Orlando-bound flight is the fourth incident of this nature involving Delta Airlines since August 2016. A Delta spokesperson said <a href="" target="_blank">in a statement</a> that the airline is working with the NTSB on the investigation.</p>
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The World Surfing League Finally Levels the Prize Money Gender Gap

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 09/07/2018 - 17:24
<p>The World Surfing League has announced that starting in 2019, equal prize money will be awarded to both female and male athletes across all WSL-controlled events. The new policy makes the WSL the first U.S.-based global sports league to offer gender pay equality.</p><p>Athlete Stephanie Gilmore, a six-time world surfing champion, hailed the new policy. “I’m proud of the WSL because they’re willing to make that change; it’s such a young sport, we can dictate how we want it to be, be progressive,” <a href="" target="_blank">she told the <em>Sydney Morning Herald</em></a>.</p><p>“I hope this serves as a model for other sports, global organisations and society as a whole," added Gilmore. “The prize money is fantastic, but the message means even more.”</p><p>Even non-surfing athletes like Billie Jean King, who lead the battle against gender pay inequality in tennis during the 1970s, have lauded the announcement.</p><p>“Cheers to the WSL for their commitment to gender pay equality. Progress is happening,” King tweeted.</p><p><a href="" target="_blank">According to a BBC survey</a> conducted in 2017, 35 out of 55 sports that were included in the study, paid equal amounts to men and women.</p><p>Journalist Alice Dempster tweeted a famous photo of two WSL surfers for a junior competition in South Africa from June, holding their prize money. The female champion has with a check in hand that was half of what the male winner had.</p><p>Since the current series of competitions for 2018 is ongoing, the WSL is waiting until next year to roll out the new policy. It will cover the world championship tour, longboard, junior and big wave tours, but not necessarily qualifying series run by partners, <a href="" target="_blank"><em>The Guardian</em> reported</a>.</p><p>“We will be working with our partners at competitions where we don’t control prize money, such as certain qualifying series events, to achieve equality,” said WSL commissioner Kieren Perrow.</p>
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Where to Go for an Amazing Meal in Copenhagen

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 09/07/2018 - 16:08
<p>Fifteen years ago, the chef and wild-ingredients champion <a href="" target="_blank">René Redzepi</a> introduced the world to the hyper-seasonal, vegetable-forward style of cookery dubbed New Nordic when he opened the first iteration of his restaurant, Noma. Now a fresh wave of talented chefs who worked under Redzepi are nudging the <a href="" target="_blank">city’s palate further afield</a>.</p><p>Though ex-Noma sous-chef Christian Puglisi might be best known for the Michelin-starred tasting-menu boîte <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Relæ</a></strong>, his four-year-old <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Bæst</a></strong> blazes a noteworthy trail of its own with a Scandinavian spin on wood-fired pizza. Sicilian-born Puglisi reworks the Italian classic with local grains and house-made mozzarella; the terroir of both lends a distinctly Nordic flair. Meanwhile, Matt Orlando, also a Noma alum, embraces the Danish capital’s eco-friendly nature — with some twists. At <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Amass</a></strong>, the California native sources everything except lemon and olive oil locally, and he also incorporates foreign flavors found nearby, such as sumac (a traditional Mediterranean and Middle Eastern ingredient), in tandem with practices like fermenting vegetable peels into flavor-rich miso paste.</p><p><strong>Related</strong>: <a href="" target="_blank">The One Thing Every Visitor to Copenhagen Must Do</a></p><p>Rosio Sanchez, a former pastry chef at Noma, has made a name for herself by celebrating her Mexican heritage. Three years ago, the Chicago native launched her first solo project, the casual taqueria <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Hija de Sanchez</a></strong>, which filled a gastronomic void that she and other expats had been feeling. It quickly became a destination in the city. Last winter, she debuted her sophisticated cantina, <strong><a href="" target="_blank">Sanchez</a></strong>, to high acclaim. Both spots, like so many new restaurants in town, represent a significant departure from the New Nordic cooking that has become Copenhagen’s hallmark, signaling a new openness to more global culinary approaches and expanding the very idea of what Scandinavian cooking can be.</p>
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Italian Tenant Union Says Vacation Rentals Push 1,000 Residents Out of Florence Each Year

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 09/07/2018 - 15:52
<p>In less than nine months, almost 500 people were pushed from their homes in Florence as landlords cleared buildings to make space for vacation rentals, according to Italy's tenant union.</p><p><a href="" target="_blank">According to a report in <em>La Nazione</em></a>, 478 residents were evicted from their lifelong homes in Florence from October 1, 2017 to June 30 of this year. Many of the landlords explicitly stated that they wanted vacation rental space in the buildings instead, according to the local branch of Sunia, the national union on tenants.</p><p>In 2014, there were 4,659 short-term holiday rentals available in the city. Last year, that number was 18,000. Researchers at the University of Siena believe that about 20 percent of all homes in Florence’s historic center are now on holiday rental sites exclusively for tourist use, the highest of any Italian city, <a href="" target="_blank"><em>The Local Italy</em> reported</a>.</p><p>Sunia estimates that about 1,000 Florentines leave the city center (whether evicted or priced out) every year to live elsewhere.</p><p>Italy has so far resisted strict regulations on holiday rentals, unlike governments in Spain that have have banned Airbnbs and the like from historic city centers in <a href="" target="_blank">Madrid</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">Valencia</a>.</p><p>Last year, Florence implemented a “tourist tax” on vacation rentals across the city. The city can now make up to $3.50 (€3) per night on every visitor who books a homestay.</p><p>But Florence isn’t exactly welcoming all tourists with open arms. This week, Florence passed a ruling that made it illegal to eat on the streets. Tourists who are caught snacking on four historic streets in the city center are <a href="" target="_blank">subject to a fine of up to $580</a> (€500).</p>
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Easily Find the Best Activities in Top Destinations With This New Tool Out of Google

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 09/07/2018 - 14:07
<p>If you've ever been overwhelmed or frustrated when trying to find the best activities to do on vacation, there's a new tool out of <a href="" target="_blank">Google's experimental workshop Area 120</a> that wants to help.</p><p><a href="" target="_blank">Touring Bird</a> is a mobile-first site that compiles tours, activities, and attractions in the top travel destinations in the world, creating an easy-to-use visual search engine. With tools to filter by price (including free), and insider tips from locals, the goal is to offer travelers a much easier way to find things they want to do on vacation, particularly beyond the top attractions.</p><p>“A leisure trip to a destination is usually between three to eight days,” Lax Poojary, who leads the Touring Bird team, told <em>Travel + Leisure</em>. “People want to do top activities and attractions in the first few days, but then they want to do more immersive things ... We wanted to build a one-stop shop.”</p><p>With that in mind, Touring Bird's offerings start with the obvious — like the Hollywood Sign in <a href="" target="_blank">Los Angeles</a> or the Empire State Building in New York City — but then dive down into insider tips provided by locals — like Amsterdam's museum dedicated to fluorescent art or the <a href="" target="_blank">oldest tea-maker in Paris</a>.</p><img alt="Touring Bird screenshot "src=""><p>Poojary says that while it's relatively easy to search for flights and hotels across different airlines and properties in one place (actually, in several places), activities can be all over the place. “There's been a lot of focus on flights and hotels, but there hasn't been a meta search for everything else,” he said. That leaves travelers searching across different sites and platforms, trying to compare both quality and value.</p><p>And whereas an alt weekly may have previously offered a single source for some of the best offerings of a city, in 2018 we're all looking for recommendations on our phones. Touring Bird, while not a standalone app, feels like one in the browser. And with the ability to save favorites and direct links to reservations from the site, there's a clear focus on turning what is often a complicated map and blog search into a single, unified experience.</p><img alt="Touring Bird screenshot "src=""><p>Another important thing about the app is the range of free activities. “Some of the best activities are free, but it takes a lot of research to find them,” Poojary told T+L, adding that featuring quality free activities is how Touring Bird hopes to differentiate itself. In other words, they're not just out for a booking — they want to be a great service to travelers even when they're on a budget.</p><p>In addition to doing so by offering free activities, Touring Bird also does something unique with prices: While various tours and companies bundle activities and prices, the tool debundles, showing the best price for the selected activitiy or activities.</p><p>By building its own team of local experts (some of who offer tours themselves), Touring Bird is also out to highlight more unique offerings. “It's very hard to find one-of-a-kind experiences,” said Poojary. There are currently 400 contributors across 20 cities, with 2,000 local tips and a total of 25,000 activities.</p><p>As of Thursday, Touring Bird is available in 20 top destinations around the world: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Miami, New Delhi, New York City, Orlando, Paris, Prague, Rome, San Diego, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington, D.C.</p>
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These 10 National Trail System Hikes Are America’s Favorite, According to Google

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 09/07/2018 - 13:01
<p>In 1968, the United States government passed the <a href="" target="_blank">National Trails System Act</a>, which created some of the most pristine hiking trails across North America. Now, in 2018, both the National Parks System and Google are celebrating <a href="" target="_blank">the legislation’s 50th anniversary</a> by encouraging people to get outside and experience the more than 50,000 miles of trails across the U.S. for themselves.</p><p>To help would-be hikers get on their way, Google compiled a list of the <a href=",-117.6872897,4z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!11m1!2s1ygoovyA-BoaMmX78sdWgq3zX_NU" target="_blank">top 10 trending parks and trails</a> around the country. From sea to shining sea, here are the places everyone should lace up their hiking boots for during this epic celebration.</p><h2>Watkins Glen State Park, New York</h2><p><a href="" target="_blank">Watkins Glen State Park</a> is the place to be if you’re after a waterfall viewing adventure. Within a two-mile stretch, the park’s stream opens up and creates 19 stunning waterfalls along the way. To get even more from the water, visitors are invited to go fishing in nearby Seneca Lake or Catherine Creek. Day passes and overnight camping are also available.</p><h2>Shenandoah National Park, Virginia</h2><p><a href="" target="_blank">Shenandoah National Park</a>, located just 75 miles from Washington, DC, makes for the perfect day trip to get out of the hustle and bustle of city life. There, hikers can take full advantage of the park’s trails that meander through 200,000 untouched acres of woodland. For those looking to spend even more time in the park’s gorgeous outdoor scenery, backcountry camping passes are available. Even better, Shenandoah is one of the <a href="" target="_blank">best national parks to experience fall foliage</a>. </p><h2>Horseshoe Bend, Arizona</h2><p><a href="" target="_blank">Horseshoe Bend</a> may be one of the most easily recognizable names on this list as it’s also one of the most photographed parks in the nation as well. And really, who could blame people for wanting to snap a few photos to share on social media? On the hike to the Horseshoe Bend Overlook, visitors will get a glimpse of the Colorado River’s natural bend from more than 1,000 feet above the water’s surface. Just make sure to get there as early as possible since the viewing area is a rather popular destination.</p><h2>The Broadmoor Seven Falls, Colorado</h2><p><a href="" target="_blank">Seven Falls</a> is one of those destinations that will leave visitors in awe for days after a visit. And, with two ways to experience it, everyone can get in on the action. At the falls, visitors can choose to either hike the 224 steps to the top of the falls for an unprecedented close up of the waterfall itself or choose to take the in-mountain elevator to the Eagle's Nest for an easier viewing experience. Either way, it’s worth it.</p><h2>Discovery Park, Washington</h2><p>Boasting 534 acres, <a href="" target="_blank">Discovery Park</a> is Seattle’s largest city park. There, guests can take in the views along the Magnolia Bluff, get a glimpse of both the Cascade and the Olympic Mountain ranges, run through the untouched meadowlands and more. And, because of its proximity to the city, it makes for the perfect escape any day of the week.</p><h2>Stone Mountain Park, Georgia</h2><p><a href="" target="_blank">Stone Mountain Park</a> is the ideal family outdoor getaway as it caters to nature-lovers of all ages. At the park, visitors can explore thousands of acres of woodland on its plethora of hiking trails, and take part in several yearly events including the <a href="" target="_blank">Yellow Daisy Festival</a> and the <a href="" target="_blank">Native American Festival and Pow-Wow</a>. Overnight camping sites are available, or guests can stay onsite at the Marriott Stone Mountain Inn or Evergreen Marriott resort.</p><h2>Hocking Hills State Park, Ohio</h2><p><a href="" target="_blank">Hocking Hills State Park</a> gives visitors something a little extra. That’s because it’s not just one park, but rather a grouping of seven separate areas: Ash Cave, Cantwell Cliffs, Cedar Falls, Conkle's Hollow, Old Man's Cave, Rock House and Whispering Cave. Each area offers distinct rock formations, hikes and views, making it a great place to explore for days on end. Overnight camping is available, along with glamping and even a <a href="" target="_blank">few tree houses</a>.</p><h2>Golden Gardens, Washington</h2><p>Though located close to Discovery Park in Seattle, <a href="" target="_blank">Golden Gardens</a> offers an experience all its own. There, guests can walk along the park’s coastline, go fishing from its own pier, or even launch their boat off the park’s 300 feet of shoreline. The best part? Golden Gardens welcomes dogs to accompany their human friends in an off-leash area in the upper part of the park as well.</p><h2>Monument Valley, Utah</h2><p>If you’re looking for wide open spaces with blue skies for days, <a href="" target="_blank">Monument Valley</a> in Utah is for you. With vast valleys and dazzling rock formations, the unique landscape of the park must be seen to be believed. There, guests can hike alone to visit some of its main interest points or work with a Navajo guide to get to know the region even deeper. Overnight campsites are available and come highly recommended so you can experience the Utah sky at night as well.</p><h2>The Appalachian Trail, Georgia to Maine</h2><p><a href="" target="_blank">The Appalachian Trail</a> has long been a favorite among serious hikers. Though the trek from Georgia to Maine is certainly worth putting on your bucket list, you can still experience sections of the trail as single day trip.</p><p>First, hikers have to pick a state in which they’d like to journey through, pick a section, and get going. But, no matter where you decide to hike, consider joining the <a href="" target="_blank">Appalachian Trail Conservancy</a> to help protect the treasured hike for generations to come.</p>
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34 Cute Couples' Vacation Captions and Quotes for Instagram

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 09/07/2018 - 12:00
<p>There’s no shame in admitting that you want your Instagram caption to do your photos justice. If you’re having an unforgettable experience with the person who means the most to you, you want your photos to match the day-to-day bliss of being on vacation. Whether you’re <a href="" target="_blank">taking a weekend beach trip</a> to Cape May or exploring tropical paradise in the <a href="" target="_blank">Maldives</a>, you don’t want to miss out on the Instagram gold of a beach photo with bae and a perfectly-executed caption.</p><p>These caption options run the gamut from just-started-dating feels to couples who have been married for years. Whether it’s your first out-of-state trip as a couple or you’re hoping for an <a href="" target="_blank">engagement ring</a>, it’s never too early or too late in a relationship to <a href="" target="_blank">express the way you feel in an Instagram caption</a>. That being said, here are 34 Instagram captions for your next couples’ vacation, from puntastic ones to words that will give you all the love bird feels.</p><h2>Vacation Puns That Will Have You Lol’ing</h2><p>Islanded in your arms. *insert palm tree emoji*</p><p>Waterfallin’ for you.</p><p>You get my passport stamp of approval.</p><p>Partners in wine (tours). *insert wine glass emoji*</p><p>You’re my international treasure.</p><p>There’s no one I’d rather sea the world with.</p><h2>Cute and Clever Captions</h2><p>Good thing I brought my personal floatation device to the beach…</p><p>Love sick at sea. *insert waves and yacht emojis*</p><p>Out of office, into you. *insert sunglasses smiley face emoji*</p><p>Hot date, ice-cold margarita. *insert cocktail emoji*</p><p>Planes, trains, and all the feels. *insert plane, train, and automobile emojis*</p><p>Vacationing with my favorite on-call photographer. *insert camera emoji and a heart emoji for good measure*</p><h2>Just a Little Lovey-dovey</h2><p>Lagoon lovers.</p><p>No matter the view, I want to see it with you.</p><p>All I need to unwind is you by my side. *insert cocktail emoji*</p><p>We’re on our own time zone.</p><p>"Baby, we were born to run.” — Bruce Springsteen</p><p>(When you’ve been traveling for a while): “Home is wherever I’m with you.” —<a href="" target="_blank">Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros</a></p><h2>Tropical or Beach Getaways</h2><p>Beach baes. *insert beach umbrella emoji*</p><p>Bae-sic beaches. *insert bikini emoji*</p><p>You’re the beach bum for me.</p><p>(For a remote island trip): No one I’d rather get shipwrecked with.</p><h2>Outdoorsy Getaways</h2><p>(For a summit or hiking pic): Alpine views, but all I can see is you. *insert mountain emoji*</p><p>You light my (camp)fire. *insert flames emoji*</p><p>(For a cabin in the woods pic): Secluded, but far from lonely.</p><p>Tent buddies for life. *insert tent emoji*</p><p>Cabin for two, please.</p><h2>International Vacation Captions</h2><p>Love knows no borders.</p><p>Brought a hot date across the International Date Line. *insert winky face and plane emojis*</p><p>We’re going global. *insert globe emoji*</p><p>(For your first trip outside the country together): Our love takes on an international flair.</p><p>International affairs *insert oh so many winky faces*</p><p>Who needs a pillow for the plane when I’ve got you?</p><p>Nomads in love. *insert heart emoji*</p>
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These Hotel Chains Are Giving Staff Panic Buttons for Protection

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 09/07/2018 - 11:33
<p>Employees at thousands of hotels across the United States will soon have panic buttons to use if they feel they are in danger of assault or harassment, <a href="" target="_blank">the AP reported</a>.</p><p>On Thursday, the American Hotel and Lodging Association (AHLA) and its major hotel members (including Hilton, Hyatt, IHG, Marriott and Wyndham) <a href="" target="_blank">announced plans</a> to provide employee safety devices to all staff that directly interacts with guests by 2020. Employees of newer, Wi-Fi-enabled hotels will have panic buttons that alert hotel security to their exact location using GPS tracking. Other devices could alert security by sound.</p><p>The hotels are also planning to implement mandatory anti-sexual harassment policies and to provide ongoing training and education for employees on identifying and reporting sexual harassment in the workplace.</p><p>“Protecting our employees — as well the millions of guests who stay in American hotel rooms each day — is critically important to our industry,” Katherine Lugar, president and CEO of AHLA <a href="" target="_blank">said in a statement</a>.</p><p>The announcement comes after public discussions about the <a href="" target="_blank">#MeToo</a> and #TimesUp movements. A number of cities around the U.S., like New York City, Chicago, and Seattle, already require hotels to provide panic buttons to employees, the AP reported.</p><p>“We are working toward deployment of the devices at both managed and franchised hotels in the United States and Canada through 2020 and we continue to explore safety technology solutions globally,” said <a href="" target="_blank">Arne Sorenson</a>, president and CEO of Marriott International. “We believe that everyone should feel safe and secure while fulfilling their work responsibilities.”</p><p>The hotel brands are also looking to develop partnerships with national organizations that target sexual assault and trafficking and promote workplace safety ,including the <a href="">National Alliance to End Sexual Violence</a> (NAESV) and <a href="">End Child Prostitution and Trafficking</a> (ECPAT-USA).</p><p>“This is an important step that we hope will lead to more industries taking a stand and committing to employee and guest safety,” said Tina Tchen, co-founder of the <a href="">Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund</a>, in a statement.</p><p>Other hotels included in the initiative includes Caesar’s, AccorHotels, Four Seasons, Best Western, and Red Roof Inn.</p>
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One Year After Irma, This Gorgeous Caribbean Island Is Back in Business

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 09/07/2018 - 11:21
<p>At Sunshine Shack, one of the most popular beach bars on Anguilla, the uniform for tourists and staffers is pretty much the same: t-shirt, shorts, flip-flops. It’s the ultimate equalizer, putting everyone in a carefree mood.</p><p>On a hot, cloudless August afternoon, I was wearing my uniform, and Garvey Lake, the charismatic owner of Sunshine Shack, was wearing his. We were standing side by side, looking out at the aquamarine waters of Rendezvous Bay, a crescent of powder white sand that’s as fine as any on Anguilla—a Caribbean island with 32 other beaches to spare. Lake then motioned for me to look at the ground. “Put your hands up like this, baby,” he said, taking his hands and cupping them around his eyes to form a mask. He peered down at the sand. “That’s all I had left.”</p><p>On September 6, 2017, Hurricane Irma blew through Anguilla as a Category 5 storm, severely damaging homes, hotels, and restaurants, including Sunshine Shack, where not one piece of wood was left. On an island that heavily relies on travel and tourism — it contributed 61.6 percent to Anguilla’s GDP in 2017 — the impact was immediate and devastating.</p><p>Lake knew that for him, the quickest way to recovery was to just start building. Three weeks after Irma, he went over to Coconuts, a neighboring bar on Rendezvous Bay, to help them pick up the pieces. He then turned to his own restaurant in November. “I had employees to feed, and they had families to feed,” he told me. On January 10, Sunshine Shack was back with its outdoor grill, shaded picnic tables, and license-plate-festooned main house, serving up grilled ribs and fries as if nothing had ever happened.</p><p>Except everything had happened.</p><p>%image8 article</p><p>My husband and I first visited Anguilla in 2007. On that vacation we rented a car and drove around asking ourselves two pressing questions: what beach would we hit up, and where would we get our grilled spiny lobster for lunch? Post-Irma, we were eager to return with our young son as a show of support. We were also curious to see how things looked. I had heard from friends that the roads were fine and restaurants were up and running, but nothing compares to first-hand knowledge.</p><p>Here’s what we saw: some homes under construction or in disrepair, and a couple of churches without roofs. The lamp poles outside the bank were tilted at an unnatural, 60-degree angle. One night, we passed a makeshift barbershop, where a group of men huddled under an illuminated tent to get their shaves and cuts.</p><p>These were the visual reminders of Irma, but conversations revealed more. Locals were honest about how hard it was to survive without power in the most humid of seasons. One taxi driver told us his extended family in the U.K. wanted him to move there, but he couldn’t bear to leave his aging mother behind. Anguilla was where he was born and where he would stay.</p><p><strong>Related</strong>: <a href="" target="_blank">Why Anguilla Is a T+L Reader Favorite</a></p><p>Many people were frank about how good it feels to have tourists back. And let me be clear: tourists are back, the roads are fine, and you can beach hop at your leisure. Ninety percent of the restaurants are open. One Sunday afternoon, my family and I drove to <a href="" target="_blank">DaVida</a>, a casual spot on Crocus Bay, yet another great beach. Anguillans and out-of-towners had gathered to hear 12<sup>th</sup> Avenue, a popular local band, belt out Top 40 hits. Every seat was taken, unless its occupant was on the dance floor. On a breezy Tuesday night at <a href="" target="_blank">Straw Hat</a>, one of Anguilla’s best restaurants, locals were at the bar watching cricket on TV, while resort guests kept streaming in to the newly rebuilt, open-air space for a lobster dinner.</p><p>One look at neighboring St. Maarten — where the airport lounge is now under an air-conditioned tent, and broken yachts lay rotting and rusting in the shallows — gives you a glimpse of just how far Anguilla has come. It's even ready to welcome the most high-profile of guests (LeBron James had been shortly before our trip) and the island feels alive, not abandoned.</p><p>%image3 article</p><p>Most of the major hotels are open, including <a href="" target="_blank">Zemi Beach House</a>, set on Shoal Bay East, and the <a href="" target="_blank">Four Seasons</a>, which straddles Meads and Barnes Bay. Both were welcoming guests as of this spring. Pulling into the Four Seasons, the immaculate, palm-tree-lined drive was a contrast to Anguilla’s arid, scrubby interior. (Things grow fast in the Caribbean — one welcome side effect of location.) The resort was busy: well-behaved families took over the buzzy Sunset Lounge, with its soaring 18-foot ceiling and sweeping views of Barnes Bay, for early sushi dinners. Honeymooners would gravitate to the adults-only pool. At Meads Bay, the wider of the two beaches (and our son’s preferred spot, thanks to the glorious waves), the service was on-point. Nobody is missing a beat.</p><p>That is in no small part due to on-the-ground <a href="" target="_blank">relief efforts</a>. Josephine Gumbs Connor, the owner of ViewFort Estate, a luxury villa, established the Pure Anguilla Foundation to help local children and families with food, shelter, and needed supplies. The Foundation has partnered with UNICEF on a “Return to Happiness” program, to help Anguillan children process the trauma of the storm.</p><p>Shortly after Irma, Barry Sternlicht’s Starwood Capital Group, which owns the Four Seasons Anguilla, joined forces with three other properties — <a href="" target="_blank">Belmond Cap Juluca</a>, Zemi Beach House, and Malliouhana, an Auberge Resort, which sadly remains closed — to form the relief fund <a href="" target="_blank">Anguilla Stronger</a>. Anguilla has a high repeat visitor rate, and within days of Irma making landfall, many people wanted to give back. To date, the fund has raised $1.83 million toward building materials and food. Each week, nearly 600 employees from the four properties come to collect staples including household and hygiene supplies (soap, shampoo). Aid is also regularly distributed to senior citizens in the community.</p><p><strong>Related</strong>: <a href="" target="_blank">As the Caribbean Rebuilds, Now Is an Important Time to Visit (Video)</a></p><p>But the island is also drawing new visitors who want to help. When I spoke with Paulo Paias, the General Manager of Zemi Beach House, he told me that some 80 percent of Zemi’s guests this year are first-timers. The hotel suffered minimal damage, and its gorgeous spa — set in cluster of 300-year-old wooden tea houses flown in from Thailand — made it through just fine. The scene here was just as lively: there was a multi-generational group from the American South, a Canadian family with their two young boys, an Italian party enjoying the long August holiday. The staff kept everyone hydrated and happy with cocktails by the pool. Perhaps the best sign of any good vacation, I found myself wanting to do nothing but eat — the incredible Jonny Cakes for breakfast, the perfectly salted house chips at lunch, the local goat curry at the barbecue.</p><p>I didn’t know quite what to expect on Anguilla. Do you talk about the storm, or pretend it never happened? Ask questions, or leave the topic alone? There’s a certain amount of guilt one feels, as a tourist, going to a destination that has been through a natural disaster. What can you really do to help? Well, you help by being there. I now understand why Anguilla has its loyalists, and will continue to do so post-Irma: This is an island that welcomes exploration, that encourages you to find a hidden beach or a simple seafood shack, to talk to the locals, to get outside your comfort zone. And those rhythms will never change.</p><p>%image2 article</p><h2>Getting There</h2><p>There are two popular options. One is to fly into <a href="" target="_blank">Princess Juliana International Airport in St. Maarten</a>, serviced by major airlines including Delta, Jet Blue, and American, and then take either the public ferry or a private boat charter over to Blowing Point, Anguilla. Calypso Charters and Fun Time are two reliable charter companies.</p><p>Alternatively, travelers can fly to Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and connect to Anguilla on Seaborne Airlines. As of my early August visit, the airport in St. Maarten was still not ready to handle the number of visitors it did pre-hurricane. Customs and passport control took place under an air-conditioned tent. But the five-minute taxi transfer to the boat terminal was seamless, and the 30-minute boat ride itself stress-free.</p><h2>Getting Around</h2><p>If you want to stay put at your hotel, we wouldn’t blame you. But — and this is a big but — you’d be missing out on exploring one of the Caribbean’s best islands for beaches. A rental car is essential to do so. Richardson Car Rental has a fleet of mid-size cars and SUVS. Anguilla’s roads are flat and very easy to navigate; driving is on the left-hand side, though the driver side seat is the same as it is in the United States.</p><p>Taxis are also widely available, and the drivers are universally friendly. The rides are priced out by ten zones, and can be as little as $10 one-way if you are traveling within the same zone, or as much as $36 one-way if you are going between zone one (on the West End) and zone ten (on the East End). There is an additional surcharge of $5 per additional passenger, beyond the first two.</p><p><strong>Related</strong>: <a href="" target="_blank">Caribbean Hotels Reopening With Major Upgrades in 2018 (Video)</a></p><h2>Where to Stay</h2><p>Anguilla has some of the most luxurious hotels and resorts in the entire Caribbean, and they regularly place on our list of readers’ favorites in the region. Below are a handful of the top places to stay.</p><p><strong>Frangipani Beach Resort</strong></p><p>A boutique hotel perfectly positioned in the middle of Meads Bay, <a href="" target="_blank">Frangipani</a> was voted the No. 1 property in the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas by Travel + Leisure readers in our 2018 World’s Best Awards. What catapulted it to the top? Many of our readers wrote in to say that they enjoyed getting to know the friendly owners, Scott and Shannon Kircher, who are there nearly every day to assist with guests needs. Other pluses: with its charming Spanish tiles and flowering frangipani, the property feels more like a home than a resort; you have access to kayaks and Hobie Cats right off-shore; and the small pool is the perfect place to cool off if swimming in the ocean isn’t your thing. <i>From $700.</i></p><p>%image4 article</p><p><strong>Four Seasons Resort &amp; Private Residences Anguilla </strong></p><p><a href="" target="_blank">The Four Seasons</a>, voted <a href="" target="_blank">No. 12 in the region</a> by T+L readers in our 2018 World’s Best Awards, sits between two beaches: Meads and Barnes Bay. The sleek décor (think marble walls and floors, brass fixtures, and driftwood tables) comes courtesy of Kelly Wearstler, who decorated the property when it debuted years back as a Viceroy. The property has aged well, and now that Four Seasons has taken over, a fantastic kids club has been added, and the team is especially attentive to young children. (A glass of apple juice was waiting for our toddler at check-in.) Beyond the attentive service, food is a major selling point: the kitchen knows how to do everything from simple pizzas and a crab sandwich on fresh Johnny cakes to elaborate platters of sushi and seared rib-eye steak. <em>(From $950.)</em></p><p>%image5 article</p><p><strong>Zemi Beach House</strong></p><p>Ranked No. 15 in the region in <a href="" target="_blank"><i>Travel + Leisure</i>’s 2018 World’s Best Awards</a>, this relative newcomer first opened in 2016, and quickly began to earn a loyal fan base thanks to its prime location on Shoal Bay East — one of Anguilla’s best beaches — and its modern décor, which blends island colors with furniture and decorations from Asia. Though <a href="" target="_blank">the resort</a> has only 65 rooms, there are a slew of amenities that make it feel much larger: two pools, multiple restaurants, a fancy rum bar, a shop, a tennis court, and a kids club. One of the highlights is the spa, set in centuries-old teahouses and a rice barn imported from Thailand. It is a must: you can indulge in everything from a grapefruit and rosemary muscle melt to a guarana and green tea body wrap, and spend extra time soaking in the vitality pool. <em>(From $730.)</em></p><p><strong>Belmond Cap Juluca</strong></p><p>Poised to reopen in November after a $121 million overhaul, this iconic property runs the entire length of Maundays Bay, arguably Anguilla’s best beach. <a href="" target="_blank">Belmond</a> is keeping the hotel’s white, Moorish-inspired villas, which dot the shoreline; the interior rooms, however, are being entirely overhauled. A Peruvian restaurant and Cips, an Italian spot from the Cipriani family of restaurants, is also in the works. <em>(From $725.)</em></p><p><strong>ViewFort Estate </strong></p><p>The island has many villas to rent, ideal for families or large groups celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary. One of the more unique properties is <a href="" target="_blank">ViewFort</a>, located on Anguilla’s highest point. It encompasses part of a 200-year-old home, but has grown to include nine bedrooms, each with their own color scheme and vibe. Some are in the main house (which has a huge kitchen, dining area, and well-stocked library), while others lie near the swimming pool, still others off of the terraced grounds. Rates include a full staff (butlers, private chef, babysitters), all day snacks and cocktail service, and a shuttle service to nearby Crocus Bay, among many other inclusions. Visitors can also go hiking and caving at the 80-acre Katouche Estate, owned by the same family that has View Fort.<em> (From $15,983.)</em></p><p>%image6 article</p><h2>Where to Eat</h2><p>The dining scene on Anguilla ranges from the super-casual to the formal. You’ll want to make reservations in advance, particularly if you are traveling during the high season. Most restaurants also include 15% tax and service in the bill, and give guests the option of tipping extra. Here are a handful of favorites.</p><p><strong>Breezes Beachfront Restaurant and Bar </strong></p><p>This laid-back, open-air restaurant, part of the Reef by Cuisinart Resort, sits on Merrywing Bay and has lovely views of neighboring St. Maarten. There are couches on the wooden deck, great for lounging and sharing one of the excellent pizzas, and a scattering of tables under a protected awning. We suggest going just before sunset, as the lights across the sea begin to twinkle. <em>(Entrées $19-$41.)</em></p><p><strong>Falcon Nest Bar &amp; Grill</strong></p><p>If you’re craving a toes-in-the-sand experience, nothing beats <a href="" target="_blank">this tiny restaurant</a> on the East End in Island Harbour. The menu is simple — grilled chicken, BBQ ribs, fish fry — but priced right and delicious. Main courses come with your choice of two sides: cole slaw, salad, fries, and rice and peas. The lobster is caught just offshore (you can see the fishermen’s boats that line the bay) and it was the most tender we had on our trip. 264-491-1127. <em>(Entrées $13-$40.)</em></p><p><strong>Picante</strong></p><p><a href="" target="_blank">Anguilla’s first and only Mexican restaurant</a>, this open-air spot is still going strong on the West End thanks to its potent margaritas, flavorful guacamole, and tender steak fajitas. It is a great place to go with kids or a big group for a celebration, since the atmosphere is fun and casual: you can sit at the bar or on one of the long picnic tables and easily while away the evening. <em>(264-198-1616; entrées $10-$25.)</em></p><p><strong>Straw Hat</strong></p><p><a href="" target="_blank">This family-run restaurant</a>, an Anguilla mainstay for fine European-influenced dining, now occupies an airy, oceanfront space in the Frangipani Beach Resort. Though it is open for breakfast and lunch, we suggest booking in for dinner to take advantage of the sunset views. Order the local pumpkin agnolotti, followed by the grilled Anguillan lobster or sweet crayfish. <em>(Entrées $26-$53.)</em></p><p><strong>Sunshine Shack</strong></p><p>This is your quintessential, <a href="" target="_blank">laid-back Caribbean beach bar</a>. Garvey Lake’s red, yellow, and green-painted restaurant occupies a prime stretch of Rendezvous Bay, so come wearing your swimsuit and armed with towels. After a lunch of ribs and fries, you can take a quick swim, play a game of cornhole, and have a rum punch for dessert. <em>(264-476-0649; entrées $10-$25.)</em></p><p><strong>Veya</strong></p><p>A go-to for date night, given the <a href="" target="_blank">romantic, treehouse-like setting</a> and live music that plays most evenings. Chef Carrie Bogar picked up and moved to Anguilla over ten years ago, and has built a stellar reputation by mixing island ingredients with Moroccan spices and Asian flavors — it’s a multi-culti-mashup that somehow works. Order the Vietnamese-style calamari with nouc cham, followed by the Korean BBQ pork tenderloin or tamarind glazed roast chicken. <em>(Entrées $40-$60.)</em></p><p><strong>Da’Vida Bayside</strong></p><p>Though dinner is served in a more formal <a href="" target="_blank">main house</a>, we think lunch is your best bet, since you’ll be able to pack a bathing suit and swim in gorgeous Crocus Bay before or after your meal. On Sunday, popular bands come into play. Dishes are reliable, hearty classics like grilled fish with creole sauce, lobster, burgers, and pizza. <em>(Entrées $20-$50.)</em></p><p>%image7 article</p><h2>What to Do/Activities</h2><p>Again, you could stay put at your hotel — but its worth exploring the island, whether on land or by sea.</p><p><strong>Boating</strong></p><p>It’s important to get out on the water and see the destination from a new perspective. Companies like Calypso Charters offer half-day trips that circumvent Anguilla, but also visit smaller, uninhabited spits of sand like Dog Island and Prickly Pear Island. Rates range from $120 for a semi-private excursion to $600 for a private excursion. Tradition Sailing Charters offers two-and-a-half hour sunset sails ($175 per person) that include champagne cocktails, cheese, and charcuterie.</p><p><strong>Horseback riding</strong></p><p>Seaside Stables Anguilla offers hour-long horseback riding sessions along Cove Bay, an 80-acre park.</p><p><strong>Shopping</strong></p><p>There are several groceries stores (Best Buy, Albert Lake’s) where you can stock up on beach essentials and food. We also bought fine French champagne at Grands Vins de France, a small but well-stocked wine shop in South Hill. (<em>264-497-6498.)</em></p><p><strong>Swimming and snorkeling</strong><b> </b></p><p>Anguilla has 33 beautiful beaches, each with a different charm, all with glistening white sand and aquamarine waters. If you are not staying at Zemi Beach House, rent a chair from one of the many restaurants near the main entrance of Shoal Bay East, which has unbeatable snorkeling. Shoal Bay West, on the other end of the island, has no beach facilities, so pack a picnic lunch before you go.</p><p>Half-mile long Savannah Bay (also called Junks Hole Bay) is also known for snorkeling; a small reef protects the beach. Here, there is one restaurant: <a href="" target="_blank">Palm Grove Bar &amp; Grill</a> <em>(entrées $12-$55).</em> For the ultimate cast away experience, visit Little Bay, accessibly only by boat or by shimmying down a rope slung over a cliff. Island Harbour is also a must-visit — not for the swimming, but rather for the great beach bars like Falcon Nest.</p><p>Meads Bay, home to the Four Seasons, Frangipani, and Malliouhana, is a two-mile long beach that has great waves. There are also several restaurants there (Waves, Ocean Echo) should you just want to drop by for lunch.</p><p><strong><em>Our series <a href="" target="_blank">Reasons to Travel Now</a> highlights the news, events, and openings that have us scoping out plane tickets each day.</em></strong></p>
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Victoria Falls Is the Most Gorgeous Place in the World to See a Lunar Rainbow (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 09/07/2018 - 11:01
<p>I’ve always said life is about timing and lighting — and you can only control one (which is why you will never catch me at a restaurant with flourescent lighting and no dimmers).</p><p>This theory is true for most things, but even more so for lunar rainbows, or “moonbows”: rare, natural wonders that appear as if by magic during a full moon typically near waterfalls or after thunderstorms. It is also for many people, an awe-inspiring event that will happen <em>maybe</em> once in a lifetime — unless you are a guest at the <a href="" target="_blank">Anantara Royal Livingstone Hotel</a> in Zambia, where, every month after the rainy season, if the sky is clear, you can witness this ephemeral event. And you can do so comfortably ensconced under the ancient Mutondo tree on the hotel’s deck over the mighty Zambezi River listening to Victoria Falls roaring in the background.</p><p>I was one of the lucky few for whom timing and lighting came together for two nights in May during a trip to Livingstone, Zambia, where traffic stops for herds of elephants crossing the road and there is a jewel of a hotel perched on the lip of one of the natural wonders of the world.</p><p>Located inside the UNESCO wildlife park <a href="" target="_blank">Mosi-Oa-Tunya</a>, the Royal Livingstone is a haven from the outside world.</p><p>Arriving on a river boat as if out of a scene in the “<a href="" target="_blank">African Queen</a>,” you are greeted by Edward, the hotel’s cultural concierge and a huge rainbow which fills the sky over the nearby falls.</p><p>While the hotel was just built in 2001, it was done in such a way that it feels like a layover from a far gone era. The main building resembles an old hunting lodge, with old growth trees dotting the lawn and a pool where guests can swim and sunbathe in full view of the Falls. The hotel proudly touts its eco advantages, none of which are more enjoyable than the hotel’s famed herd of zebras, impalas, and four giraffes that act as reliable lawn mowers and tree trimmers.</p><p>During my stay I rode horseback through the Mosi-Oa-Tunya park, had a four-course, five-star meal on <a href="" target="_blank">a historic restored steam train</a>, which ferried us over the Victoria Falls Bridge and visited the nearby Mukuni village. My heart also stopped when I agreed to take a micro flight with <a href="" target="_blank">Batoka Sky</a> — where I flew over the falls, the gorges, and the Zambezi in what was basically a paraglider outfitted with a lawn mower engine. It’s safer than it sounds or looks. I swear.</p><p>And on the final night, I joined my friends for a river safari, an experience you read about and can’t believe it is a wondrous as it is — until you do it. While there are fancier options in larger boats with two decks, a full bar and hand carved wooden chairs, my friends and I opted for a smaller transport that seated just 10 so we could get up close and personal with the wildlife. And we were not disappointed.</p><p>During the hour long ride, we spotted huge crocodiles, flocks of colorful bee eater birds, river eagles, a pod of yawning hippos, and a herd of elephants with a baby splashing in the shallows. As the sun sank into the horizon setting fire to the sky and the Falls roared a kilometer downstream — my friend Elizabeth made a toast. “To a life changing experience,” she said, raising her gin and tonic.</p><p>I’ll cheers to that.</p>
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You Might Already Have Meghan Markle’s $5 Secret to Glowing Skin in Your Bathroom (Video)

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 09/07/2018 - 10:31
<p>Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, always looks impeccable. Because she’s a royal — and a celebrity to boot — one may think her beauty routine includes expensive creams, serums, and makeup that are only available to the rich and famous. But, as it turns out, Meghan really is just like us.</p><p>In a new interview with <a href="" target="_blank">E! News</a>, beauty expert Daniel Martin explained how he gave Meghan her dewy and natural beauty look for her <a href="" target="_blank">royal wedding day</a> back in May.</p><p>"A lot of my highlighting is done with skincare," Martin, who is also an Honest Beauty Creative Color Consultant, explained. Instead of buying into the new hype of beauty highlighters, Martin keeps it extremely simple with a beauty product you probably already have in your bathroom.</p><p>"Before highlighters, you would do highlighting with <a href=";tag=tlmeghanmarkleaquaphor-20&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;linkCode=as2&amp;creativeASIN=B001IAG7G2&amp;linkId=d05c4d5c38226f19ae4b22f2d188dd2a" target="_blank">Aquaphor</a>," he said. "Aquaphor will give you that same texture, especially in a photo [when applied] on the high points of the face."</p><p>Yes, that’s right; Aquaphor, which is available <a href=";tag=tlmeghanmarkleaquaphor-20&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;linkCode=as2&amp;creativeASIN=B001IAG7G2&amp;linkId=d05c4d5c38226f19ae4b22f2d188dd2a" target="_blank">on Amazon for just $5</a>, can make you look like a real princess.</p><p>Martin also revealed to <em><a href="" target="_blank">InStyle</a></em> earlier this year that Prince Harry was quite pleased with Markle’s bright and fresh wedding look.</p><p>“I know exactly what [Meghan] does and doesn’t like. After the ceremony, Harry kept saying, ‘thank you.’ He was thanking me for making her look like herself,” Martin said. “The last thing you want [is] to look at your wedding pictures and go, ‘Remember when highlighting was the rage?’ At the end of the day, you want to look like your best self.”</p><p>But, he noted to E! that if he does use a highlighter on clients like Markle, it has to be the best.</p><p>"I'll lay it down with Dior — they came out with incredible highlighting palette (<a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $45) — and what I'll do is I'll take the Honest Beauty Balm (<a href=";tag=tlmeghanmarkleaquaphor-20&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;linkCode=as2&amp;creativeASIN=B01M0REJSK&amp;linkId=3ee78f4aba8d7335a24e17b03970f652" target="_blank"></a>, $18) and lay it on top of it," he shared. "It intensifies the highlight, but because of the texture of the magic balm it gives you that luminosity like you just applied moisturizer."</p><p>BRB, going to buy a <a href=";tag=tlmeghanmarkleaquaphor-20&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;linkCode=as2&amp;creativeASIN=B071L2YKDT&amp;linkId=356f9ea308ea5cffd939b5c8b0747ac5" target="_blank">tub of Aquaphor</a> right now.</p><img alt="aquaphor meghan markle "src=""><p>To buy: <a href=";tag=tlmeghanmarkleaquaphor-20&amp;camp=1789&amp;creative=9325&amp;linkCode=as2&amp;creativeASIN=B001IAG7G2&amp;linkId=e3f5bef0fb6faa87b7c2833acdbb41dd" target="_blank"></a>, $5 for a two-pack</p>
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These Are the World’s Busiest Airlines

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 09/07/2018 - 09:23
<p>The International Airport Transport Association (IATA) <a href="" target="_blank">reported</a> on Thursday that there were 4.1 billion air passengers in 2017, more than ever before and a 7.3-percent increase over 2016.</p><p>The <a href="" target="_blank">62nd World Air Transport Statistics report</a>, which tracks the total number of passengers flying and the busiest airlines, also found that the “average citizen” now flies once every 22 months, whereas in 2000 it was just once every 43 months.</p><p>“Flying has never been more accessible,” said Alexandre de Junias, IATA's director general and CEO, in a statement. “This is liberating people to explore more of our planet for work, leisure, and education.”</p><p>Those billions of passengers aren't evenly divided across airlines — in fact, just a few dominate when it comes to getting people to where they want to go around the world. Four of the top five busiest airlines, based on the total scheduled passenger distance flown in 2017, were U.S.-based carriers.</p><h2>The Top 5 Airlines (<a href="" target="_blank">Ranked by total scheduled passenger kilometers flown</a>.)</h2>American AirlinesDelta Air LinesUnited AirlinesEmirates AirlineSouthwest Airlines<p>The report also found that airlines are connecting a record number of cities around the world, with more than 20,000 city pairs in 2017. That's more than double the number of city pairs available a little more than 20 years ago.</p><p>According to IATA, the U.S. had the highest number of passengers in 2017, followed by China at 555 million, India at 161.5 million, the U.K. at 147 million, and Germany at 114.4 million.</p>
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Denver Airport Is Using Its Conspiracy Theories in the Most Clever Ad Campaign of the Year

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 09/07/2018 - 08:13
<p>Travelers who’ve been to Denver International Airport have probably heard rumors of its secret Illuminati headquarters or seen the gigantic, blue Bronco statue that is the state’s alleged demon protector.</p><p>If you have had the opportunity to drive by, it probably still haunts your dreams.</p><p>Well, put on your tinfoil hats, because <a href="">DEN</a> is perfectly willing to indulge in all your semi-Lovecraftian conspiracy theories, <a href="" target="_blank">reported Mashable</a>.</p><p>At Denver International Airport, passengers have taken notice of construction advertisements that are beautifully crafted to not just catch your attention, but also make you question reality as you know it.</p><p>“What’s happening behind this wall? A. Gargoyle breeding grounds. B. A top secret Freemason meeting. C. An improved airport experience.” says one ad. Naturally, they are leading you to pick C, but you can’t really be sure if A or B isn’t true, can you? It’s Denver, after all. Nothing is <em>truly</em> real.</p><p>Another ad featuring an alien making a “shhh” gesture says, “Yes, DEN’s got some secrets. Since the airport’s opening in 1995, there have been endless rumors and theories. People say our underground tunnels lead to secret meeting facilities for the world’s elite. Our blue horse is thought of to be cursed. Some believe we are connected to the new world order, the Freemasons, and are home to the lizard people."</p><p>Emily Williams, a spokesperson for DEN told <a href="" target="_blank">The Denver Post</a>, “I think that we recognize that conspiracy theories are part of our brand. It’s a fun way that we can engage with our passengers.”</p><p>No kidding. Ever since the Blue Mustang, <a href="" target="_blank">lovingly known as Blucifer</a>, was installed in 2008, many residents have either complained about its ghastliness or spread vicious conspiracy theories about it being a literal demon from hell—probably because it’s so creepy. And it <a href="" target="_blank">killed its artist</a>, making for some bad vibes.</p><p>Back in 2016, DEN even pulled an April Fools’ Day joke that campaigned to paint the horse a new color, according to <a href="" target="_blank">Mashable.</a> Most people agreed that, jokes aside, the blood red eyes could probably use an upgrade.</p><p>The Denver Post has a <a href="" target="_blank">guide to the most popular conspiracy theories</a> about Denver International Airport, including literal gargoyles hanging out in the baggage claim, Nazi-shaped runways with some significant meaning, and a network of underground bunkers. It’s a must-read for any member of the Tinfoil Hat Brigade or anyone passing through Denver on a <a href="">ridiculously cheap flight</a>. </p>
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Celebrate National Honey Month With Live Bees and Fresh Honey at These 5 Hotels

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 09/07/2018 - 07:34
<p>Honeybees are nature’s hardest-working creatures. Though tiny — averaging about half an inch in length — what these insects do for the world is nearly unimaginable.</p><p>Each day, workers, drones, and the Queen herself go to work, flying for miles to collect pollen, secret nectar, and create delicious honey. And, in doing so, they help pollinate the world, including 30 percent of the crops humans eat and <a href="" target="_blank">90 percent of all wild plants</a>.</p><p>To celebrate these glorious critters, hotels around the world are showcasing their honey and honeybee programs. Because nothing’s better than traveling, learning, and enjoying a “beetini” or two along the way.</p><h2>Fairmont, Washington, D.C.</h2><p>In 2008, the world first learned about <a href="" target="_blank">Colony Collapse Disorder</a>, which ran rampant through honeybee hives across the globe. One of the first hotel groups to jump in to raise awareness for the issue was the Fairmont.</p><p>It was then that the hotels, including the <a href="" target="_blank">Fairmont in Washington, D.C.</a>, began placing honeybee hives on hotel rooftop gardens. Next, it began training hotel staff to not only care for the bees but to use the honey they produced for pollinator-friendly menus and for special cocktails, such as its signature beetini. Though cheeky, it’s turned into an excellent educational opportunity for every guest who passes through the hotel’s doors. In fact, it’s been so successful that the group <a href="" target="_blank">expanded the program</a> to its worldwide hotels and now includes onsite hives in spaces in Kenya, China, and more.</p><p>The Fairmont D.C. even offers a special “<a href="" target="_blank">Bee a Beekeeper</a>” promotion, which includes a stay for two, a two-hour lesson with a resident beekeeper, a complimentary one-year membership to the D.C. Beekeepers, a $500 gift certificate for beekeeping supplies at Draper’s Super Bee Apiaries, Inc., and a booklet of honey-inspired recipes created by the hotel’s executive chef.</p><h2>Carmel Valley Ranch, California</h2><p><a href="" target="_blank">Carmel Valley Ranch</a>, which sits along California’s idyllic Central Coast, is commemorating all things honey this September with curated educational programs designed by its resident beekeeper Mariah McDonald.</p><img alt="Carmel Valley Ranch, California "src=""><p>At Carmel Valley, guests can sign up for 90-minute lessons on beekeeping at its very own apiary with McDonald. There, guests can don beekeeping suits and visit the hive of more than 60,000 Italian honeybees for themselves. Afterward, guests can receive honey spa treatments at the treetop Spa Aiyana, and dine on honey-filled dishes and drinks at Valley Kitchen restaurant.</p><h2>Mauna Kea Resort, Hawaii</h2><p>The <a href="" target="_blank">Mauna Kea Resort</a>’s Bee Mauna Kea initiative is bringing guests a unique look into the world of bees and their jobs on the Big Island. During a one-hour interactive tour guests gain access to a walking tour of the hotel’s hives where they complete a “bee wellness check,” and can even harvest their own honey. During the tour, guests will also learn how the hives operate, have a raw honey tasting, and take home a custom jar of the hotel honey.</p><p>The resort is indeed the only hotel to operate in cooperation with Hawaii’s Apiary Division to sustainably maintain honeybees. Guests can also feel good about the tour’s $50 fee as it goes to supporting and maintaining the beehives.</p><h2>Nanuku, Auberge Resorts Collection, Fiji</h2><p>During National Honey Month, <a href="" target="_blank">Nanuku, Auberge Resorts Collection</a> in Fiji will begin its harvest session at its own beehive under the guidance of its resident beekeeper, Peter. Best of all, guests are invited to join in the entire thing too.</p><img alt="Nanuku, Auberge Resorts Collection, Fiji "src=""><p>During the harvest, guests will don beekeeping suits, pull and taste honeycombs made by the resident 2,000 bees, and enjoy a five-course honey-inspired dinner including honey and miso roasted pork belly and a honey-caramel poached banana. Visitors can also relax a bit thanks to the hotel ’s honey-centric spa treatments.</p><h2>Sanderling Resort, North Carolina</h2><p>In September, “The Sanderling Bee’s,” the resident bees of the <a href="" target="_blank">Sanderling Resort</a>, will be on full display. During the celebration, the resort will feature all of natural goodness these bees have created.</p><img alt="Sanderling Resort, North Carolina "src=""><p>That includes a plethora of unique menu offerings such as a cocktail known as Keeper’s Watch, which comes with honey-infused bourbon, ginger ale, and fresh lemon juice. Guests can also dig into the honeycomb made by the hotel’s bees on the Outer Banks Cheese Tray. Visitors can even take a bit of the bee magic home with them by purchasing a custom candle created in partnership with the Outer Banks Candle Company.</p>
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