You Can Have a Witch Read Your Tarot Cards at This NYC Hotel — and I Tried It Myself

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<p>When I enter a hotel, I usually don’t feel nervous. But this time, as I walked into<a href="" target="_blank"> The James Hotel – Nomad</a>, a little shiver crept up my spine.</p><p>Unlike my <a href="" target="_blank">usual jaunts to hotels</a> around New York City to check out the bar or people watch in the lobby, this time I was heading straight to the penthouse to meet with a witch.</p><p>Yes, a witch.</p><p>This year, The James decided to truly embrace the spirit of the Halloween season by hosting a “Witch-in-Residence” at the hotel. Melissa Madara — said Witch-in-Residence and co-owner of <a href="" target="_blank">Catland Books</a>, “Brooklyn’s premier metaphysical boutique," — was waiting to introduce me to the occult and give me a private tarot card reading.</p><img alt="The James Hotel Nomad "src=""><p>Riding up the elevator, I thought back to the previous tarot readings I’d had at gimmicky parties or themed nights at bars. Nothing about it ever felt <em>real</em>, I’d say, because I didn’t know the person who would be laying out my future for me. This time was different, and I <em>felt</em> that; Madara lives and practices this craft every single day. In fact, I’d walked past her shop many times on the way to my favorite bar to watch “RuPaul’s Drag Race” every Thursday or Friday night for the last four years. I was just never brave enough to go in - but that all changed this day. </p><p>When I got to Penthouse 1, I took a deep breath and knocked. Then, as casual as ever, Madara opened the door and let me into the suite. There were no crystal balls, no black hats or spiderwebs on the wall. It was just me and her — both dressed like every other New Yorker — sitting in a nice living room separated by two decks of cards.</p><p>Ignorant, I started with the basics before we jumped into whatever the cards had in store for me, asking “What is the occult?” As it turns out, it simply means what is hidden, and to each person that can mean something totally different, Madara explained. For her it came naturally; her mother had been involved, so she grew up in it.</p><img alt="Catland Books "src=""><p>Like religion, this practice can be small or large, private or public, but for many, it’s simply just spiritual. In <a href="" target="_blank">Brooklyn</a>, it’s easy to get involved, and a trip to Catland Books in Bushwick is an easy introduction. In other parts of the country, it's a little more difficult to connect with the occult community. Enter: the perfect marriage of Madara and The James, teaming up to host private tarot card readings in the hotel every Wednesday for the month of October.</p><p>“What do you want to talk about?” she asked me while I shuffled the two decks. At previous readings this wasn’t a question asked; the reader just blindly told me what she found in the cards.</p><p>I rattled off the things constantly nagging at the top of my mind: money (duh), career, and health. And for the next 20 minutes we had less of a “reading,” per say, and more of a conversation about the things I was thinking and what the cards had to say about them.</p><img alt="Tarot Cards "src=""><p>While I won't tell you how the cards think my credit score is going to do in the future (blah!), I will say I left feeling vulnerable with my mind turning (in a good way). Before, I’d simply been told “you have a good life,” and maybe “be careful with the next person you meet.” But Madara took the time to explain each card, how she interpreted it, and how it might (or might not) apply to my life.</p><p>That dream I have of opening a furniture store? Maybe put it on hold for a while. My Health? Up and down (which is true), but nothing serious (in the near future, at least). I was satisfied.</p><p>I may not be a witch, but I don’t need tarot cards to see that as hotels are working to make super tailor-made experiences for guests — we’re talking <a href="" target="_blank">water concierges</a> and <a href="" target="_blank">in-room recording studios</a> — they’re also helping us take risks and explore areas outside of our comfort zones. And isn’t that the point of travel?</p><p>Had I not had the chance to visit The James’ Witch-in-Residence, I probably never would’ve stopped into Catland to get a true reading. But they made it easy for me, and now, when I’m unsure about something in life, I might just head to Bushwick to ask the cards again.</p><p>Until then, head to The James Nomad for “<a href="" target="_blank">Witching Wednesday</a>” and book a session between 15 minutes and an hour (prices start at $30). If that’s not enough, take “Potion Making 101” with Madara on Oct. 28 to “learn how to make your own take-home potion for personal spell-casting,” according to <em><a href="" target="_blank">Departures</a></em>.</p>
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Where to Stay in London: The Best Neighborhoods and Hotels for Every Type of Traveler

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<p>Whether you want to walk in the footsteps of the <a href="">British royal family</a> or simply find the perfect afternoon tea, every traveler should visit The Big Smoke at least once in their life.This international metropolis is not only the capital of England and the United Kingdom, but its roots date back to the Roman era.</p><p>Related: <a href="">London Insider's Guide</a></p><p>Regardless of your age or who you’re traveling with, London offers something for everyone. From famous historic landmarks like Big Ben and Westminster Abbey, to modern art galleries and markets, there’s plenty to <a href="">see and do in the U.K. capital</a>. Whether you spend your trip shopping on Oxford Street or twirling around the London Eye, here’s where to stay for your upcoming trek across the pond.</p><img alt="Buckingham Palace in central London, UK. "src=""><h2>Where to Stay in London With Kids: St. James's </h2><p>Kids and parents alike will love staying in the St. James’s neighborhood of London. Booking a room in this area means you’re practically neighbors with the Queen herself, with Buckingham Palace located just a short walk away. The family-friendly St. James’s is near 3 of the royal parks- Hyde Park, Green Park, and St. James’s Park- making it the perfect place to stop for a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Kids will love running around the parks and checking out the famous swans while parents enjoy a picnic on the lawn. As you tour the area, you can book a show at one of the nearby theaters or pop into the National Gallery to view works from the likes of van Gogh and Michelangelo. For lunch, nibble through <a href="">Fortum &amp; Mason’s </a>expansive food hall, filled with traditional British snacks, before venturing to nearby Piccadilly for more shopping. This is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in London, but you can find reasonably priced eats if you know where to look!</p><h2>Best Hotels in St. James Place</h2><p><a href="">DUKES London</a></p><p>As an independent luxury hotel in the heart of London, <a href="">Dukes</a> provides a bit of privacy for you and your family, thanks to their private courtyard near Green Park and Buckingham Palace. This 100-year-old hotel has comfortable, large suites, ideal for larger groups and families with kids. </p><p>Address: 35 St James's Pl, St. James's, London SW1A 1NY, UK</p><p>To book: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p><a href="">The Stafford London</a></p><p>A hop and a skip from the plentiful sights of the West End, <a href="">The Stafford</a> is an ideal spot for families that value privacy and space on vacation. Each suite is individually designed, and they come at various price points and sizes depending on your needs. At The Stafford, you can pick from rooms in 3 buildings with distinct atmospheres, from the grandeur of the Main House to the countryside vibe of the Carriage House, and more.</p><p>Address: 16-18 St James's Pl, St. James's, London SW1A 1NJ, UK</p><p>To book: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><img alt="Covent Garden market in London, England "src=""><h2>Where to Stay in London as a First-time Visitor: Holborn and Covent Garden</h2><p>If you’ve never touched down in London Town, having a central location is essential to exploring every last nook and cranny of the city. There’s no better place to do this than the Holborn and Covent Garden neighborhoods. These adjacent areas encompass a large section of England’s capital, and they contain a plethora of attractions, covering everything from entertainment to history. Plenty of tube lines run through this area, so you’ll easily be able to explore the city via public transportation. Covent Garden is home to endless pubs, museums, restaurants, markets, and shops, and a majority of the famous West End theaters are also located in this neighborhood. The central location of Holborn and Covent Garden is perfect for first-time visitors hoping to make the most of their time in London.</p><h2>Best Hotels in Holborn and Covent Garden</h2><p><a href="">Rosewood Hotel</a></p><p>In the epicenter of London on High Holborn, the Rosewood Hotel was the first headquarters of the Pearl Assurance Company in 1914. Today, it is a modern luxury hotel that still features the original carriageway entrance, a marble staircase, an outdoor terrace, a lounge, and more. The hotel also offers some incredible onsite dining- don’t miss the art-themed afternoon tea in the beautiful Mirror Room or the live jazz at the Scarfes Bar. </p><p>Address: 252 High Holborn, London WC1V 7EN, UK</p><p>To book: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p><a href="">ME London</a></p><p>With a just-about-perfect location that puts you in the middle of theaters, nightclubs, and tourist spots, ME London offers everything first-time visitors need! Book one of the 157 guestrooms or 16 suites on this flagship ME property for a five-star luxury experience, complete with a fitness center and valet parking. </p><p>Address: Strand, London WC2R 1HA, UK</p><p>To book: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><img alt="Facade of opulent British Victorian Edwardian terraced flat in red bricks in Chelsea, London. "src=""><h2>Where to Stay in London for a Local Experience: Chelsea</h2><p>If your wanderlust inspires you to mingle with locals everywhere you go, it’s important to stay in an area that isn’t overrun by tourists. The Chelsea neighborhood is known among Londoners as a posh place to be, and you’ll find plenty of high-end boutiques and restaurants along King’s Road. During the day, you can explore an art exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery or see a play at the Royal Court Theater. At night, check out one of the many pubs and bars in the area like Juju or The Bletchley.</p><h2>Best Hotels in Chelsea</h2><p><a href="">Sydney House Chelsea</a></p><p>Just off of the bustling King's Road, you'll find Sydney House. This Georgian townhouse offers 21 comfortable, modern rooms with historic touches. For a bit of fresh air, upgrade to a room with a terrace, or book the room on the top floor for access to your very own rooftop garden! </p><p>Address: 9-11 Sydney St, Chelsea, London SW3 6PU, UK</p><p>To book: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p><a href="">Belmond Cadogan Hotel</a></p><p>Located on Sloane Street in the heart of Chelsea, <a href="">this historic hotel </a>features all the amenities you’d expect out of a five-star stay. Staying at this hotel gives you access to the Cadogan Place gardens, a spa suite, and a library, all located just steps from some of London’s best shopping.</p><p>Address: 75 Sloane St, Chelsea, London SW1X 9SG, United Kingdom</p><p>To book: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><img alt="People crossing Bethnal Green Road a rainy day. It´s located in Shoreditch, near Brick Lane Market. "src=""><h2>Where to Stay in London for Nightlife: Shoreditch</h2><p><a href="">Shoreditch</a> is London’s trendiest neighborhood, attracting young Londoners and visitors alike with its ever-expanding art scene and vibrant nightlife. Here, you’ll find endless street art, clubs, bars, restaurants featuring cuisines from across the world, and beyond. Staying in this London neighborhood gives you a local’s perspective on the UK capital, but it’s still just a short ride on the tube away from major tourist attractions. Staying in this neighborhood will give you an opportunity to see what it is like to live in London-not just visit.</p><h2>Best Hotels in Shoreditch</h2><p><a href="">The Hoxton Hotel</a></p><p><a href="">The Hoxton</a> opened recently in 2006, but it has already solidified its reputation as one of the coolest hotels in the area. Here, you’ll find contemporary-style rooms, affordable rates, and more. The boutique style is less fussy than other establishments, and the cocktails in the lounge are not to be missed.</p><p>Address: 81 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3HU, UK</p><p>To book: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p><a href="">The Z Hotel</a></p><p>With a truly urban vibe, this off-the-straight-and-narrow hotel is budget-friendly and different than anything you’ve ever experienced. It was built into a former office building, so don’t expect too many bells and whistles, but you will feel like part of the neighborhood as you return home from a long day of sightseeing. </p><p>Address: 136-144 City Rd, London EC1V 2RL, UK</p><p>To book: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
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These Durable Leather Boots Look Better With Every Wear — and Shoppers Can't Stop Raving About How Comfy They Are

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<p>One of the best things about fall is the opportunity to break out your <a href="">favorite boots</a>. And if you don't already have a go-to pair, now's the perfect time to shop. </p><p>Soludos' fall collection features several boot styles, including the Emma Bootie, which is perfect for pairing with any outfit, from jeans to dresses. The boot comes in sleek black leather as well as Chestnut and Mineral Grey suede. All three colors feature the same sturdy wooden stacked heel and side zipper. </p><p><strong>Related: </strong><a href="">Everlane’s Best-selling Comfy Flats Are Now on Sale at Nordstrom — but You'll Have to Act Fast</a></p><p>You'll want to incorporate these boots into your everyday wardrobe — and that's a good thing, since the brand says its shoes look better with every wear, making them a great option if you're looking for something that's both stylish and durable.</p><img alt="Black Booties "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $169</p><img alt="Grey Booties "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $169</p><img alt="Brown Booties "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $169 </p><p>The best part? Shoppers are raving that the boots are incredibly easy to wear. "These are the most comfortable and stylish boots. Perfection!" said one reviewer.</p><p>Another buyer said she loved the boots so much that she bought them in every color. "They look great with anything and [are] just the right height. I even walked a mile and a half down a hiking trail in these and they’re so comfortable!"</p><p>These boots and the rest of Soludos' fall collection are available to shop <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">online</a>. </p>
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I Found a Lightweight Bag Perfect for Travel — and It Converts From a Tote to a Backpack

Travel and Leisure - 3 hours 41 min ago
<p>How good does it feel to discover a hidden gem? Whether it’s something old you tossed to the back of your closet and forgot about or something new you barely thought about once you got it, falling in love with something is a terrific feeling.</p><p>Since first receiving <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Baggallini’s Packable Backpack Tote</a> to test out, the unassuming little bag has surprised me on several occasions, charting its path to the top of my favorite items list with each unexpected event. Originally, the compact bag came as part of the brand’s <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Getaway Travel System</a>, a comprehensive line of products designed to facilitate efficient and easy packing for all trips. The collection includes way more than my dear little backpack, and travel accessories like <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">compression cubes</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">underseat carry-ons</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">pouches</a>, <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">toiletry kits</a>, and <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">various organizers</a> all work together to make packing as little of a schlep as possible.</p><p>After keeping the Baggallini backpack under my desk for a week or so, I ran into a bit of a work-to-happy-hour snafu: I had a clunky backpack with me at the office, but I was meeting friends at a bar after work, where I’d rather not have to carry something so bulky. So, I took out the Baggallini tote and started stuffing my belongings in, figuring I’d hit a natural stopping point before my regular bag’s contents were completely transferred. </p><p><strong>RELATED:</strong> <a href="" target="_blank">The Best Laptop Backpacks for Travel, According to Frequent Fliers</a></p><p>That stopping point, however, did not come. In this small bag, deemed more of an “extra” than main carry-all, I was able to fit my 13.3-inch Macbook Air, my chunky spiral notebook, my hefty wallet (everything I own seems to be a tad larger than is necessary, I’m realizing now…), and a pair of extra jeans and shirt I had with me. And you know what? There was room to spare.</p><img alt="Baggallini packable backpack tote "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a> and <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $40</p><p>Once I discovered the Mary Poppins powers of this initially normal-looking bag, I started using it daily, switching between <a href="" target="_blank">carrying it as a tote</a> or backpack depending on what I was doing and how much stuff I had with me. Most recently, the backpack-tote hybrid accompanied on a trip to Croatia, where the lightweight, weather-resistant material really shined during bike rides and hikes as the weather fluctuated from sunshine to rainstorm in the blink of an eye.</p><p>The main outer pocket provides convenient access to your smaller necessities, like wallet, chapstick, and sunglasses, but I also used the top zippered pocket for important items like my cell phone and passport. When this pocket is empty, its main function is actually to contain the rest of the bag. </p><p><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">This bag is so packable</a> because it can fold into itself and get stored in this top exterior zippered pocket. Even though the bag’s material is thin and easy to stuff in suitcase crevices, the compact storage system makes it even easier to toss neatly into any other handbag or regular tote.</p><p>When in use, the bag’s design also features two side pockets if you need more compartments, and a sleeve is built-in to the back of the bag so you can slide it over suitcase handlebars if you’re in transit with <a href="" target="_blank">multiple pieces of luggage</a>.</p><p>I know it sounds unfathomable that a bag so discreet could house this many functional elements, but Baggallini carefully crafted the Getaway Travel styles to lessen the burdens of travel and keep you prepared for any situation. You can opt for the packable tote in a universal black shade, which I have, or go for the eggplant color or gray-and-white midnight blossom pattern.</p><p>Make the most of your space — whether it be a work tote, a gym duffle, a suitcase, or anything else you carry day-to-day — by dropping <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Baggallini’s Packable Backpack Tote inside</a>. With one on hand, you won’t have to worry about discomforts associated with going to and fro anymore.</p>
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This Is the Scientific Reason Flying Makes You so Tired

Travel and Leisure - Sun, 10/20/2019 - 14:00
<p>We’ve all stepped off the jet bridge feeling tired, groggy, or ready to practically drop on the floor and take a nap in the middle of a terminal. At least, most of us have.</p><p>Traveling can make anyone tired, though it affects some people more than others. This phenomenon is known as jet lag and it’s actually a real, temporary disorder rather than just a <a href="">traveler’s myth</a>.</p><h2>What is jet lag? </h2><p>The <a href="">Mayo Clinic</a> defines jet lag as “a temporary sleep problem that can affect anyone who quickly travels across multiple time zones.” Our body’s internal clock, our circadian rhythms, stay in one time zone while we physically travel to another, which means our bodies and our body clocks are out of sync. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not actually caused by a lack of sleep.</p><p>You may not experience as much jet lag flying domestically from New York to New Orleans, unless you’re particularly sensitive. But flying from New York to Los Angeles and vice versa can cause the fatigue to really set in. International travel, of course, can be especially brutal for this very reason.</p><p>There are many reasons why jet lag occurs, and it really has to do with our physiology and what happens to our bodies while in flight. While there’s little you can do to control the plane’s environment, there are ways to prepare your body and <a href="">take care of yourself</a> after a trip.</p><h2>What causes jet lag? </h2><p><strong>You’re Dehydrated</strong></p><p>It’s no secret that the atmosphere in the plane’s cabin is incredibly dry. This is mostly due to the high altitude, according to <a href="">The Points Guy</a>, but also because plane air filtration systems often don’t allow for as much humidity as we’re used to on the ground. Combine the air with drinks containing alcohol or caffeine, which are also notorious dehydrators, and people can often experience dry skin and eyes, or even headaches, fatigue, and dizziness.</p><p><strong>The Plane’s Elevation and Pressure</strong></p><p>The body has to adjust fairly quickly to being at 36,000 feet. Of course, this is why cabins are pressurized - to minimize the effects of being at such a high elevation - but this can also take a toll on the body. According to the Points Guy, cabin pressure isn’t exactly calibrated to what you would feel at sea level. Instead, it’s more like how you’d feel in the Rocky Mountains or Machu Picchu, between 6,000 and 8,000 feet elevation. It should also be noted that at these elevations, the air is much thinner, so there is less oxygen than you would have on the ground. It’s a great improvement compared to cabins that are not pressurized at all, but this can still lead to swelling, ear pressure, and symptoms similar to altitude sickness. You may notice that you feel a bit bloated too, according to the <a href="">Cleveland Clinic</a>, because “pressure changes cause the gas inside your stomach and intestines to expand.”</p><p><strong>You’re Stressed Out</strong></p><p>Let’s all take a deep breath and remind ourselves that travel is especially stressful, even if it may not seem like it. After all, we just have to sit in our tiny seats and wait for the plane to touch down again, right? Well, according to the Cleveland Clinic, that’s leaving out several stress factors like getting to the airport on time, fighting your way through the security line, finding your gate, getting your bags situated, dealing with the overstimulation of being around thousands of people at once, and then finally sitting in a chair that is most likely less comfortable than you would like for a long haul flight.</p><p><strong>You’re Exposed to Germs</strong></p><p>Plane’s air filtration systems are quite advanced these days and can help filter out germs and viruses, which is why it’s actually <a href="">recommended to open your air vents</a> when you travel. Still, you can be <a href="">exposed to germs and viruses</a> from the people around you or from things you touch around the airport. “We can catch something from other passengers who are coughing, sneezing, or even just breathing nearby,” said Dr. Matthew Goldman from the Cleveland Clinic.</p><h2>What can you do to prevent jet lag? </h2><p><strong>Drink Water and Avoid Alcohol and Caffeine</strong></p><p>Reaching for coffee or soda may be our first instinct when we’re tired, but it’s not the best thing to do for our bodies. Similarly, it’s a myth that a cocktail, wine, or beer will help you sleep on a flight to combat jet lag. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but the number one thing anyone can do to avoid or cure their jet lag is to hydrate. The most efficient way of doing this is to, of course, drink water, as recommended by the Cleveland Clinic. Avoiding dehydrating beverages like alcohol or caffeine can also help the hydration process. Ordering a cocktail can be one way to relax and make your flight experience a little more luxurious, but try to drink a bottle of water as well to avoid getting too dehydrated.</p><p><strong>Get Moving</strong></p><p>Moving around the cabin, according to The Points Guy, is a great way to keep your blood flowing and get oxygen to your brain so you can fight fatigue and swelling. It can also reduce your risk of serious health concerns that come with <a href="">sitting for too long on flights</a>, such as dangerous blood clots known as deep vein thrombosis. Getting up and moving a little bit every 30 minutes should be sufficient – and shouldn’t disturb your fellow passengers too much.</p><p><strong>Avoid Fatty Foods</strong></p><p>Increased gas and belly bloating can make any flight excruciatingly uncomfortable, so it’s important to avoid greasy foods or anything that might make your gas worse, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Bring <a href="">healthy plane snacks</a> like gluten-free nut blends, energy bites, fruit, or vegetables to help your body stay energized, hydrated, and less bloated.</p><p><strong>Relieve Pressure</strong></p><p>Have you ever tried to pop your ears during take off or landing? It’s actually a great way to relieve pressure, according to the Cleveland Clinic. Yawning, swallowing, chewing gum, and sucking on a piece of hard candy can help open your inner ears. Not only does this relieve headache-inducing pressure, it can also stave off motion sickness and altitude sickness symptoms too, since it helps your body equalize and restore balance. It’s also important to remember to relieve emotional or mental pressure too. Noise canceling headphones and a good travel pillow can be ways to make your <a href="">flight more comfortable</a>, or you can even <a href="">practice meditating while in flight</a> to relieve stress and help yourself feel rested.</p><p><strong>Take Your Vitamins</strong></p><p>Vitamins C and B, to be precise, are the best supplements to take while flying. B12 helps boost your mood, increases red blood cell formation, and gives you energy, according to <a href="">Healthline</a>. Vitamin C, of course, can help boost your immune system and fight sickness caused by viruses and bacteria. Drinking some all natural juice is a good way to get your vitamins and hydrate at the same time.</p><p><strong>Trick Your Circadian Rhythm</strong></p><p>The Mayo Clinic suggests a few ways to help your body get back in sync with its internal clock. One way is to regulate your exposure to bright light. If you’re traveling westward, exposing yourself to light in the evening helps you adjust to a later time zone. If you’re traveling eastward, exposing yourself to morning light is better to adapt to earlier time zones. One exception to this is if you’ve traveled more than eight time zones away from your point of departure. If that’s the case, wear sunglasses and avoid bright light in the morning and soak in the rays in the afternoon if you’re traveling east, and if you’re going west, avoid sunlight for a few hours before dark for a few days.</p><p>Another way to get your body clock up to speed is to take melatonin, a hormone our body produces naturally to help us sleep. Take a supplement a half hour before you want to go to bed so you can adjust to your destination’s time zone.</p><p>The Mayo Clinic suggests sleeping on your flight only if it is night time where you’re traveling. Think about it this way: if you’re not planning to sleep during the day where you’re going, try not to sleep on your flight (even if it was night time when you took off). This may be challenging, but it’s one way to reset your clock.</p><p><strong>Take Your Time</strong></p><p>Going slow and taking your time, when you can, will help you avoid unnecessary stress and adjust to your new schedule. Plan your meal times around your current time zone, enjoy getting from point A to point B, arrive to anywhere you can early so you don’t feel rushed, and schedule some time to recover from your flight before you are on the go again. It’s guaranteed to make your trip more enjoyable if your body is also in peak condition.</p>
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Some of the Best Shooting Stars of 2019 Are Coming — Here’s How to See Them

Travel and Leisure - Sun, 10/20/2019 - 13:30
<p>Space dust left in the solar system by Halley's Comet will slam into Earth’s atmosphere in the early hours of Tuesday morning as October’s second meteor shower peaks.</p><h2>What is the Orionid meteor shower?</h2><p>Happening from October 2 through November 7, but peaking after midnight on Monday in the early hours of Tuesday, the Orionid meteor shower is an <a href="">annual event</a> that brings between 20 and 40 visible shooting stars every hour.</p><p>Related: <a href="">The Northern Lights Are Finally Visible Again — Here’s How to See Them (Video)</a></p><h2>Why are they called the Orionids?</h2><p>Meteor showers are named after the area of the night sky that they appear to be concentrated in. It’s no surprise that for the Orionids, that’s the constellation of Orion, which is rising in the southeastern sky in the few hours after sunset as seen from the northern hemisphere, and in the northwestern sky as seen from the southern hemisphere.</p><h2>How do you find the ‘radiant point’ for the Orionids?</h2><p>The exact point that the meteoroids appear to originate from—what astronomers call the “radiant point”— is above the head of Orion, close to Collinder 69, which is a beautiful open cluster of stars that are very bright. </p><p>From either hemisphere, find Orion’s Belt then locate the bright, red supergiant star Betelgeuse nearby, and you’ll be very close to the radiant of the Orionids.</p><p>Related: <a href="">Where and When to Get the Best Photos of the Milky Way This Year</a></p><h2>When is the best time to look for the Orionids?</h2><p>From just before midnight on Monday until around 1 a.m. Tuesday is the best time to look for the meteor shower! Luckily, the Hunter’s Moon has waned, though the moon—albeit less than 50% illuminated—rises around midnight. It should be dark enough to see any shooting stars for at least an hour or so after the shower begins. Now all we need is clear skies!</p><p>Related: <a href="">See Photos From the 23rd Annual UFO Festival in Roswell, New Mexico</a></p><h2>What causes meteor showers?</h2><p>Streams of tiny dust particles and cosmic debris—meteoroids—are left in the solar system by passing comets. When Earth’s orbital path around the sun takes it through those streams, a meteor shower is the result. The misnamed “shooting stars” themselves are caused when the meteoroids hit Earth’s atmosphere and burn-up, instantly shining for a second or less.</p><h2>What causes the Orionids?</h2><p>In the case of the Orionids, the exact cause is Halley’s Comet, the only naked-eye comet that can appear twice in a human lifetime. Surely the most famous comet of all, this 5.5 km-wide radius comet enters the solar system and crosses the orbital path of Earth (hence the meteor shower) every 75 years. It was last here in 1986 and will next appear in 2061.</p><p>However, the Orionids are not the only annual meteor shower caused by Halley’s Comet. The Eta Aquarids, which will peak next on May 5-6, 2020, are also a product of the famous comet, though the Orionids are more prolific.</p><p>Related: <a href="">This Cruise Will Take You to Watch the Next Total Solar Eclipse in One of the Most Remote Corners of the World</a></p><h2>When’s the next meteor shower?</h2><p>October has been a busy month for meteor showers, with the <a href="">Draconids</a> preceding the Orionids. Next up is the Leonids shower—named after the constellation of Leo the Lion and caused by Comet Tempel-Tuttle—which runs November 6–30, with the peak night of activity on November 17–18.</p>
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The 50 Most Romantic Restaurants in the United States

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<p>Planning the perfect date can be hard, but picking the <a href="">perfect restaurant</a> can be even harder. There are so many things to consider when choosing a date night restaurant, from noise levels to atmosphere to whether or not the <a href="">food will actually be good</a>.</p><p>Dating is hard enough to begin with, and selecting the <a href="">perfect dinner spot</a> is bound to make you a little anxious. In fact, 86 percent of people find choosing the perfect date restaurant stressful, according to a study commissioned by OpenTable.</p><p>Thankfully, OpenTable took the guesswork out of finding the perfect spot to woo that special someone, ensuring you can focus on more important things, like deciding <a href="">what to wear</a> and getting to know the other person.</p><p>“Given the added stress daters face when looking for the right restaurant, we wanted to create a go-to list that offers a restaurant for any date - whether it's your first or one-thousandth," Anna Besse, the director of marketing at OpenTable, said in a statement. "And for a more personalized experience, diners can turn to our '<a href="">Date Night Matchmaker</a>' feature for a no-fret way to find the perfect restaurant based on their specific dining preferences."</p><p>To create this year’s list, OpenTable looked at diner reviews from September 2018 to August 2019.</p><p>Whether you’re looking for a world-class view of Las Vegas at the Top of the World restaurant or comforting Italian dishes at RPM Italian in Chicago, the list, which spanned 21 states and Washington D.C., has you covered. </p><p>These are the 50 best restaurants for a date in the U.S.A. in 2019.</p><p><a href="">Arrowhead Grill</a> - Phoenix, Arizona</p><p><a href="">Blend on the Water</a> - Long Island City, New York</p><img alt="50 Best Restaurants for a Date in America "src=""><p><a href="">Castaway - Burbank</a> - Los Angeles, California</p><p><a href="">Catch LA</a> - Los Angeles, California</p><p><a href="">Chart House Restaurant</a> - Weehawken, New Jersey</p><p><a href="">Connors Steak &amp; Seafood</a> - Huntsville, Alabama</p><p><a href="">Cooper's Hawk Winery &amp; Restaurant - Multiple Locations</a></p><p><a href="">Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse</a> - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania</p><p><a href="">Devon Seafood + Steak</a> - Hershey, Pennsylvania</p><p><a href="">Eiffel Tower</a> - Las Vegas, Nevada</p><p><a href="">Filomena Ristorante</a> - Washington, D.C</p><p><a href="">Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck</a> - Dallas, Texas</p><p><a href="">Flight Restaurant &amp; Wine Bar</a> - Memphis, Tennessee</p><p><a href="">Giada - The Cromwell</a> - Las Vegas, Nevada</p><p><a href="">Girl &amp; the Goat</a> - Chicago, Illinois</p><p><a href="">Golden Steer Steakhouse</a> - Las Vegas, Nevada</p><p><a href="">Gordon Ramsay Steak - Paris Las Vegas</a> - Las Vegas, Nevada</p><img alt="50 Best Restaurants for a Date in America "src=""><p><a href="">GW Fins</a> - New Orleans, Louisiana</p><img alt="50 Best Restaurants for a Date in America "src=""><p><a href="">Harry &amp; Izzy's - Downtown</a> - Indianapolis, Indiana</p><p><a href="">Hell's Kitchen - Caesars Palace Las Vegas</a> - Las Vegas, Nevada</p><p><a href="">Gilbert's - Wood Fired Steaks &amp; Seafood</a> - Glastonbury, Connecticut</p><p><a href="">Jimmy Kelly's Restaurant</a> - Nashville Tennessee</p><p><a href="">The Keg Steakhouse + Bar - Gilbert</a> - Phoenix, Arizona</p><p><a href="">Kyle G's Prime Seafood</a> - Orlando, Florida</p><p><a href="">Latitudes on Sunset Key</a> - Key West, Florida</p><p><a href="">Le Diplomate</a> - Washington, D.C</p><p><a href="">LeCulture Cafe</a> - Detroit, Michigan</p><p><a href="">Maggiano's</a> - Nashville, Tennessee</p><img alt="50 Best Restaurants for a Date in America "src=""><p><a href="">Mama's Fish House</a> - Paia, Hawaii</p><p><a href="">Meson Sabika</a> - Chicago, Illinois</p><p><a href="">Ocean Prime</a> - Tampa, Florida</p><p><a href="">The Olde Pink House Restaurant</a> - Savannah, Georgia</p><p><a href="">Pappas Bros, Steakhouse</a> - Dallas, Texas</p><p><a href="">Perch LA</a> - Los Angeles, California</p><p><a href="">Perry's Steakhouse &amp; Grille - Multiple Locations</a></p><p><a href="">Pier W</a> - Cleveland, Ohio</p><img alt="50 Best Restaurants for a Date in America "src=""><p><a href="">The Pink Door</a> - Seattle, Washington</p><p><a href="">Portland City Grill</a> - Portland, Oregon</p><p><a href="">Ray's on the River</a> - Atlanta, Georgia</p><p><a href="">RPM Italian</a> - Chicago, Illinois</p><p><a href="">Russell's Steak, Chops, and More</a> - Williamsville, New York</p><p><a href="">St. Elmo Steak House</a> - Indianapolis, Indiana</p><p><a href="">Steak 44 - Multiple Locations</a></p><p><a href="">The Sun Dial Restaurant at the Westin Peachtree Place</a> - Atlanta, Georgia</p><p><a href="">Talula's Garden</a> - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania</p><p><a href="">Texas de brazil - Ft. Worth</a> - Dallas, Texas</p><p><a href="">Top of the Hub</a> - Boston, Massachusetts</p><p><a href="">Top of the World Restaurant - The STRAT Hotel &amp; Casino</a> - Las Vegas, Nevada</p><p><a href="">Vic's on the River</a> - Savannah, Georgia</p><img alt="50 Best Restaurants for a Date in America "src=""><p><a href="">Wildfire - Schaumburg</a> - Chicago, Illinois</p>
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Learn How to Make Prosthetic Wounds, Warts, and Scars From Your Favorite Scary Movies at This Terrifying Workshop in Amsterdam

Travel and Leisure - Sun, 10/20/2019 - 12:00
<p>If you’re the type of person who likes to go all out with your costume for Halloween every year, and deeply enjoy scaring the neighborhood children with your look, then this <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Airbnb Experience</a> is for you.</p><p>Visitors to <a href="">Amsterdam</a> can spend a day alongside Louke, the creative mastermind behind the effects class now offered via <a href="">Airbnb Experience</a>, to learn how they too can look ridiculously scary.</p><p>As for the host’s personal love of special effects, Louke wrote in her bio, “It was nurtured by my parents and grandparents.” She added, “I love series and films that have special effects in them, like<em> Hocus Pocus</em> but also <em>Harry Potter</em> or <em>Santa Clarita Diet</em>. I love not only the blood and gore but also the scales and horns in fantasy stories. I have studied how these effects are made and have mastered the techniques. I love to share my skills with people and show them how they too can quickly create the most amazing effects and wow their friends and family.”</p><p>To kick off the creative class, Louke invites guests to join her for a drink in her workshop. There, she’ll offer a small talk about special effects, and look into the possibilities for each student during the class.</p><p>Next, she’ll go over the materials as well as the desired finished effect including a wound, wart, or scar.</p><p>“I’ll show and tell, and then coach you through making them from scratch,” she wrote. “You can take your creation home, of course. My goal is to share my TV and movie effects passion with you and give you tips and tricks on how to create a stunning special effect.”</p><p>Taking one look at the guest reviews and their photos it’s no surprise this workshop is an Airbnb Experience favorite.</p><p>“Amazing experience for all fans of gore/horror/medical interests,” one guest wrote. “I highly recommend Louke’s intimate 1:1 workshop if you wanna try something out of the ordinary with your kids. She was so kind and informative and generous and my son had a very memorable experience here.”</p><p>“It was an extremely fun experience with Louke. She is a very friendly and talented lady with great stories to listen to,” another guest added. “Not only is she talented in her artwork but also teaching the art of prosthetic. We took pictures with her special wig and piggy noses. Just remembering it makes me want to laugh. I strongly recommend her workshop for everyone.”</p><p>So, go ahead, head to the Netherlands, get prepared, and become <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">the scariest house</a> on the block this Halloween and every Halloween after.</p>
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Where to Stay in Mexico City: The Best Neighborhoods and Hotels for Every Type of Traveler

Travel and Leisure - Sun, 10/20/2019 - 12:00
<p>Mexico City is a highly versatile city, its streets filled with contrasts that make every visit a completely different one. To get to know a place of 573 square miles and a population over 21 million — the 7th-most populated city in the world <a href="" target="_blank">according to the UN</a> — one single trip is not enough. Instead, the best way to see all of this metropolis is conquer it in zones, discovering its richness one neighborhood at a time.</p><p>Indulge yourself in Mexico City's world-renowned gastronomy, explore its many museums, stroll its historic streets, be amazed by its modern architecture, and peruse the little luxuries in its numerous shopping malls. Ahead, find the best neighborhoods for every type of traveler and where to stay in them.</p><img alt="Polanco landscape in Mexico City "src=""><h2>For Jet Setters: Polanco</h2><p>A small stroll through this buzzing neighborhood is enough to fall in love with its vibrant spirit. In Polanco, office buildings sit side-by-side with luxury apartments and colossal antique residences. The eclectic combination has turned the area into a hub of premier restaurants, international brands, acclaimed museums and galleries, and, of course, some of the best hotels in the city. What to do? Take a walk along Presidente Masaryk Avenue where you’ll find all the upscale boutiques; visit Museo Soumaya with its impressive Rodin collection; eat at Quintonil, considered one of the best restaurants in the world; and enjoy a drink at Limantour, arguably the best bar in Latin America.</p><p><strong>Hyatt Regency</strong></p><p>As one of the top hotels in the area, the Hyatt Regency has an extraordinary location: it’s within walking distance to the major attractions in the district. All 755 rooms overlook either the buildings in Polanco or Chapultepec Park, guaranteeing an inspiring morning. Rulfo, its signature restaurant, has one of the best weekend brunches in the city, to boot.</p><p><em>Campos Eliseos 204, Polanco, +(52 55) 5083 1234, <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em></p><p><strong>To book</strong>: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p><strong>W Mexico City</strong></p><p>Trendy and colorful, W Hotel offers 237 guest rooms with modern design and fashionable furniture. Its youthful vibe is tangible, with bright colored lights, extra large pictures on the walls, and fun design – like checkered bathroom walls, or beds set up in front of floor-to-ceiling windows. With a pet friendly philosophy, their PAW program includes dog walking, feeding and bathing services.</p><p><em>Campos Eliseos 252, Chapultepec, Polanco, (52)(55) 91381800, <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em></p><p><strong>To book</strong>: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p><strong>Las Alcobas</strong></p><p>With exquisite design features, Las Alcobas is a boutique hotel in the heart of Polanco that belongs to Starwood’s Luxury Collection. It offers only 35 rooms – four of which are suites. Amenities include airport transportation, complementary wake-up smoothies, and in-room laptops. If that weren't enough, two of the best restaurants in the city are found on the property: Dulce Patria, by the famous chef Marta Ortiz, which highlights traditional Mexican cooking; and Anatol, which offers an avant-garde approach to gastronomy.</p><p><em>Av. Presidente Masaryk 390, (52)(55) 3300 3900, <a href=";language=en_US" target="_blank"></a></em></p><p><strong>To book: </strong><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><img alt="Santa Catarina church in Coyoacan - Mexico City, Mexico "src=""><h2>For Culture Seekers: Coyoacán</h2><p>The word Coyoacán refers to “the place of coyotes” in Nahuatl, an Aztec language. It's the first clue to the historic and cultural immersion you'll experience in this southern district. Coyoacán used to be considered the outskirts of the city, which explains its vast amount of mansions and large country houses, many of which still function as residences. The feeling of being out of the urban buzz is still palpable when walking through its narrow streets lined with leafy trees. A stroll through <a href="" target="_blank">Jardín Centenario</a> is mandatory — the square has an iconic coyote fountain in the center, and it’s within walking distance to numerous cafés, markets, local stores, and restaurants, such as Corazón de Maguey and Los Danzantes. Some of the most important places to visit here are the Frida Kahlo Museum, formerly the home the artist shared with Diego Rivera; and León Trotsky’s Museum.</p><p><strong>Mansión Papilio</strong></p><p>A grand colonial mansion-turned-bed and breakfast welcomes guests to three exclusive suites, each with opulent furniture that resembles the age of classic authors such as Jaime Sabines. The estate has a big pool house with an indoor pool and gym, an impressively large garden that can accommodate events, and a classic bar with a wine cellar that houses 200 labels, not to mention a delicious breakfast menu.</p><p><em>Calle 5 de Febrero 28, Col. Villa Coyoacán, (52) (55) 1739 0055</em></p><p><strong>To book: </strong><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p><strong>Casa Tamayo</strong></p><p>This boutique hotel with five suites wants to become your home away from home. The staff’s friendly service gifts visitors authentic Mexican hospitality with a side of coziness. Beyond its well-appointed suites, the hotel has a common living area and a kitchen for guests. The place is also conveniently located within walking distance to the main drag.</p><p><em>Presidente Carranza 220, Barrio Santa Catarina, Coyoacán, (52 55) 5554-0655, <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em></p><p><strong>To book: </strong><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><img alt="Mexico City urban skyline in Santa Fe "src=""><h2>For Bleisure Travelers: Santa Fe</h2><p>Santa Fe is one of the newest neighborhoods in Mexico City, famed for its big-box headquarters and shiny new apartment buildings. The hip district is visited mostly by business travelers, though there’s plenty to discover among its skyscrapers and highways. Here, you can find the largest shopping mall in Mexico, Centro Santa Fe, with over 500 stores, two food courts, a luxury wing, and an ice rink within its more than six million square feet. Foodies will also find this neighborhood appealing with top restaurants like Toro Latin Kitchen &amp; Bar, Nobu, and Central Central, to name a few.</p><p><strong>Live Aqua</strong></p><p>The most luxurious and sophisticated brand of the Mexican hotelier group Grupo Posadas, Live Aqua sits 10 minutes away from the traffic and the buzz of Santa Fe, offering guests a relaxed stay. Upon entering, a tranquil environment embraces visitors. The untraditional hotel eschews a front desk in the lobby for fountains, vegetation, and walls covered with books. The elegant guest rooms – 135 all together — come with aromatherapy options, a pillow menu, and customizable lighting.</p><p><em>Paseo de Los Tamarindos 98, Bosques de las Lomas, 01 (52) (55) 9177 8400, <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em></p><p><strong>To book</strong>: <a data-ecommerce="true" href=";label=gog235jc-hotel-XX-mx-liveNaquaNbosquesNciudadNdeNmexico-unspec-us_ny-com-L%3Aen-O%3AosSx-B%3Afirefox-N%3AXX-S%3Abo-U%3AXX-H%3As;sid=c54c2991254da5521251d7d6a358214a;dist=0&amp;sb_price_type=total&amp;type=total&amp;" target="_blank"></a></p><p><strong>Westin</strong></p><p>This one's a classic for travelers looking for comfort and prime accommodations. The hotel is located right in the middle of the neighborhood's busiest spot, for one. Secondly, it provides programs to travelers who need to unwind from their business meetings. There's a state-of-the-art spa that offers a sleep-well massage, a gear-lending program in the fitness studio, and an on-site farm-to-table restaurant.</p><p><em>Av. Javier Barros Sierra 540, Santa Fe, Zedec Sta Fé, 01 (52) (55) 5089 8000, <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em></p><p><strong>To book</strong>: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p><strong>Distrito Capital</strong></p><p>With a fresh and modern disposition, Distrito Capital appeals to those looking for an innovative hotel concept. Design is key here, which is why the guest rooms feature double-height ceilings, bath tubs overlooking the city, and minimalist décor. The rooftop pool is not to be missed, along with the 52-foot long terrace. It's the best place to enjoy a breathtaking view while having a cocktail.</p><p><em>Av. Juan Salvador Agraz 37, Santa Fe, + 52 (55) 5257 1300, <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em></p><p><strong>To book: </strong><a data-ecommerce="true" href=";label=gog235jc-hotel-XX-mx-distritoNcapital-unspec-us_ny-com-L%3Aen-O%3AosSx-B%3Afirefox-N%3AXX-S%3Abo-U%3AXX-H%3As;sid=c54c2991254da5521251d7d6a358214a;dist=0&amp;sb_price_type=total&amp;type=total&amp;" target="_blank"></a></p><img alt="La Condesa, a trendy neighborhood, Mexico City, Mexico "src=""><h2>For Urbanites: Condesa and Roma</h2><p>Condesa and Roma are two adjacent neighborhoods that have grown almost as twins, sharing an urban and bohemian blend. Popular for their independent boutiques, exquisite restaurants, art galleries, and exciting nightlife, these districts have found the perfect balance between modern lifestyle and heritage. The past comes alive in this area with 100-year-old buildings, traditional street markets, and historical parks, like Parque México. Plus, some of the neighborhood's trendiest places, like Azul Condesa, Huset, and Maximo Bistro attract locals and tourists alike.</p><p><strong>Condesa DF</strong></p><p>Located in a remodeled building dating back to 1928, Condesa DF manages to combine its heritage with a contemporary feel. Simple elegance, retro throwbacks, and a sleek environment rule the guest rooms. On the other hand, the restaurants have a hip energy appealing not only to hotel guests, but to locals who crave an early dinner at El Patio restaurant, or a drink and sushi at the terrace on the fourth floor.</p><p><em>Av. Veracruz 102 Col. Condesa, + 52 (55) 5241 2600, <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em></p><p><strong>To book</strong>: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p><strong>Ignacia Guest House</strong></p><p>Roma is known for its big mansions. This boutique hotel, however, underwent an interesting remodel that kept the classic style on the outside, but transformed the inside into five modern suites. Each room has a different personality dictated by the color of its walls. Breakfast is a must, especially when served in the garden.</p><p><em>Jalapa 208, house B, Colonia Roma, +52 (55) 5584 2681, <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em></p><p><strong>To book: </strong><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><img alt="Looking down Paseo de la Reforma Mexico City CDMX Mexico D.F. "src=""><h2>For History Buffs: Reforma</h2><p>This lengthy avenue deserves a special mention, since it encompasses some of the most important attractions in the city. It features exclusive hotels, high-class restaurants, concert venues, recognized museums, and historic landmarks.</p><p>Starting in the Polanco area, you’ll find the entrance to Chapultepec, the largest park in the city — it's home to the city’s zoo, two large artificial lakes, and the superb Castillo de Chapultepec (Chapultepec’s Castle). If you continue along the beautiful street flanked by flower beds, you’ll find the impressive Anthropology Museum, a few modern art museums, and two iconic monuments: Diana the Huntress Fountain and the Angel of Independence. Once you’ve reached this emblematic memorial, you’re only 2.5 miles away from Mexico City’s Historic Centre, El Zócalo, a UNESCO World Heritage site.</p><p><strong>Four Seasons</strong></p><p>Recently refreshed, this hotel has been a favorite of celebrities and select business travelers looking for comfort and exclusivity. The building has an intimate garden in the center, providing a peaceful environment in the middle of one of the busiest avenues in Mexico City. Around the garden is the recently opened restaurant Zanaya, where dishes from the Mexican Pacific Coast are served. There's also the prestigious Fifty Mills bar led by Mica Rousseau, considered a leading mixologist in Mexico.</p><p><em>Paseo de la Reforma 500, Col. Juarez, +52 (55) 5230-1818, <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em></p><p><strong>To book: </strong><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p><p><strong>St. Regis</strong></p><p>The luxurious hotel situated in a 31-story building offers a unique view of the Diana the Huntress Fountain. Additional to the luxe amenities and top-tier service that define St. Regis hotels across the globe, this particular hotel has an extensive culinary offer: the J&amp;G Grill and its famous avocado pizza. There's also the King Cole Bar for late night drinks, and La Table Krug, an intimate dinning room with only 12 seats that serves an 11-course wine pairing dinner.</p><p><em>Paseo de la Reforma 439, Colonia Cuauhtémoc, (52)(55) 5228 1818, <a href="" target="_blank"></a></em></p><p><strong>To book: </strong><a data-ecommerce="true" href=";label=gog235jc-hotel-XX-mx-stNregisNmexicoNcity-unspec-us_ny-com-L%3Aen-O%3AosSx-B%3Afirefox-N%3AXX-S%3Abo-U%3AXX-H%3As;sid=c54c2991254da5521251d7d6a358214a;dist=0&amp;sb_price_type=total&amp;type=total&amp;" target="_blank"></a></p><p><strong>Sheraton Maria Isabel</strong></p><p>Overlooking the Angel of Independence, this hotel is proud to show off its marvelous view. With stately flair, it's long been the choice lodging for historical figures such as President John F. Kennedy. Nowadays, the property's 755 rooms and five penthouse suites are committed to comfort, featuring the brand's signature (and ultra-comfortable) Sheraton Sweet Sleeper Bed.</p><p><em>Paseo de la Reforma 325, Cuauhtémoc, 01 (52) (55) 5242 5555, <a href=""></a></em></p><p><strong>To book</strong>: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a></p>
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Amazon Shoppers Love This Spacious, Durable Suitcase — and It’s On Sale Now

Travel and Leisure - Sun, 10/20/2019 - 10:30
<p>Finding the <a href="">perfect carry-on suitcase</a> is no easy task. You want something that holds all your belongings comfortably, but is also compact enough to fit into an overhead bin on a flight.</p><p><a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tllifetravelsuitcasemdiamondoct19-20&amp;linkId=a3f74831896c46d82795f48307f22446&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank">Travelpro's Platinum Elite 21" Expandable Carry-on Spinner</a> might be as close to perfect as it gets when it comes to luggage, considering it's one of the top-rated suitcases on Amazon and has received rave reviews from satisfied shoppers. </p><img alt="Travelpro Luggage "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tllifetravelsuitcasemdiamondoct19-20&amp;linkId=a3f74831896c46d82795f48307f22446&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank"></a>, $255 (originally $300)</p><p><strong>Related: </strong><a href="">How to Choose the Perfect Travel Backpack</a></p><p>The softside suitcase expands two full inches, giving you plenty of room to fill up your bag as you travel. But this bag is still easy to maneuver, even as it expands, thanks to 360-degree spinner wheels. The exterior fabric is made from durable, high-density nylon, which has a special coating that resists stains and tears. </p><p>External pockets allow you to keep all your necessities handy. It also includes tech features — like a dedicated powerbank pocket and external USB port — that make life easier when you're constantly on the go.</p><p>Inside, you'll find convenient compartments, like a wet pocket for safely storing toiletries. There's also a fold-out garment bag that allows you to keep suits and other clothes wrinkle-free while traveling.</p><img alt="Travelpro Luggage "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tllifetravelsuitcasemdiamondoct19-20&amp;linkId=a3f74831896c46d82795f48307f22446&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank"></a>, $255 (originally $300)</p><p>Customer reviews demonstrate just how well this bag works for travelers. </p><p>"Beautiful bag, and definitely built for travelers. Lots of useful compartments/zippers/cinches. My first spinner bag, and it's changed my life!" wrote one reviewer. </p><p>Another buyer commented on the bag's convenient size. "It is the perfect size to fit in and out of various plane's overheads. (I flew four different [airlines] and the bag was a winner both in and out.) It handles incredibly well."</p><p>And even though this bag was designed as a carry-on, another buyer raved about how spacious it is. "The storage space, in this case, is massive. You could easily fit 1-2 weeks of clothes in here depending on the fabrics size. Even large-size clothes can be packed in here for at least a week."</p><p>While the carry-on is a fan-favorite, this suitcase style is also available in medium and large checked luggage sizes on <a data-ecommerce="true" href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tllifetravelsuitcasemdiamondoct19-20&amp;linkId=a3f74831896c46d82795f48307f22446&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank"></a> if you're looking for a larger option. </p>
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These Fleece Jackets From Alo Yoga Are the Perfect Cozy Winter Accessory

Travel and Leisure - Sun, 10/20/2019 - 10:16
<p>A comfortable, <a href="">cozy jacket</a> is a must-have for winter, especially if you'll be spending a lot of time outdoors.</p><p>The athletic clothing brand <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Alo Yoga</a> just released two new jacket styles for women in ultra-soft Sherpa fleece. Even better, you can choose from an oversized hoodie or a cropped half-zip jacket. The two styles are both meant to be worn from "studio to street," so you can wear them and be comfortable just about anywhere. </p><p>The Shanti Half Zip Sherpa, which comes in Camel and Dove Grey, features a mock neck with cadet collar, ribbed paneling for mobility, and handy side pockets. Wear it unzipped to show off your favorite workout top underneath or zip up the collar completely for extra warmth.</p><img alt="Sherpa Jackets "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $138</p><p><strong>Related: </strong><a href="">These 'Buttery Soft' $8 Leggings Will End Your Search for the Perfect Travel Pants</a></p><p>The Streetside Half Zip Hoodie might be even cozier (if that's possible) thanks to its oversized fit and plush hood. This jacket comes in the same colors and features a kangaroo pocket in front — perfect for keeping your hands warm on a chilly day — as well as a ribbed hem and cuffs. </p><img alt="Sherpa Hoodies "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $158</p><p>These fluffy statement jackets pair well with any of Alo Yoga's <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">leggings</a> — and probably your favorite hat, gloves, and <a href="">winter boots</a>, too. </p>
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Prince William and Kate Middleton's Flight Turned Around After 2 Failed Landings During Thunderstorm

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 10/19/2019 - 17:38
<p>Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton’s flight from Lahore to Islamabad in Pakistan on Thursday was forced to return to its origin airport after two failed landings due to severe weather. </p><p>The journey should have taken about 26 minutes, but according to a journalist onboard the pilot circled around Islamabad for an hour. He attempted two landings but could not complete either because of the lightning and thunder and was forced to return to Lahore. The royal couple was traveling with their staff and a team of journalists. </p><p>After the turbulence, Prince William — a Royal Air Force pilot — tried to make light of the scary situation, according to an ITV reporter.</p><p>"Prince William (a pilot) just joked that *he was fine. Even if the rest of the plane and royal press corps were looking a little shaken," the journalist <a href="">shared on Twitter</a>, in addition to live updates of the ordeal. </p><p>The royal couple spent the night in a hotel before resuming <a href="">their tour of Pakistan.</a></p><p>“‘I think it was quite an adventure really, it was pretty bumpy up there,” Middleton said, <a href="">according to <em>ITV News.</em></a> “But we were looked after so wonderfully by the RAF who did a great job liaising with everyone and got us home safely, so we are hugely grateful to them."</p><p>The trip resumed to Islamabad the following day, where the couple had the best stress relief: playing with puppies. <a href="">People reported</a> that they took yellow Labrador puppies, Sky and Salto, out on an agility course at the Army Canine Centre in Islamabad.</p><img alt="The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Islamabad And West Pakistan "src=""><p>The dogs are being trained to detect explosives, modeled after a program developed in the UK.</p><img alt="The Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge Visit Islamabad And West Pakistan "src=""><p>Prince William and Middleton have boarded their flight back to London after a five-day journey in Pakistan that included <a href="">visits to a school for girls’ education</a>, a <a href="">rapidly-melting glacier</a> and even <a href="">a cricket match</a>.</p>
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I Stayed at The Equinox Hotel and Didn’t Exercise Once

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 10/19/2019 - 11:31
<p>I’ve never understood people who stick around the gym after their workout to chat with the trainers or grab a drink at the juice bar. Such is my aversion to the crowded, windowless boxes that are most <a href="" target="_blank">New York City</a> fitness clubs (even the bougie ones) that I usually duck out before even doing a proper cool down.</p><img alt="Equinox Hotel, New York City "src=""><h2>Staying at the Equinox Hotel </h2><p>Because of this, I wasn’t exactly chomping at the bit to overnight at Equinox's first <a href="" target="_blank">hotel</a>, a glorified temple of fitness if I've ever seen one. Located in New York’s $25 billion <a href="" target="_blank">Hudson Yards</a> neighborhood, the months-old property is arguably the ultimate realization of the brand’s tagline, “It’s not fitness, it’s life.” There's a 60,000-square-foot gym, an enormous spa with cryotherapy chambers, and an indoor saltwater lap pool. There's even an expansive sun deck with an outdoor pool and dead-on views of the Vessel, the large public artwork anchoring Hudson Yards. (One of the hotel’s most unique fitness offerings is the Vessel Run, a guided cardio class that involves walking and running up the structure’s 154 interlinked flights of stairs.)</p><p>Curious to see if the sleek, Rockwell Group-designed spaces and luxe amenities could win me over, I checked in for a one-night stay this past summer. What followed was the most restful staycation I’ve ever had — and a sleep so deep that I’m <em>still</em><i> </i>dreaming about it.</p><img alt="Equinox Hotel, New York City "src=""><p>The actual gym — Equinox’s 100<sup>th </sup>location — is the hotel’s crowning glory. But because it occupies the fourth and fifth floors, far from the bustle of the 25th-floor lobby, you thankfully don’t need to pass by it every time you, say, overindulge at the restaurant or come back indoors after vegging on the sun deck. Admittedly, I didn’t break a sweat once during my stay; the classes, equipment, and facilities didn’t seem all that different from what’s offered at Equinox’s other clubs. What <em>did</em> sell me on the hotel was the feeling of refuge that pervades the space — a hard thing to come by in a city as frenetic as New York.</p><img alt="Equinox Hotel, New York City "src=""><p>The sense of escape largely has to do with the hotel’s perch in a futuristic-looking skyscraper that towers over Hudson Yards. From the window in my room on the 39<sup>th </sup>floor, I had unobstructed views of the Hudson River and downtown Manhattan. But there are lots of little things, too, that set the tone for health and wellness. The minibar, for example, is stocked with health products ranging from natural deodorants and magnesium sleep supplements to a CBD pain-relieving gel pen. There’s also Rhone workout gear for purchase along with yoga blocks and a foam roller. If you want a vitamin-infused IV drip post-workout, a nurse can come and administer it in the privacy of your room.</p><img alt="Equinox Hotel, New York City "src=""><p>At Stephen Starr’s Electric Lemon restaurant, my friend and I polished off a healthy yet delicious spread of chickpea pasta with blistered shishito peppers and sungold tomatoes, duck dumplings garnished with turnips and lemon verbena-scented apples, and the Chocolate Moon Rock dessert, a lunar-looking mound of black sesame crunch, honeycomb, and goat’s milk ice cream. Exiting the restaurant, I passed the adjoining lounge, a dramatic, blonde-wood space accented with mirrored chairs, a black marble bar, and low-slung leather sofas. The place was bumping: hip twenty- and thirty-somethings filled the room, sipping cocktails and taking in the views. Had this place really only opened weeks before? And wasn’t Hudson Yards supposed to be the <em>antithesis</em> of cool?</p><img alt="Equinox Hotel, New York City "src=""><p>Back in my room, I collapsed onto the bed, a spring-free mattress improbably composed of coconut fiber. I swaddled myself in one of the two duvets (for temperature regulation) and hit the “lights off” button next to my bed, causing the blackout shades to descend and the temperature to dip to a sleep-optimized 66 degrees. In that cold, dark box inside the Equinox Hotel, I had one of the best sleeps of my life.</p>
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All the Odd Ways People Have Lost Their AirPods on Planes — and How to Keep Yours Safe

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 10/19/2019 - 11:00
<p>There’s always a catch when it comes to getting the latest, trendiest piece of tech out there. When it comes to those sleek, tiny <a href="">AirPods</a>, it mostly has to do with making sure you don’t accidentally lose them on a subway platform, in a storm drain, or even between airplane seats.</p><p>Sadly, this happens all too often.</p><p>Of course, losing a <a href="">wireless headphone</a> isn’t the end of the world, but it can be a big inconvenience when you’re trying to get <a href="">comfortable on a long flight</a>. Not to mention, new AirPods retail between $159 and $199, or $79 for a brand new charging case alone. You can, however, replace one that you lost for $69, according to <a href="">9to5Mac</a>. Still.</p><p>Lately, <em><a href="">USA Today</a> </em>reported, people have been sharing their sad stories of how they lost their precious earpieces on flights. For instance, Isabelle Tham managed to misplace one of her AirPods on one flight, which was thankfully retrieved by a passenger behind her. But on her return flight, she lost her charging case when she left it in a seatback pocket while rushing to catch a connection.</p><p>Harish Malik had a similar story on his American Airlines flight when his wife lost a pod (which was an anniversary present) between two seats, he tweeted. Sadly, it was caught inside a metal portion that would've had to have been taken apart by a technician to retrieve.</p><p>But these people are certainly not alone. Do a quick search on Twitter and you’ll find countless people lamenting their wayward AirPods, forever lost to the bottoms of seats and airport waiting areas.</p><p>If you can relate, just know that you are definitely not alone. Sadly, if you can’t find your lost AirPod at the moment, it may be lost for good. According to <em>USA Today</em>, most airlines don’t have figures on lost earphones, but Delta said it gets “40 pairs of AirPods per month.” Considering that AirPods are also desirable items, they could get snatched by anyone who happens to find them. Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Laura Adams told <em>USA Today </em>it’s important not to just return random earpieces to people who have claims.</p><p>“That is the frustrating part for us. We can't just return anybody's AirPods. We have to return that rightful owner's AirPods,” Adams told <em>USA Today</em>.</p><p>The surefire way to never lose your AirPods while traveling is to simply not travel with them, of course. But what’s the point of having handy, wireless AirPods with incredible battery life if you’re only going to use them at home or in the office? No, AirPods are kind of meant to travel.</p><p>But short of being incredibly careful and stressed anytime you put them in, or trying this not-so-attractive <a href="">DIY solution this Twitter user thought up</a>, you’ll have to think about some accessories if you want a little assurance.</p><p>Luckily, there are lots of good-looking and practical accessories for AirPods out there that can help you out. For instance, Amazon has a <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tllifeallthewayspeoplehavelostairpodsaroct19-20&amp;linkId=ced259696762626edbbb62ebb9f4ecea&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank">full kit of accessories</a> that includes a case that will attach to your bag or keys, ear hooks, a strap, and even a bigger case to keep it all in. It’s <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tllifeallthewayspeoplehavelostairpodsaroct19-20&amp;linkId=ced259696762626edbbb62ebb9f4ecea&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank">only $12</a> and comes in lots of nice colors, too.</p><p>There are also affordable <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tllifeallthewayspeoplehavelostairpodsaroct19-20&amp;linkId=e2ec4b9081c587e887687d6e2d34a40c&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank">EarBuddyz</a>, which are ear hooks that come in white, so they match your AirPods’ aesthetic.</p><p>Or, if you like the idea of a strap but are not really into hooks, there’s a <a href=";linkCode=ll1&amp;tag=tllifeallthewayspeoplehavelostairpodsaroct19-20&amp;linkId=f73c2b6841683f7bae51eba3dcb47008&amp;language=en_US" target="_blank">handy strap</a> that also has magnets on it to use while you’re not listening, so you can easily keep it around your neck without slipping.</p><p>All of these options are way better than paying $69+ for a new earpiece. Or just opt for some old fashioned, wired headphones for your journey.</p>
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You Can Finally Shop the Sold-out Winter Boots That Had a 3,500-person Waitlist Last Year

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 10/19/2019 - 10:30
<p>If there’s one thing we will never sacrifice — no matter the season — it’d have to be <a href="">comfortable walking shoes for traveling</a>. A pair of well-made shoes designed to be comfortable can make all the difference when it comes to enjoying a full day of sightseeing, and those behind M. Gemi, an Italian-made shoe brand, know quality is key when it comes to designing its handmade styles. </p><p>What makes M. Gemi stand out among so many shoemakers is that the brand drops limited quantities of new styles every Monday, so there’s always something to get your hands on (or in this case, your feet in). So when M. Gemi first introduced its newest boot to the winter collection last year, the style was literally an instant hit. When M. Gemi first dropped the <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Alpi Shearling Bootie</a> in October 2018, it sold out in black within the first 24 hours of its release, with the grey and Luggage Nubuck colors selling out shortly after. The boots were such an immediate customer favorite that they even garnered a 3,500-person waitlist.</p><img alt="M. Gemi Boots "src=""><p>This <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Shearling Bootie</a> is that perfect mix of comfy, casual, and chic, making it an obvious choice for a fall boot that you can wear with anything and still rock going into ski season for that cozy apres ski outfit you can’t wait to wear. Not to mention, this shoe’s nubuck leather is water-resistant and has a thick lug sole so you can wear it in winter weather without worrying about ruining your <a href="">new favorite pair of shoes</a>. The shearling collar is an added cozy bonus,like a shearling coat for your feet.</p><h2>M. Gemi’s The Alpi Shearling Bootie </h2><img alt="The Alpi Shearling Boot "src=""><p>To buy: <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank"></a>, $298</p><p>Since it’s an Italian-made shoe (produced only in small, family owned workshops across Italy), M. Gemi suggests using its handy sizing chart to ensure you find the correct size and to go down half a size if you’re planning to wear regular socks versus thicker boot socks. If you’re all about the hiking boot look but are searching for a chicer option, here’s your answer, and it's available in six colorways. But hurry! Some colors and sizes are already selling out despite the recent drop and you don’t want to regret waiting too long and getting added to a waitlist.</p>
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Nordstrom Has Tons of Travel Finds on Sale Before Cyber Monday — Here Are the Best Deals to Shop Now

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 10/19/2019 - 10:15
<p>The holiday shopping season is about to begin, and one of our favorite places to <a href="" target="_blank">shop for gifts</a> has to be Nordstrom. Not only does it have an amazing selection of products, but its sales can’t be missed! Since the beloved retailer had so many killer deals during Cyber Monday 2018, we have high expectations for this year’s <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Nordstrom Cyber Monday</a> sale — and we want to make sure you don’t miss out on any of these major markdowns. </p><p>So to help you out, we’ve created this handy guide to everything you need to know about the big day — like when Cyber Monday begins, how long it lasts, what kinds of deals to expect, and what travel finds are currently on sale at Nordstrom. </p><h2>When Does Nordstrom Cyber Monday 2019 Start?</h2><p>Cyber Monday is always the Monday after Thanksgiving, and this year it falls on December 2. Nordstrom plans to start dropping sales immediately after midnight ET, so set your alarms now to be among the first shoppers to score big. We anticipate that some of the <a href="">Nordstrom Black Friday sales</a> will continue through Cyber Monday as well. </p><h2>How Long Does Nordstrom Cyber Monday Last?</h2><p>Cyber Monday should last a full 24 hours, and we expect to see the retailer dropping new sales and markdowns throughout the day. So be sure to keep this page bookmarked as we will be continuously updating it with new sales during the big event.</p><h2>What Deals Should You Expect From Nordstrom Cyber Monday?</h2><p>We have to wait until Cyber Monday to find out exactly which products will be on sale, but last year shoppers saw major discounts on items from beloved brands like UGG, Nike, The North Face, Hunter, and more. We expect to see everything from clothing and shoes to luggage and handbags majorly marked down during the shopping event. </p><p>The best part? Even though Cyber Monday is still a few months away, Nordstrom already has a ton of travel finds currently on sale so you don’t have to wait to start scoring big. Keep reading to shop the best deals happening at Nordstrom now. </p><h2>Best Shoe Deals for Women</h2><img alt="Sam Edelman Felicia Flat "src=""><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Sam Edelman Felicia Flat</a>, $70 (originally $100) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Cole Haan GrandPro Spectator 2.0 Slip-On</a>, $91 (originally $130) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">UGG Kriston Waterproof Bootie</a>, $130 (originally $200) <a data-ecommerce="true" href=";breadcrumb=Home%2FSale%2FWomen%2FShoes%2FSneakers%20%26%20Athletic&amp;color=grey%2F%20silver" target="_blank">Asics Gel-Nimbus 21 Running Shoe</a>, $120 (originally $150)<a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Naturalizer Andie Loafer</a>, $80 (originally $110) <h2>Best Shoe Deals for Men</h2><img alt="Thomas & Vine Siege Boot "src=""><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Thomas &amp; Vine Siege Boot</a>, $100 (originally $130) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Cole Haan Jefferson 2.0 Grand Cap-Toe Derby</a>, $140 (originally $280) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">UGG Hepner Woven Sneaker</a>, $87 (originally $130) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Trask DIllon Tie Loafer</a>, $130 (originally $195) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Ecco Biom Terrain Gore Tex Hiking Boot</a>, $154 (originally $200) <h2>Best Luggage Deals</h2><img alt="Briggs & Riley Transcend VX Wide Expandable 21-Inch Spinner Suitcase "src=""><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Briggs &amp; Riley Transcend VX Wide Expandable 21-Inch Spinner Suitcase</a>, $376 (originally $469) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Bric's Bellagio 2.0 21-Inch Rolling Carry-On</a>, $417 (originally $595) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Briggs &amp; Riley Transcend 400 16-Inch Wheeled Cabin Bag</a>, $264 (originally $329) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Victorinox Swiss Army WT 5.0 Duffel Bag</a>, $120 (originally $170) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Briggs &amp; Riley Transcend 400 Cabin Bag</a>, $176 (originally $219) <h2>Best Bag Deals</h2><img alt="Kate Spade New York Large Molly Leather Tote "src=""><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Kate Spade New York Large Molly Leather Tote</a>, $137 (originally $228) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Under Armour Hustle 4.0 Backpack</a>, $33 (originally $55) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Urban Originals Earthling Vegan Leather Crossbody Bag</a>, $59 (originally $98)<a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Tommy Jeans Urban Tech Backpack</a>, $48 (originally $80)<a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">BP Net Tote Bag</a>, $30 (originally $49) <h2>Best Beauty Deals</h2><img alt="MAC Up Close and Personal Travel Size Brush Set "src=""><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">MAC Up Close and Personal Travel Size Brush Set</a>, $32 (originally $43) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">T3 SinglePass Curl 1.25-Inch Ceramic Curling Iron</a>, $130 (originally $160)<a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">NuFace NuBody Skin Toning Device</a>, $268 (originally $399) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Clinique Moisture Surge Deluxe Set</a>, $39 (originally $49)<a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Dermaflash Glow in a Flash Set</a>, $128 (originally $225) <h2>Best Clothing Deals for Men</h2><img alt="Marc New York Baltic Faux Fur Trim Down & Feather Fill Parka "src=""><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Marc New York Baltic Faux Fur Trim Down Feather Fill Parka</a>, $105 (originally $225)<a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Topman Whyatt Polo Stripe Skinny Pants</a>, $39 (originally $65)<a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Ted Baker London Curbing Slim Fit Quarter Zip Pullover</a>, $93 (originally $155) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Adidas Water Repellent Hooded Windbreaker</a>, $68 (originally $85)<a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Southern Tide Samson Classic Fit Fleece Vest</a>, $60 (originally $100)<h2>Best Clothing Deals for Women</h2><img alt="BP. x Claudia Sulewski Longline Cardigan "src=""><a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">BP x Claudia Sulewski Longline Cardigan</a>, $36 (originally $59) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Halogen Cinch Waist Hooded Raincoat</a>, $80 (originally $150) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Zella Zellness Jogger Pants</a>, $50 (originally $79)<a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Chelsea28 Front Tie Shift Dress</a>, $50 (originally $98) <a data-ecommerce="true" href="" target="_blank">Champion Mock Neck Reverse Panel Crop Sweatshirt</a>, $45 (originally $65)
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This Cruise Passenger's Instagram Photoshoot Got Her Banned From Royal Caribbean for Life

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 10/19/2019 - 08:49
<p>A passenger aboard a Royal Caribbean cruise has been banned for life after climbing over the railing of her balcony while posing for a photo.</p><p>Another passenger on the Allure of the Seas, Peter Blosic, took a picture of the woman, who had climbed over her room’s balcony in her swimsuit to pose, and reported the incident.</p><img alt="Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas "src=""><p>“I showed the concierge. The staff captain then wanted to meet with me and get a copy of the photo. We easily determined the cabin number since it’s on the hump,” <a href="">Blosic told <em>The Sun</em></a>. The woman was removed from the ship when it pulled into its next port, Falmouth, Jamaica.</p><p>“Earlier this week on the Allure of the Seas a guest was observed recklessly and dangerously posing for a photo by standing on her stateroom balcony railing with the help of her companion," Jonathon Fishman, corporate reputation manager for Royal Caribbean Cruises, <a href="">told<em> USA Today</em> in an email.</a> She has been banned from all Royal Caribbean cruises for life because of her actions.</p><p>The cruiseline’s policy reads that “guests removed from a Royal Caribbean International ship pursuant to this policy are responsible for their own accommodations and transportation home, at their expense.”</p><p>Cruise ships take passenger safety seriously, especially because several passengers have fallen to their deaths. In August, <a href="">a 37-year-old Australian man fell to his death</a> when he went overboard on a Royal Caribbean cruise around the Virgin Islands.</p>
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San Francisco Is Banning Cars From One of Its Busiest Streets — Here's What Visitors Need to Know

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 10/19/2019 - 07:14
<p>One of the busiest streets of San Francisco will be closed to vehicles starting next year.</p><p>Market Street in downtown San Fran will be closed to all private vehicles in an effort to increase the efficiency of the public transit system and increase the general safety of the area. </p><p>Buses and taxis will have access to the street while Lyft, Uber and other rideshare platforms will be banned. Passengers will have to walk to pick-up points at side streets to get their rides.</p><p>Cars will still be able to cross Market Street at intersections, but drivers who turn on the street will risk a moving violation, <a href=""><em>The San Francisco Chronicle</em> reports.</a> </p><p>The road closure was a unanimous decision among the Municipal Transportation Agency board this week with the approval of the <a href="">Better Market Street Project.</a> The over $600 million initiative will significantly cut down vehicular traffic on the busy strip. The project will also widen the bike lanes and make them separate from pedestrian sidewalks with benches, bike racks and planters, <a href="">according to <em>CityLab</em></a>.</p><p>Market Street sees 500,000 pedestrians and 650 cyclists "every hour during the peak commute," <em>The Chronicle</em> noted, and "its intersections are known for a high number of crashes that injure pedestrians and cyclists."</p><p>“Market Street is at the heart of our city, and we need to do everything we can to make it a safer, more livable, and more vibrant place for our residents, workers, and visitors,” Mayor London Breed said in a statement. “Last year, there were 123 injury collisions on Market Street and the majority involved people walking and biking. Better Market Street and the project’s near-term improvements are critical to achieve our Vision Zero goals and ensure everyone can feel safe on our most traveled street.” </p><p>San Francisco is following a major urban trend of cutting back vehicular access to busy downtown streets. Earlier this month, <a href="">New York City banned cars from 14th Street</a>, making it only accessible to buses, trucks and emergency vehicles. The effort had a near-immediate effect on speeding up bus routes, <a href="">The New York Times reported.</a></p><p>Additionally, <a href="">Paris doesn’t allow cars access</a> to the city center one Sunday every month, while cars in London must pay a hefty fine if they wish to access the city center.</p>
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Disney Finally Released Details on Rise of the Resistance — and It's Going to Be the Best Star Wars Ride Yet

Travel and Leisure - Sat, 10/19/2019 - 07:08
<p>Thinking about visiting Disney theme parks in the next few months? Though <a href=""><em>Star Wars</em>: Galaxy’s Edge</a> is already open on both coasts, you’ll soon feel what it’s like to be inside a battle between the Light Side and Dark Side — no lightsaber training required.</p><p>We’ve finally learned more about Disney’s most-anticipated attraction, <a href=""><em>Star Wars</em>: Rise of the Resistance</a>, opening at Walt Disney World on Dec. 5 and Disneyland on Jan. 17. Not only will guests travel under AT-AT walkers, be taken prisoner on a Star Destroyer, and get caught in the crosshairs of a real battle with First Order troops, Rise of the Resistance will feature pioneering technology Disney has never used before.</p><p>With multiple ride systems — four to be exact — that guests will experience while traveling on this intergalactic journey, <em>Star Wars</em>: Rise of the Resistance will be one of the longest Disney rides in existence, as guests find themselves being chased by Kylo Ren for 15 minutes.</p><p>The <a href="">latest Star Wars ride</a> will also function like all your favorite Disney attractions combined into one, channeling <a href="">The Haunted Mansion</a>, The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, and <a href="">famed overseas attractions</a> like Mystic Manor for a thematic experience likely to exceed expectations, even for those who have already tried out other <em>Star Wars </em>rides. Paired with its special effects, projections, and blaster gunfire, Rise of the Resistance is shaping up to be a <a href="">cinematic attraction so over the top</a>, you won’t even be able to imagine what will come next.</p><h2>Spoilers ahead!</h2><p>The entire sequel trilogy cast participated in this new ride, allowing for guests to join a rebel mission led by Daisy Ridley’s Rey, fly alongside Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron, and even be led through a Dark Side-manned spacecraft by John Boyega’s Finn, who has gone undercover to aid the Resistance.</p><p>With so much of the attraction shrouded in mystery as it opens months after the debut of Disney’s <em>Star Wars</em>-themed lands, one of the more shocking reveals is what happens at the end — but the beginning is remarkable as well.</p><p>The attraction starts at a rebel outpost, where guests join the Resistance and are given instructions directly from Rey to head to General Organa’s secret base. With Poe Dameron (and BB-8, of course) as your co-pilots, recruits will board a large, standing room-only ship piloted by Nien Nunb to start their mission. Soon after take-off, the spacecraft will be pulled into a Star Destroyer, leading guests to have entered from a Rebel Base through one door, and exited out to a cavalcade of Stormtroopers through another.</p><p>Set against a massive “window” screen showing TIE fighters engaged in battle, the Stormtroopers will look like statues, but not all are — some of these 50 figures are actually Audio-Animatronic and will move, though specifics are still being kept under wraps. As First Order officers command riders and their fellow stowaways down a corridor with the moody performance of Haunted Mansion’s ghost hosts or Tower of Terror’s bellhops, riders will be ushered into detention cells to meet their fate.</p><p>What happens next remains a secret, but soon, guests will board trackless vehicles led by an R5 droid and glide through a battle against the Dark Side taking place throughout the full-scale ship. (This new ride will be the first Walt Disney World attraction to use a truly trackless ride system, popularized through attractions like Hong Kong Disneyland’s <a href="">Mystic Manor</a>. Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, which uses trackless tech and first opened at <a href="">Disneyland Paris</a>, debuts at Walt Disney World’s Epcot <a href="">in summer 2020</a>.)</p><p>Thankfully, the Resistance already has troops on the inside, having infiltrated the Imperial starship with Finn leading the charge — dressed as a stormtrooper, no less. Soon passengers come face-to-face with Kylo Ren and — previously unannounced — General Hux, played by Domhnall Gleason in the sequel trilogy, as their eight-passenger cars pass through the legs of an AT-AT, dodge gunfire from Stormtroopers and, according to early artwork, laser-cut a hole in the ceiling to escape. (Kylo is not going to be happy about that.)</p><p>From there, things get very intense. Those same trackless vehicles will pull into an escape pod and drop — physically drop, like a plunging elevator — to blast out of the Star Destroyer. Reminiscent of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror’s fifth dimension scene, also located <a href="">at Disney’s Hollywood Studios</a>, this iteration is similar in idea but intrinsically different. Here, the autonomous ride vehicle won’t just be moving from track to track but physically drop into an entirely different ride system: a motion simulator base whose display will bring riders on a high-stakes journey as they make their way back to Batuu.</p><p>Essentially, you’ll feel a sense of what it’s like to be in an escape pod ejected out of a Star Destroyer, because that’s precisely what’s going to happen. It’s a sensation that’s bound to leave passengers speechless from a ride system that’s never before been utilized, melding different mediums for an adventure that’s never before seen. A ride-within-a-ride with Poe Dameron by your side? This one’s definitely going to blow you away.</p><p>Still, plenty of mysteries about this larger-than-life attraction remain. Details on if there is a fourth ride system separate from these is non-existent, and we’re told, surprisingly, that there’ll be an element of humor within the attraction. (We’re guessing from the likes of Finn or that the plucky droid willing to face Stormtrooper combat.) So much is under wraps about what will happen as that trackless ride vehicle is zipping around that mind-meltingly accurate Star Destroyer, which is why the Dec. 5 Disney World opening and next year’s Disneyland debut will be historic — and can’t come soon enough.</p>
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This Hotel Suite Is Filled With FAO Schwarz Toys — Including the Dance-on Piano

Travel and Leisure - Fri, 10/18/2019 - 17:50
<p>Getting into the holiday spirit just got a little bit easier thanks to a new partnership between the beloved toy store <a href="">FAO Schwarz</a> and the brand new <a href="">Conrad New York Midtown</a>.</p><p>The two brands are teaming up this holiday season to create a one-of-a-kind suite at the hotel filled with wall-to-wall toys from the toy store, <em><a href="">Afar</a> </em>reported. And yes, it even includes the massive floor piano made famous in the Tom Hanks film, "Big."</p><p>“We’ve always wanted to do something like this with a hotel. To imagine the joy and wonder that will captivate guests from the minute they open the door—it’s magical,” David Niggli, chief merchandising officer of FAO Schwarz, told <em>Afar</em>.</p><img alt="Conrad Midtown New York x FAO Schwartz Suite "src=""><p>The Holiday Suite is currently bookable for stays from Nov. 18, 2019, to Jan. 5, 2020. Inside, guests can roam around the spacious 1,800-square-foot suite and play to their heart’s content with all the toys flowing out of the living room. Just which toys will you get? According to <em>Afar</em>, the toys include a toy gourmet kitchen, multiple train sets, the dance-on piano, working DJ turntables, hobby horses, 8- to 10-foot-tall stuffed animals, vintage Barbie dolls, and enough musical instruments to form your own band.</p><p>And, if you fall in love with any specific toy, you can simply purchase it to bring home as everything in the room is shoppable.</p><p>While the holiday suite is certainly an excellent reason to book, the hotel has more to offer those looking to not sleep surrounded by toys. </p><p>If you want to stay in another one of the hotel's luxurious suites without sleeping surrounded by toys, you can still get in on the fun. The hotel is offering gifts on demand via its in-room toy menu all season long. So don’t worry, Santa will deliver to everyone in the hotel this year. (As long as you’re on the nice list.)</p>
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