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The Ford Taurus is alive and well and living in China

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The Chinese market Taurus just got a facelift for 2020.

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The Ford Taurus is alive and well and living in China originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 21 May 2019 17:25:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Shoe giants urge Trump to end trade war

BBC Business News - 1 hour 58 min ago
Nike and Adidas are among 170 firms who claim higher tariffs are 'catastrophic' for consumers.
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Shoe giants urge Trump to end trade war

BBC Business News Feed - 1 hour 58 min ago
Nike and Adidas are among 170 firms who claim higher tariffs are 'catastrophic' for consumers.
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2021 Ford F-150 Super Cab spied for the first time

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The Blue Oval is seen testing another version of its best-selling truck.

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2021 Ford F-150 Super Cab spied for the first time originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 21 May 2019 15:30:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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1992 Subaru Libero | eBay Find of the Day

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An imported van with four-wheel drive and a five-speed manual? Sign us up.

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1992 Subaru Libero | eBay Find of the Day originally appeared on Autoblog on Tue, 21 May 2019 15:01:00 EDT. Please see our terms for use of feeds.

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Entrepreneur: Study Finds Marijuana Users Have Better Chance of Surviving Heart Attack

Business Now Mag - 4 hours 57 min ago
How cannabis could impact heart health is a major area of study for researchers.
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Everybody's Golf VR Review - Bogey

Gamespot News Feed - 5 hours 11 min ago

The latest title in Sony's long-running golf series, Everybody's Golf VR is the first to bring the series to virtual reality. The transition isn't without its bumps, with the biggest being a lack of Everybody's Golf's traditional competitive modes. But the PSVR golf game does deliver a fairly realistic golfing experience that's both accessible to play and fairly challenging to master.

Everybody's Golf VR abandons the franchise's usual third-person view for a first-person perspective. The three-click swing mechanic (commonly seen in most of today's golf games) is also gone. Instead, you swing your clubs with a PlayStation Move or DualShock 4 controller, hopefully in one smooth motion. The direction of the ball is determined by the angle you hit it, and distance is calculated by how hard you swing. There are other factors to consider when you're on the course as well, such as wind direction and your elevation in relation to the hole.

Actually swinging your arms to hit the ball takes a bit to get used to, but the motion controls are remarkably responsive with a DualShock 4 controller. Once you've got the form down on your swing, you'll be able to reliably hit the ball the way you want to. The same can't be said for the PlayStation Move controller. Occasionally, the Move controller works fine, but I found myself more often than not being unable to even reach the ball with my club while swinging the Move. I ultimately just had to stop using it, as it became too frustrating to play a near-perfect hole only to be stopped short just because my club would not reach down far enough to hit the ball no matter how much I crouched.

In Everybody's Golf VR, the golf balls behave as they're expected to, obeying the laws of gravity when it comes to the arc of your shot or elevation of a slope, and their roll realistically heeds to changes in friction when terrain is affected by different weather patterns, like rain. As previously mentioned, the motion controls are pretty precise. The camera measures whether your swing misses the ball, glances off of it, or makes full contact, and then takes the angle and power of your swing into account. Shifting too much of your body weight to one side or curving your swing typically results in a lousy shot, while maintaining good form sends your ball flying straight as an arrow (provided there are no environmental factors to take into account as well). The game isn't an exact representation of reality--you don't have to swing nearly as aggressively as a professional golfer to achieve distances like one--but Everybody's Golf VR sells you on the experience that you're actually playing golf in your living room.

There's a welcome variety of customization options in Everybody's Golf VR, allowing players of all skill levels to enjoy time on the course. If you're having trouble putting, for example, you can turn on vacuum holes--which suck the ball in provided you get your shot close enough. For a more challenging experience, you can tee up on longer versions of the courses where it's harder to hit par. There are some nice accessibility options as well, such as the choice to play while standing up or sitting down, the option to change your dominant hand from right to left, and the freedom to choose between several sets of clubs--including one that makes it easier to hit the ball straight if you have limited mobility in your arms. There's plenty in Everybody's Golf VR to make the experience appealing to all types of players, and helpful tutorials give newcomers a chance to grasp the basics of the sport until they can get the swing of things.

Everybody's Golf VR's courses are populated with everything you'd expect to see in a golf game, like sand traps and trees, as well as a few things you might not, like dinosaurs. Occasionally, a bee flies in your face or the sound of a wave crashes onto a nearby beach. These sights and sounds are never distracting, but via a PSVR headset and headphones, they do make it feel like each golf course is full of life. Decide to look closely enough, however, and you'll notice the golf resort's reception area and each course is always eerily empty save for your character and either the receptionist or your caddie. It's a tad unsettling.

Though it runs out of steam quickly, Everybody's Golf VR is fun while it lasts, and there are satisfying goals to chase for a time.

Each distinct environment provides more than just a cosmetic change, as a course's aesthetic translates into different environmental hazards to deal with; the Seaside Course is very windy, for example, and its holes have a lot more sand and water traps for your ball to be blown into. A course's hazards aren't enough to force you to drastically change how you play, but they do provide just enough of a welcome challenge to encourage out-of-the-box thinking. It's fun learning about how a new course works, and satisfying to successfully deduce how to adapt to it. In the Seaside Course, for instance, you can risk timing your shot to a powerful gust of wind in hopes it will send your ball flying over an out-of-bounds area--which could save you an entire swing in the long run.

Unfortunately, there aren't many courses for you to play on. And other than Practice Range, the only game mode in Everybody's Golf VR is Course. In Course, you do have the choice of whether you play a random three holes from a course, the first nine, the last nine, or all 18. But with only three courses total, you'll end up replaying the same holes repeatedly in order to unlock all the in-game rewards. It gets tedious after a few hours.

The lack of additional modes in Everybody's Golf VR is a step back in comparison to previous titles in the series, many of which have one or two modes where you can face off against NPCs. As is, the only thing you can do in Everybody's Golf VR is play a course by yourself while your nearby caddie yells words of encouragement. Everybody's Golf VR does lessen some of its tedium with those caddies, though, as the eagerly helpful Riko and teasingly friendly Lucy help make your repeated trips out to the same collection of courses far less lonely.

Replaying courses allows you to unlock additional outfits for your caddie to wear, which is a fun cosmetic reward to chase after. You can also unlock a handful of Events by partnering with a caddie long enough. Some play out like romantically-charged mini dates, but most are just goofy distractions good for a laugh or two. Each caddie has her own unique set of four Events, and though their unlock rates are spread out enough that it will take you a few hours to see them all, once you do there's nothing compelling to work towards in the game.

Despite the lack of different activities in Everybody's Golf VR, the one thing it does do--provide a means of playing golf without actually having to go outside--is relatively enjoyable. Though it runs out of steam quickly, Everybody's Golf VR is fun while it lasts, and there are satisfying goals to chase for a time. Everybody's Golf VR's best feature is its assortment of customization and accessibility options, though, as they allow both golf newbies and veterans to curate their desired experience and just enjoy playing a round.

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Entrepreneur: How to Become More Mindful and Make Better Choices in Your Daily Life

Business Now Mag - 5 hours 27 min ago
Practice these tips to feel more at peace.
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Here Are All The Ways I've Died In Outer Wilds (So Far)

Game Informer News Feed - 5 hours 32 min ago

Publisher: Annapurna Interactive Developer: Mobius Digital Rating: Rating Pending Platform: PC

The release of the kooky space adventure The Outer Wilds is nearly upon us, with the game launching on both Xbox One and Epic Game Store on May 30. I've been spacefaring within the game in the meantime, discovering sights both awe-inspiring and bizarre, as well as meeting my demise. Uh, quite frequently, truth be told.

The Outer Wilds revels in its dark humor, often giving you more than enough tools for you to dig your own grave. Instead of being a source of frustration, it left me laughing at the memorable and grisly results of my own stupidity.

Come with me, reader, on a journey through the mangled, suffocated corpses of myself that I've left through time and space and in the belly of massive fishes.

1. I forgot to put on my spacesuit before I left the ship for the cold embrace of space. I promptly asphyxiated like a champ. Go me.

2. I flew into the sun by accident. It hurt.

3. I carefully navigated a series of asteroids only to find myself staring down the face of a literal angler fish the size of the moon. Reader, he ate me.

4. I was spelunking into the heart of a planet filled with many caverns. I miscalculated a jump and promptly fell to the bottom. The crack of my helmet and skull announced my doom.

5. I set my autopilot to lead me to a planet. It collided with another planet on the way there and bounced off, severely damaging my spaceship. I got out to fix my spaceship without turning off the autopilot only to watch my ship continue to zoom away, leaving me adrift in space. Crap.

6. I went in for a rough landing on a small moon. I got out before we came to a full stop but my spaceship kept going. It bounced around the moon, came back, and somehow knocked me out into the further reaches of space where, once again, I died.

7. I boarded a mysterious shuttle on an alien planet. Messing with some levers, I somehow initiated the shuttle's autopilot. With much ceremony, it lifted off the planet and into the stars... shortly before flying directly into the path of a flaming asteroid. Given I just straight up committed some interstellar grand theft auto, I probably deserved this.

8. While exploring the belly of a mysterious planet, I uncovered a big dark sphere. I got too close and it sucked me in and teleported me to the other side of the planetary system, where I floated helplessly until I smashed into some space debris and died.

9.  While I was walking around a small cavern filled ancient stone texts to decipher, some insect things on the floor electrocuted me to death.

10. I found a volcano that my scanner said was hiding a secret within. I slammed into the side of it, damaging my landing gear and camera systems. I went to leave my ship to repair said systems only to find that my door was hovering above the abyss next to the volcano: my ship hadn't landed fully on the rim. I fell fast and far and soon was still and dead. R.I.P. me.

I've still got quite a bit more exploring to do before I'm anywhere near done with Outer Wilds. I'm sure that all of the above are just a grisly appetizer of what's to come for my poor space-faring fellow.

For more on The Outer Wilds, check out our preview here.

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BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce cars recalled to replace faulty seat belts

The Car Connection News Feed - 5 hours 57 min ago
BMW, Mini, and Rolls-Royce will recall about 15,500 cars to fix faulty rear seat belts that may not retract correctly, according to documents released by the NHTSA last week. All three automakers are owned by the BMW Group. In total, the recall covers five models: the 2016 BMW 5-Series, 2016-2017 BMW X1, 2016-2017 Mini Cooper and Cooper S, and the...
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How to Spend the Perfect 24 Hours on Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Travel and Leisure - 6 hours 3 min ago
<p>While Charleston is a beloved South Carolina destination, nearby Kiawah Island tends to fly under the radar — and that’s exactly what makes it the perfect place to unwind for a day.</p><p>As soon as you arrive on the magnolia-lined avenues of Kiawah, serenity sets in... Perhaps that's why it's consistently voted by T+L readers as one of their <a href="https://www.travelandleisure.com/worlds-best/islands-in-us" target="_blank">favorite islands in the U.S.</a> The only commercial development you'll find on the island is Freshfields Village, a small town center with an assortment of shops and restaurants, and the crowds of other coastal retreats are blissfully absent.</p><p>One of the main draws of Kiawah is the award-winning golf courses. With five public courses to choose from you certainly won’t run out of holes to work on your chip shot. The only danger? Letting the stunning ocean vistas distract you into scoring a double-bogey rather than a birdie.</p><p>Kiawah is a quick island getaway that offers pristine natural beauty — with wide golden beaches, maritime forests, and picturesque marshland — and a laid-back, Lowcountry vibe. Here's how to spend the perfect 24 hours on the charming island.</p><h2>8 a.m.: Breakfast at Java Java</h2><p>Start off the day with — what else — coffee, brewed with beans from award-winning King Bean Coffee Roasters in Charleston, or a fresh fruit smoothie if coffee isn’t your preferred morning drink. <a href="http://www.javajavaff.com/" target="_blank">The cafe</a> also serves a delicious selection of breakfast sandwiches and pastries. Take your brew to go as you window shop the more than 30 boutiques in <a href="https://freshfieldsvillage.com/" target="_blank">Freshfields</a>.</p><img alt="18th Hole at The Ocean Course, Kiawah Island "src="https://cdn-image.travelandleisure.com/sites/default/files/styles/1600x1000/public/1558124578/ocean-course-KIAWAH0519.jpg?itok=eYfvi0Yk"><h2>9 a.m.: Tee time at the Ocean Course</h2><p>Of all of the beautifully designed courses on the island, <a href="http://kiawahresort.com/golf/the-ocean-course/" target="_blank">Ocean Course</a> is the most famous — it has hosted several PGA Championship tournaments, and is considered one of the best golf courses in the world. Scoring a tee time at this course guarantees some incredible panoramas of the Atlantic surf while you play. Designed by legendary course designer Pete Dye, the Ocean Course hugs almost three miles of coast, boasting the most seaside holes in the Northern hemisphere.</p><h2>1 p.m.: Lunch at Ryder Cup Bar</h2><p>Head straight off the final hole to some post-round drinks at the Ocean Course’s <a href="http://kiawahresort.com/dining/ryder-cup-bar/" target="_blank">Ryder Cup Bar</a>, where they serve elevated pub fare with low country flair. Order the signature Crispy Shrimp, made with American white shrimp caught by the trawlers you'll see on the horizon. Ask to sit on the veranda so you can soak in the ocean breeze.</p><img alt="Beachwalker Park, Kiawah Island "src="https://cdn-image.travelandleisure.com/sites/default/files/styles/1600x1000/public/1558124578/beach-chairs-KIAWAH0519.jpg?itok=3jbJuJHd"><h2>2:30 p.m.: Relax on the sand at Beachwalker Park</h2><p>One of the most unique characteristics of Kiawah is that it runs east-west as opposed to north-south, so while many other barrier islands battle beach erosion, <a href="https://www.travelandleisure.com/trip-ideas/beach-vacations/south-carolina-beaches" target="_blank">Kiawah’s 10 miles of beaches</a> are actually growing wider with each passing year. Building regulations on Kiawah keep houses well past the second row of dunes, leaving the beaches peaceful and pristine.</p><p>Head to <a href="http://www.ccprc.com/1411/Kiawah-Beachwalker-Park" target="_blank">Beachwalker Park</a>, a yearly pick on <a href="http://drbeach.org/online/2018-top-10-beaches/">Dr. Beach’s Top 10 Beaches in America list</a>. Despite the accolades, the beach remains uncrowded even during high season. And with its calm surf and amenities (lifeguards, restrooms and changing rooms, snack stand), it’s a great beach for families with kids of all ages. Didn’t pack beach gear? Chairs, umbrellas, kayaks, and stand-up paddle boards are available to rent from Island Beach Services. They even offer surf lessons if you’re really feeling adventurous.</p><img alt="Bike path on Kiawah Island "src="https://cdn-image.travelandleisure.com/sites/default/files/styles/1600x1000/public/1558124578/marsh-path-KIAWAH0519.jpg?itok=G2T1yaGu"><h2>4:30 p.m.: Bike ride along the nature paths</h2><p>After enjoying the island’s beautiful Atlantic coast, it’s time to take in another side of Kiawah: its interior, dense with sprawling live oak trees draped with Spanish moss, towering palmettos, stout yucca plants, and expansive marshlands with sea grasses and river tributaries. The best way to explore is via the island’s 30 miles of bike paths.</p><p>Don't be surprised to come across some of the island’s abundant wildlife: bobcats, alligators, herons, deer, bottlenose dolphins, and loggerhead sea turtles are just some of the fascinating animals that make up the island’s ecosystem. (Just remember to always keep your distance and to never feed wild animals.) If you’re hoping to participate in the <a href="https://www.kiawahisland.org/wildlife/loggerhead-sea-turtles/" target="_blank">Turtle Patrol volunteer program</a> to help track turtle nesting and hatching, plan your trip for July through October. Bikes are available to rent from <a href="https://kiawahresort.com/recreation/bike-rentals/" target="_blank">Kiawah Island Golf Resort</a> and <a href="https://www.seacoastsports.com/" target="_blank">SeaCoast Sports and Outfitters</a> in Freshfields Village.</p><h2>6:30 p.m.: Oysters at Mingo Point Oyster Roast and BBQ</h2><p>End your bike ride at <a href="http://kiawahresort.com/dining/mingo-point-oyster-roast-and-bbq/" target="_blank">Mingo Point</a> on the island's western end, where Kiawah’s longest running tradition happens every Monday night all summer long: a community feast of oysters roasted over an open fire; barbecued ribs, pulled pork, chicken, and steak; along with an assortment of classic Southern side dishes like mac ‘n cheese, collard greens, and Lowcountry red rice and sausage. Live music and watching the sun set over Kiawah River make it the perfect way to close out the evening.</p><h2>7:30 p.m.: Dinner at The Ocean Room</h2><p>For a memorable meal to end your stay, make a reservation at the upscale <a href="http://kiawahresort.com/dining/the-ocean-room/" target="_blank">Ocean Room</a> at the Sanctuary resort, which offers gorgeous coastal views as you dine. The elegant, wood-paneled steakhouse is perennially awarded both Forbes 4-Star and AAA 4-Diamond ratings. Dining here promises superb food and impeccable service, so get dressed up (t-shirts, jeans, shorts, and sandals are not allowed) and indulge.</p><p>The menu reflects chef Kyle Bowling’s dedication to using locally-sourced, seasonal ingredients, with five cuts of steak from cows raised on a nearby family farm raised especially for the Ocean Room, as well as expertly-prepared local seafood. Those more inclined towards surf than turf will approve of the restaurant’s impressive sushi lounge. Be sure to also enjoy a selection from the 1,000-bottle wine list to complement your meal.</p><img alt="Guestroom at The Sanctuary, Kiawah Island "src="https://cdn-image.travelandleisure.com/sites/default/files/styles/1600x1000/public/1558124578/sanctuary-room-KIAWAH0519.jpg?itok=Se9H82rr"><h2>10 p.m.: Book a room at The Sanctuary</h2><p>After being thoroughly wined and dined, turn in right upstairs at this <a href="http://kiawahresort.com/accommodations/the-sanctuary-hotel/" target="_blank">five-star oceanside resort</a>, which feels more like a lavish Southern estate rather than a hotel. The lobby is set up like a richly appointed living room. Cozy seating areas around limestone fireplaces open to a foyer with double curved staircases reminiscent of a grand plantation home. Each guest room is outfitted with a soaking tub and walk-in marble shower, plus a private balcony with either ocean or dune views.</p><p>With three pools, 22 tennis courts, a luxury spa, nature programs that include marsh canoeing and ocean kayaking, and access to five golf courses, you won’t run out of activities to fill your time.</p><h2>How to Get There</h2><p>Kiawah is about a 40-minute drive southwest from Charleston. If you’re coming from farther away, you can fly into Charleston International Airport or access Kiawah by way of Charleston Executive Airport (JZI), approximately 20 minutes away on Johns Island, where many private jet companies fly.</p><p>Want to make your trip to Kiawah a regular event? Private jet company <a href="https://www.netjets.com/en-us/" target="_blank">NetJets</a> has an exclusive partnership with <a href="https://www.kiawahislandclub.com/club/scripts/section/section.asp?NS=HP" target="_blank">Kiawah Island Club</a> that offers access to private events hosted on the island, as well as complimentary discovery visits to <a href="https://www.netjets.com/en-us/kiawah-island" target="_blank">experience everything on Kiawah</a>.</p><h2>The Best Times to Go to Kiawah Island</h2><p>Conveniently located mid-way up the Atlantic coast, Kiawah enjoys pleasant weather even when temps on New England islands are too cold and Florida islands are too hot. The best time to go for optimal weather is in late spring and early fall.</p><p>Summer temperatures (averaging between the high 70s and low 90s) are pleasant with ocean breezes, but keep in mind that this is also the island's most popular season.</p><p><em>Note: NetJets provided support for the reporting of this story.</em></p>
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Jenelle Evans' Ex Nathan Griffith Appears to Shade Her After Son Kaiser's Removal From Her Home

Aces Show Biz News Feed - 6 hours 57 min ago
The former model brags about his girlfriend Ashley's nurturing quality as the four-year-old boy looks happy while under the care of Nathan after Jenelle's husband David Eason killed their dog.
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