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Hurricane Maria is a nightmare for Puerto Rico's economy

CNN News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 23:34
Hurricane Maria has devastated Puerto Rico and upended the lives of millions of Americans. It's also left billions of dollars in damage that will wreak havoc on the island's economy, according to initial estimates.
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Doris Burke will be the first female full-time national NBA game analyst

CNN News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 23:31
Doris Burke is about to make history.
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SEC chairman asks for probe of 2016 cyberattack

CNN News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 23:28
The head of the Securities and Exchange Commission has asked the agency's inspector general to investigate a 2016 cyberattack that infiltrated its electronic corporate filings system last year, according to prepared congressional testimony seen by CNNMoney on Monday.
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2018 Hyundai Sonata

The Car Connection News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 23:11
With three different engines and a bevy of trim levels, the 2018 Hyundai Sonata may sound complicated—it's not. The sharp mid-size sedan is a good value and better looking now. It's also possible that those qualities will fall on deaf ears as buyers flock to SUVs that sometimes offer none of the above, and at a higher cost. We say the Sonata...
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Carmelo Anthony raising money for Puerto Rico relief

CNN News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 23:04
Carmelo Anthony, who is half Puerto Rican, is trying to raise money to help those suffering from the devastation left by Hurricane Maria.
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2018 Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid Sport Turismo Makes 680 HP

Motortrend News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 23:01

For 2018, the wild Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid is available in five-door Sport Turismo configuration, meaning you are now able to haul the skis, luggage, the dog, and the kid down an icy autobahn at 192 mph all while being kind to the environment.

Like the regular fastback Turbo S E-Hybrid, power comes from a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V-8 putting out 542 hp. An electric motor adds an additional 136 hp to the mix, pushing power up to a staggering 680 hp and 626 lb-ft of torque. Just like the four-door fastback, this tremendous power is managed by an eight-speed dual-clutch PDK transmission. As a result of all this power, 0-60 mph arrives in a skin-rippling 3.2 seconds, charging onto a top speed of 192 mph.

If you want to slow down and take it easy on Mother Earth, this uber-wagon can act as a traditional plug-in hybrid system in a pinch with a full electric mode, thanks to the 14.1-kWh battery. Porsche doesn’t specify the range for the new Sport Turismo, but it’s likely close to the sedan’s 31-mile electric-only range.

Despite the extra sheetmetal, the new Sport Turismo doesn’t cost much more than the regular Turbo S E-Hybrid sedan. Prices begin at $189,450, but it includes a grab-bag of desirable options as standard, including carbon ceramic brakes, Porsche Dynamic Chassis Control Sport (PDCC), Porsche Torque Vectoring Plus (PTV Plus), Power Steering Plus, and the vaunted Sport Chrono package.

Order books are open, with deliveries slated for Spring 2018.

Source: Porsche

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Oil prices jump over 3% on rising demand and production cuts

BBC Business News - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 22:52
Rising crude demand and the impact of Opec production cuts sends price up more than 3%.
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Oil prices jump over 3% on rising demand and production cuts

BBC Business News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 22:52
Rising crude demand and the impact of Opec production cuts sends price up more than 3%.
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iOS 11: Secret features you're probably not using

CNN News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 22:47
If you're still dismissing pop-ups from apps asking for reviews, or writing your Wi-FI password on a Post-It note, you're not living your best life.
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Ken Block's Climbkhana

Auto Blog News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 22:39

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Ken Block's latest video Climbkhana features Pikes Peak in the Hoonicorn V2.

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What's New About The "New" New Media

Forbes News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 22:31
Journalists explain what's really new about the "new" online digital media.
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Missoni-Inspired Fiat 500C Earns $59,000 for Charity

Motortrend News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 22:30

Garage Italia Customs created another rolling work of art—this time a Fiat 500C inspired by the Missoni fashion brand that is known for its zigzag patterns and knitwear. The funky Fiat with a bright red folding top sold for about $59,000 at a charity auction organized by AIDS foundation amfAR during Fashion Week in Milan, Italy.

A base 500c will set you back $16,500, but you won’t get the same rainbow of colors you get with this Missoni tribute. The psychedelic 500C has a  peppy 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine offers 101 horsepower and 98 lb-ft of torque. You won’t win any races but you’ll look pretty stylish getting there.

Creative director Angela Missoni was the guest of honor at the amfAR charity event, which is now in its ninth year and has raised over 12 million dollars for research toward a cure for AIDS.

Lapo Elkman’s Garage Italia Customs reinterpreted the Fiat 500C with a brightly colored horizontal stripe painting and a matching interior using leather and frock patterns from Missoni for the seats. The kaleidoscopic Fiat 500C Missoni is just one of the latest inspired vehicles by the Milan-based custom house. Garage Italia’s maestros create one-of-a-kind rides that are tailored for a wide range of clients, from “Star Wars” inspired rides to a black and white piano keyed “Grandissimo” Jeep Grand Cherokee (pictured below). Their works are crazy, fun, and perfect for enthusiasts who like to stand out from the crowd. Way out.

Source: Garage Italia Customs



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SteamWorld Dig 2 Review

Gamespot News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 22:02

The first SteamWorld Dig was most notable for its unique blend of mining mechanics and Metroid-style exploration, but it ended right as it began to come into its own. Its sequel is twice as long and puts that added runtime to good use, as both the story and mechanics are given room to flourish. The result is a brilliant and varied evolution of the first game that not only expands upon its hybrid formula, but presents it in its best light.

SteamWorld Dig 2 takes place in a post-apocalyptic steampunk world where Earth has become a desert wasteland; its remaining inhabitants are small populations of steam-driven robots and irradiated humans. You control a steambot named Dorothy searching for her missing friend, Rusty--the protagonist of the first game. When Dorothy hears that he has been sighted entering the mines of an old trading town, El Machino, she embarks on a journey to find him.

Dig 2 gives you more than enough to latch onto with its eclectic cast.

The story is more focused than its predecessor. Events unfold at a brisk pace, occasionally hitting you with unexpected twists and tonal shifts that keep the adventure compelling throughout. Also impactful is the way the story contributes to the overarching SteamWorld universe as a whole (it serves as a bridge between Dig 1 and SteamWorld Heist). By its conclusion, past narrative threads that were once disparate and unclear are finally expounded upon, elevating your attachment to the characters and the world.

Even if you aren't invested in the series' lore, Dig 2 gives you more than enough to latch onto with its eclectic cast. Dorothy makes for a likable lead and the characters who surround her are humorous and well-written. In particular, Dorothy's Navi-like sidekick, FEN, is one of the game's standout personalities. His sassy, oftentimes snarky, remarks are amusing, but as you progress, he grows into a far more sincere and endearing ally whose presence is irreplaceable.

Also worth noting is the presentation; both visuals and music are charming and stylish. From the moodily lit underground caverns you explore to the airy and upbeat hip-hop inspired tracks that permeate the various locales, there's an endearing atmosphere that constantly pulls you in.

Like the first game, you spend time exploring various underground mines. With your trusty pickaxe, you smash through blocks of dirt to reveal passageways, while along the way acquiring precious gems and minerals. You also obtain tools and power-ups that help you burrow even deeper. Once your pockets are filled with treasure, you return to town to sell your materials and upgrade your tools, and then you return to the mine anew.

Dig 2 encourages you to be methodical, but unlike the original, it gives you more time to be creative, and rewards your cravings to diligently explore and discover new secrets.

While the digging process seems repetitive in nature, it never becomes tedious. Exploration feels like longform puzzle solving. You're always strategizing how to take advantage of a mine's terrain and the enemies within to clear tunnels and acquire more treasure. And with the more varied tools you have access to this time around, the methods you employ grow increasingly complex.

One moment you're using your pressure bomb launcher to create a pathway that you can't reach with your pickaxe, the next you're using your grappling hook to strategically detonate a TNT barrel to kill a group of enemies. These instances are when the game is at its most fulfilling, as you have a great deal of flexibility in choosing how to approach a given area. Dig 2 encourages you to be methodical, but unlike the original, it gives you more time to be creative, and rewards your cravings to diligently explore and discover new secrets.

New to Dig 2 is the addition of collectables called Cogs, which you can use to enhance your tools with mods. These upgrades are varied and unique, each improving your abilities in different ways. For instance, you can equip a mod that increases your chances of getting two precious materials from one resource block, or you might equip one that occasionally prevents instant death from falling rocks. As you obtain more Cogs, your ability to tailor mods to better suit your playstyle grows, which becomes invaluable when facing difficult obstacles in later areas. And with the varied terrain and hazards you encounter, you always feel an initiative to experiment to better your mining efficiency and chances of survival.

When you're not spending time digging, you're exploring caves, which are special rooms scattered across the map containing either platforming challenges or puzzles to solve. These brief, well-crafted trials test your mastery of the game's base mechanics: a spike-covered room demands quick execution of your mobility options; a block-stacking puzzle challenges your knowledge of the pressure launcher's limitations; and a room with collapsing boulders has you timing your sprints in different spurts to avoid being crushed. On top of rewarding you with much-needed Cogs, caves provide satisfying opportunities to exercise your reflexes and intellect. You often look forward to discovering them, as their distinct challenges are also entertaining proving grounds to test your upgrades.

Caves provide satisfying opportunities to exercise your reflexes and intellect.

Alongside the mechanical improvements, it helps that there's a greater variety in level and objective design. From an ancient temple surrounded by lava to an ethereal jungle, each location you explore goes beyond the standard underground mine you might expect. Not only are levels thematically different, they're also structured in distinct ways from each other. At one point, you're tasked to dig horizontally instead of vertically, only to be led to an area that has you completing a gauntlet of caves in order to open a gate with multiple locks. These changes in design frame the mechanics in captivating ways, challenging you to do more than just strategically carve out tunnels. Dig 2 meticulously uses its assets to great effect, continually changing up the pace from beginning to end.

Every advancement Dig 2 makes to its story and mechanics strengthens your initiative to progress. There's an overwhelming sense of momentum that runs through the adventure; as if developer Image & Form sifted the original in a pan, removing its redundancies while expanding upon what made it so fun to persistently play. In your quest to acquire every upgrade and explore every nook and cranny, there's no shortage of hidden collectables to discover. And with post-game content that unlocks after you unearth every secret, the desire to keep digging intensifies. Dig 2 manages to not only be an exceptional successor, but a great adventure in its own right. Where the first game was a diamond in the rough, Dig 2 is a polished jewel.

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10 Reasons to Visit Italy this Fall

Fine Dining Lovers News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 22:00
Italy boasts some unmissable food events this autumn - from chestnuts to chocolate and cheese, join in the festivities. Find out what's on.
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2018 BMW X1

The Car Connection News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 21:49
The 2018 BMW X1 is a small crossover with a few distinctions. It’s the lowest-priced new car that BMW stocks on dealers’ lots, and it’s also the only one that’s available with front-wheel drive as standard. We concede that the bottom line will matter more to buyers, which is how we arrive at our overall score of 6.4. If you...
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Nike sides with NFL players in Trump showdown

CNN News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 21:46
Nike stands with NFL players who took a knee during the playing of the National Anthem.
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Spied! Our First Glimpse of the Mercedes-AMG GT4’s Cabin

Motortrend News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 21:45

We were big fans of the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept when it debuted at the Geneva Motor Show. Aimed squarely at the Porsche Panamera, it was built on the MRA architecture that underpins the Mercedes-AMG E63 and used a hybrid powertrain to make 800 hp. It might not be a sedan version of the Mercedes-AMG GT like the name suggests, but 800 hp is one heck of a way to make up for that. Even better, it’s headed to production.

We’ve caught the GT4 out testing before, where it appeared to stick closely to the concept’s design. Each time, though, Mercedes managed to hide the interior from us. But it looks like the third time’s the charm because we got a peek inside this time around. As you can see, compared to the photo below, Mercedes seems to be sticking with a relatively stock E-Class interior here.

Sadly, the car shown on the screen isn’t the production GT4. That would have been too convenient. Instead, it’s the regular old E-Class.

Currently, we expect the AMG GT4 to offer the E63’s twin-turbo V-8, with at least one performance hybrid option available. In concept form, the hybrid powertrain could launch the GT4 to 62 mph in less than 3 seconds, according to Mercedes. If it makes it to production, that would make the GT4 one heck of a competitor for the already blindingly quick Porsche Panamera Turbo S E-Hybrid.

When the production GT4 finally does arrive, don’t expect Mercedes to immediately kill off the CLS. From what we hear, it will soldier on with more of a focus on comfort and luxury. The GT4, meanwhile, will be all about performance.

Photo source: CarPix

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Netflix wants to make it easier to binge-watch on planes

CNN News Feed - Mon, 09/25/2017 - 21:41
Netflix wants more members to binge-watch its TV shows and movies while flying the friendly skies.
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